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304, 83/2, Amrutha's Sparking Nest, Mahadevapura, Bangalore 560048, KA

Reviews on Amrutha Shelters, Bangalore

Dec 30, 2021 09:24 AM Read (via Mobile)

Booked a flat with them recently in their nallurahalli project. Love the layout and price was very good compared to others builders in the area.
Aug 25, 2020 06:35 PM Read (via Mobile)

This builder is hopeless and have no sense of caring for the flat owners. Once flat is sold, his attitude is "I will do whatever I want" and also, he can change society plans without consulting owners. He has even built extra flats and even planning to break wall without consulting any owner. His promises are fake and he feels like he has done some kind of favor by letting us buy flat. Don't waste your hard earned money here
Jul 14, 2020 05:52 PM Read

Hi All,

I have bought flat from this builder and now daily I feel depression due to level of torture and cheat by the builder .

Initial plan of construction is completely changed by the builder and by using his political power, he is doing illegal construction in current structure and threaten to owners everyday.

Owners are scared here as they left with no option .

OC is getting delayed I mean its been 2 year of construction and OC is not given .

As OC is not given, the maintenance done by the builder is pathetic and he is still charging the high maintenance.

If you do not believe on this review please talk to any owner of Anrutha Heights, Nallurhalli , they will tell you the real picture .

They may give you flat in less price compare to other builder but the pain in future will be unbearable .Builder does not having any human value, only money matter to him .

I advise do not encourage these kind of builder by buying the flat . Not only me all other owner family is suffering, its been 2 year if occupancy and not even signal day we lived with peace.


Amrutha Shelters - Bangalore
Jul 14, 2020 04:56 PM Read

Builder changing plans, delayed possession by more than 2years and still owners are waiting for OC to form association.

Poor amenities, reduced UDS just before registration.

Now constructing flats in building which was already completed 2years back and guest house in ground floor.

Ready to threaten owner if you demand what is promised and paid by your hard earned money. Each meeting he will find 1/2 person and then give personal threats if you demand what was promised. He had done the same in Amrutha Value and will share reference of people who are his relative/friends. Do not fall into his trap, initially seemed like honest people. Now a politician by job, he is not even scared of authorities, Police or anyone.

He is constructing Phase 2 Amrutha heights, some fine day he is going to demolish the wall. What can be trusted in these lockdown times.

At the mercy of builder and BBMP.
Jul 13, 2020 11:14 AM Read

Hi, I bought a flat in Amrutha Value, quality and staff behaviour is good I like very much the location.
Jan 08, 2020 11:15 AM Read (via Mobile)

I booked Amrutha Heights in 2015 and got possession in 2018. Building is good quality and project staff is very good.

However the builder has malified plans.. RERA review was failed deliberately since builder wanted to build another phase on neighbouring land and flout original plan. And he started it now.

Builder did not provide OC despite completion.

Citing losses, he changed amenities plan and reduced quantity and quality.

Builder is now planning to break one wall to provide passage for new building and raise high rise showing Amrutha Heights and New building as same apartment

Provide OC and leave apartment as is to resident association
Jan 08, 2020 10:46 AM Read (via Mobile)

Never buy property from this builder. Never keeps his words. No OC even after 2.5 yrs of occupancy...
Jan 08, 2020 09:58 AM Read

Amrutha Shelters:

Managing Director: Burra Madhusudhan Yadav

The builder sells the property with a soft and well-speaking person like Ramana Sir who is a chief engineer in his projects.

He sells most of the houses just 2 to 3 hundred per sq.ft less than the other standard builders and then he does not give any amenities and spend all the money in Elections. We feel we got the best home for less but, he fooled us very easily by delaying stuff and skipping promised amenities and that will become a costlier home from that of other builders.

There start the problems once you commit and make payments. List of problems we are facing from him and heard from many others:

  1. Delayed the delivery of possession by 1.5 Years.

  2. Delaying in finishing amenities and lot pending till now after 3 years of possession. Given amenities only below:

a. Swimming Pool

b. Games Room

c. Children's Park

d. Sitting Area

e. Gym

f. Party Hall.

g. Power back-up

Pending Amenities:

a. Open Air Theater


C. Senior Citizen Corner

d. Gazebo

e. Nanny Corner

  1. Taken 1 Year maintenance fee in advance and did not maintain anything.

  2. Promised for OC and CC. He is still unable to share the details of the OC and CC after 3 Years of possession.

  3. We need to fight a lot for the completion of project and stop the deviation in the plan of project.

  4. He is good at giving only a well-constructed home. Rest all the money you gave for amenities is just gone, so they say they gave home for cheap, but the home without all these amenities for which it is charged becomes costlier.

