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Whitefield, Bangalore
₹60.83 L - ₹68.82 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Amrutha, Bangalore

Sep 21, 2021 08:57 PM Read (via Mobile)

The quality is very good.

Only negative was a delay in OC and some miscommunication. We were told the reasons too for this delay. Though there some delay in OC, the builder has now delivered everything that was promised including khatha bifurcation.

The builder has improved his working style and has hired new team including a CRM team to make sure the communication between the customers and the developer is better.
Sep 09, 2020 09:20 PM Read (via Mobile)

Best price and quality. Very good location, my flat price has appreciated very much. I the building is also very good to look at.
Aug 26, 2020 04:27 PM Read (via Mobile)

Very good quality in constucting the group fights. Very good in developing the false promises. Very good in delivering bad words at faithful owners who spent lakhs to buy their dream homes. If you need more info on the quality and the amenities please visit and dare to buy a flat from this group of builders.


Amrutha Heights - Whitefield - Bangalore
Aug 26, 2020 03:58 PM Read (via Mobile)

  1. Amrutha Shelters MD is a Goon with Zero regards for anyone or anything.

  2. Even after paying everything as per the Sale Agreement, he still thinks that the Owners are living at his mercy and enjoying the pathetic maintainance for free.

  3. Recently in the name of providing the OC, he tried to fool us all again by sharing the Partial OC with all the wrong Spellings and no BBMP stamp because he thinks that we are in the same boat as he and his staff is.

  4. We were told openly that remove the bad reviews from Google & Mouthshut and if not then, Main Dekhta Tumko.

  5. If we even use the words like Police Complaint or Going Legal then the MD’s response is, Police k pass jayega, jao na, main nahi darta Police se.

  6. The entire structure has been modified from what was shared during the construction phase even after the owners vehemently opposing it. He even used the entire Ground Floor space to illegally construct 3 flats and even took the sales office under him which was not mentioned anywhere in the agreement or brochure.

  7. In the name of our own HOME, all that we have got is continuous headache and the obligation to deal with this uneducated MD and his team of goons who are robbing us of our peace of mind by coming up with their evil schemes on daily basis.

  8. Overall, if you are offered a flat by Amrutha Shelters for the least price as compared to Market, then gambling and losing all of that in a Goan casino would be far more satisfactory than to invest in Amrutha Shelters and buy this lifelong trauma.

Even after all the other reviews and this, you still invest your money in Amrutha Shelters then either you are Amrutha Shelters or Amrutha Shelters Employee, Relative, Friend or anyone but a common man trying to invest in something that he can one day call his own home.
Aug 26, 2020 02:57 PM Read (via Mobile)

Everything is ruined.

Illegal construction

Builder is AP MLA and always talk in very bad language.

All false commitment

Not at all stick on the plan which was registered with owners
Aug 25, 2020 06:44 PM Read

If you want a real review of amrutha heights OR amrutha shelters, please visit the site, talk to few owners and you'll understand by yourself. Also do compare actual society with the brochure he showed us 3 years back. That'll make it easy for you to take your decision and reject amrutha shelters.
Aug 25, 2020 06:43 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am an Owner of a flat in this community. When I bought(Oct 2018), they promised OC and a-khata by Dec 2018 but we are still waiting(Jan 2020) for it.

Only positive thing is the location.


Some of the owners protested against Builder's false promise and builder(MD) came to the apartment in the following week and cutoff the power and water to bring us to his office to pass on his unilateral decisions on owners. We stood in-front of the builder's office like a bunch of slaves.

He cut-off the power without even considering the situation of elders and women living in the apartments(with 12 floors).

If you want some value for your hard-earned money and "live with dignity" and most of all "safety of your family", please avoid this builder and better invest in a A-grade builders like brigade, prestige though it is expensive.


Builder Illegally constructing houses in the ground floor without owners consent(supposed to be parking lot) while owners like me got cramped parking lot.
Aug 24, 2020 02:18 PM Read

Don't invest your hard earn money into any Amrutha shelters projects. Before buying get in touch with any Amruthaheight buyers . you will know the reality
Aug 16, 2020 11:57 PM Read (via Mobile)

Don't put your hard earned money here or any of amrutha shelters project. For this builder “promise” word doesn’t make any sense. You will always be threatened in the meetings

  1. While selling UDS promised was 27% which was later reduced to 23%

  2. This guy intentionally rejected the rera of this project in order to create Phase 2 of this project. The phase 2 was supposed to be G+4 building as there was no approach road for the land. But this guy got the permissions for G+12 by showing the approach road from Amrutha Heights phase 1.

  3. None of the amenities are upto mark, this guy did not provide all the promised amenities.

  4. No OC received till date, but this guy is threatening owners to provide maintenance amount for the third class maintenance he has done.

  5. Illegally constructed 4 flats on ground floor along with 2 shulabh shouchalayas. They were nowhere in actual plan.

  6. No proper parking provided, all jugads he has done

  7. His all staffs whom you wont hire even as labour will treat you as if they have done some favor by selling flats to you.