  5. Did not provide the parking Allotment letters even after 2 years of allotment.

His Future projects are Amrutha Heights2 next to us and he is trying to encroach our premises. Dear buyers beware of buying a home from him.
Oct 20, 2019 12:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

Location is good as per Economical price quoted .but amenities are not sufficient compared to the flat count .overall ok
Jun 03, 2019 12:44 PM Read (via Mobile)

Pros: location, structure, Economicaly not bad

Cons:all amenities or promised made in brochure are not delivered,

Very Late delivery for flats was given

all borewell dried in 6months only, completely depends on tanker now as there is no cuvery water.

Basic Amenities given like pool and gym are not usable and in pathatic condition, builder has charged a good amount for maintenance but nothing has been maintained, All wire of machine in gym are broken, because machine and other instruments installed in gym of poor quality or just a show off for gym.

Builder tried to get RERA but could not fulfilled all condition of RERA, he did not get RERA and this is RERA rejected project.

OC is not delivered yet, Only hope for residents that atleast they will get OC as mentioned in sales deed.

Initialy I thought it would be value for money but Overall not a value for money.
May 24, 2019 11:56 AM Read

Bunch of liars, unprofessional, goons and a politician MD

Amrutha Heights was delayed by 2yrs. they promised rent in agreement for delay as per sale agreement but nothing in reality. And when we asked them they will make you look like fool. So that is why in sale agreement they will add whatever you demand initially.

When registration was about to happen, they reduced the UDS for everyone, so either you go legal or do the registration. Paying emi and rent what option you have. You can also verify this from RACPC SBI whitefield as well, since they asked back customer if they are fine with revised agreement. Now they will not give loan since it is rera rejected project.

Now after shifting, maintenance is pathetic but expected from these people. Even after a year construction debris are lying around. Visit to see the inside look of it. East side no plantation.

Now he is trying hard to get high rise as extension of this already rera rejected project. None of his other projects have got RERA till date and amrutha heights is RERA REJECTED.check in rera site PR/KN/170731/000740

For building plan do see the brochure and visit the project. Look at pool size, no changing room, useless gym, see parking entry/exit, see the amenities joke.

Even after completing few projects in blr andhyd. they have no clue how to plan and execute. The only thing they have learnt is to scare own customer who have paid their hard-earned money.

Borewells - initially they said 8 borewells:) which came down to 3 after possession, and now only tankers after 6months. Filthy lifts, corridors, no fogging, stinky pool. Broken equipments in gym.

Also the adjacent land(east side) he has got into agreement with whitefield market owner(land owner) and trying hard to combine with Amrutha height project. So this would mean more violations going ahead.
Mar 25, 2019 05:59 PM Read

Amrutha Shelters builder is a big time cheater . They promised many things while selling the apartments but in actual they deliver nothing . For money theykeep changing the original plan .and there plans are pathetic .

So here I am listing few of the problems

  1. Regarding Amenities:-

Name of amenities they delivered Small party hall /Small gym with less equipment / Small swimming pool which is not at all useful / Kids play area etc .

For remaining amenities Builder is not providing any update. He is keeping everyone in dark.

  1. Regarding water:-

Initial builder told they have sufficient no of bore-wells But in reality they have only two that is also not working as they have not done it properly . So now for water residents are completely dependent on tankers .

  1. RegardingMaintenance:-

Without completing all the pending works, builder started the maintenance period his own . and that to he did not bother to informanyone .Even though builder took money for one year maintenance in advance . He is doing almost nothing.

  1. Regarding OC:-

Builder is so arrogant that He is never ready to meet ownersto discuss the problems. He has not provided OC also . Keeping all in dark . God know when he is going to give us OC.

  1. Regarding Staffs:-

All their staffs are unprofessional and inexperience. And top of that they show attitude when residents complain about problems.

Overall not at all good experience till now . but still hoping one day they will listen and they will value their customers.

Till then I am unhappy customer.
Mar 19, 2019 11:03 PM Read (via Mobile)

Builder took money for one year maintenance, and did almost nothing. The one real so called maintenance he did would have been fuel for DG. The common areas are always Dusty and dirty. There are construction material lying everywhere. Pathetic experience.
Mar 16, 2019 09:57 AM Read

Below is true story. My am not using my real identity since I have heard Builders do not like negative reviews, and I've heard instances where the builder "calls" the customer and "insists" on editing the review.

So, here goes.


1: The price is usually lesser than average prices in the area.(But is it worth it? You decide based rest of this review)

2: The core structure, masonry, etc is very good. So Building would be strong. No doubt. So may be good as an investment. But, would a good structure make a good place to LIVE in?

3: Will not illegally alter the main structure. This may be his only good quality.


1: Timeliness: The builder will delay the project by at least 1.5 years. So never buy an under construction project from him.

2: You can easily add 1.5 to 2 years to the so called completion date he gives you during booking.

3: Initially he will assure you that you will be paid the "rent" for the delayed months. But, when you actually ask for the rent, they will literally ridicule you, outright laugh at you, etc. So you can forget about that rent.

4: About 1 year delay, and usually 10k delay compensation rent mentioned in agreement, means on an average 1 Lakh loss to customers who book while under construction.

5: Electrical work is of bad quality. The wires used may be of average quality, but the electricians are unprofessional goons. There have been countless incidents of fire, wires burning, appliances going poof, etc across the newly built Amrutha Heights appt.

6: Water arrangement is a lie. Initially they said they are working for Cauvery water. Later they say only provision, and we customers have to take care of actually getting the water ourselves.

7: Parking allotment is a joke: People who buy 2nd parking lot, get to choose whichever parking lot they like. Rest of the customers get random parking lots. And, almost all parking lots are smaller than standard.

8: The employees, like supervisors, electricians, etc shamelessly ask for money from you for no reason!

9: AMENITIES: Another joke. More than half of the promised amenities are not delivered. And they laugh at you when you bring it up. They have taken 2 lakhs in the name of amenities, and we only got DG, a pool table and a TT table, a swimming pool, and a gym in which few things are already broken.

10: The genius plmbers of Amrutha Shelters once mixed STP water with our overhead water supply! This is believed to have caused health issues to many residents.

These are just few of the problems residents face, the entire list is much longer


Only buy from Amrutha Shelters if you are looking for an investment, since the prices are low, and the locations are usually good. But These guys do not make your life easy once you move in. So stay away if you plan to move in into your home. Life would be hell in the first few months, and doesn't really get much better later on. You only get used to the things like garbage everywhere, stray dogs here and there, dirty and stinky elevators, non-existent bike parking, uncompleted ground floor works, etc.
Feb 07, 2019 09:51 PM Read (via Mobile)

I bought my first house from this company. The staff was approachable and very helpful before and even after buying the house. All the amenities that were promised have been delevered. Got a very good deal.

It was delevered on time as promised. Go for it.
Dec 12, 2018 12:39 PM Read

Waiting now for OC. Builder has started building few more flats in ground floor which were not part of original plan. But we can't do anything.
Sep 13, 2020 12:50 AM Read (via Mobile)

I’m a flat owner in Amrutha value. Very good quality and very good location.

The management is also very honest and polite.
Sep 12, 2020 03:51 PM Read (via Mobile)

Purchased a flat in Amrutha value.

Very good quality flats were given and the company responds and solves our problems even 5 years after handover of the project.

Value for money!
Feb 07, 2020 03:31 PM Read

Builder is very genuine & Co-operative. Maintained Good Quality in construction. Two years back I have purchased a flat in amrutha heights. it's good. we can trust the builder.
Feb 07, 2020 03:20 PM Read

I know this builder from 10 years, So many of my relatives have taken flats with this builder. they are happy now. Even I have taken flat in amrutha heights. construction-wise, it's very good. Oc was a bit delay. Now they have applied it seems. finally, project was good, and builder Aswell.

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Amrutha Shelters - Bangalore

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