  8. Biggest among all, this guy chooses bunch of the idiots from the owners group, shows them some lollipop and these guys will dance as per him. These guys also talk on behalf of builder in all the meetings, they ensure all the actions which owners are discussing are conveyed to builder.

  9. Their another project Amrutha Value does not have any association even after 4 years due to all fake things done by this builder.

Overall a big no for Amrutha shelters. Dont get into the trap n suffer later.

One positive review here, no body with that name owns flat in this apartment possibly a fake review by builder. If you are planning to invest in any of their project kindly ask them the flat details of that positive reviewer, you yourself can check how authentic these ppl are.

Other way go to 2-3 random flats for the enquiry, you’ll get to know how good the builder is.

Thanks for reading, from one of the victim.
Aug 02, 2020 10:07 AM Read (via Mobile)

We paid all money in advance but after more than 2 years all amenities are not delivered. This builder is big time cheater.

He intentionally did not fullfil RERA guidline so he can be rejected, and using same name he can start other project... That will definitely will be clash between new and old buyer.

At Amrutha Value we did not form legal association as things are complicated and fishy because dont want to be responsible for builder illegal change and non compliance with authority bylaws.

You must read review of Amrutha Shelters.

Final suggestion if you love self respect and want peace of mind then be aware thinks 1000 times before investment.
Jul 21, 2020 05:22 PM Read

By and large, it has been a Wonderful experience buying our home from Amrutha Shelters. The company has lived up to our expectations well.


Amrutha Value
Jul 14, 2020 05:01 PM Read

Still waiting for OC. You will this this project in RERA rejected list.

if you are looking to invest. Think again, they will not deliver as they promise.

The building is still in construction even after completed 2years back.

Amenities are of poor quality and not planned well.

The UDS was reduced during registration., RERA rejected property.

Demolishing walls, modifying structure after 1000% possession is done. where are the authorities?
Jul 13, 2020 12:09 PM Read

After 3 years of building construction, he is breaking walls of ground floor of a 12-storeyed building. he is changing the approved plan/structure of the building without owner's consent. Attached is the proof of broken walls.

May 20, 2019 06:12 PM Read

Small work takes a lot of time to complete.

eg .

1) we shifted a month back to this project. Before shifting I have taken half days and leaves of almost 15 days from work just to get the work complete.

2) After shifting I am struggling in daily life with the Builder to complete basic things at my place:

a) Electrician: Half of my home plugs are not working. No other electrician is ready to work on it and they suggest to get it done by builder Electrician, Builder electrician is not responding to calls and Builder employees also not ready to reply properly. They will always say Electrician will come tomorrow, but no one will show face and you will end up sitting at home for whole day losing work.

b) Carpenter: My door locks are not working, asking builder to send their carpenter on which they completely denied saying Carpenter is working on their new site so they can't send 1.

c) UPVC work: UPVC doors are broken or locks of same are broken, on repetaed request also they are not sending anyone.

d) the painting work: its not done properly

Purchasing flat from this builder is as good as building own standalone building, all the headache from calling to heir staff for work done to make your flat worth staying is on you.
Nov 25, 2018 09:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

Amrutha Shelter builder is known for false promise. Amrutha Heights and Amrutha Value projects of them are biggest example on the same. Amrutha value couldn't form association even after 5 years. Amrutha heights not even single amenities is provided which is promised. All the works are done in jugaad way. Be very cautious before going with this builder
May 27, 2018 11:14 PM Read

As a purchaser who purchased a flat in Amrutha property, here is my fair eye opener to a honest new purchaser like me:

1) The timeline to deliver the project is constantly deferred by least of 1 years.

2) There is no responsible body to accomplish the unit of work. If you have to complete your construction work in term of plumber/electrician or any other body who has related to that, you will die to followup and leave your office work to be there and finish small chunk of work as well

3) There is not concrete plan for common area which is keeping changed every week and elevation of apartment looked ugly week by week as no proper communication to flat owner if any changes have been made

4) You will keep meeting with unprofessional rude builder group to improve the process or understand the problem if they are facing any but you will be insulted and not disclosed their next changing plan you will be just silent watcher to see your own apartment spoilment in front of you.

5) There is no proper work on your basic requirement Water, Electricity and Lift. You will be suffering due to these basic need then forget about all other high plans

6) Lift is closed any time for whole day most of the time in since it has been set up You can think how panic if there are old members/small kids or pregnant lady in the apartment to go down or up

6) The pace of work is very very slow.

7) There is no one responsible to hear your serious concern

I would recommend you to do proper analysis before investing your hard earned money.
Sep 13, 2020 12:48 AM Read (via Mobile)

The building is very beautiful to look at and the quality is also very good.

Prime location and good looks make the building very attractive investment.

The OC has been given and association has formed.

Value of the property has also appreciated very much over the years.
Sep 12, 2020 04:04 PM Read (via Mobile)

A very good location and very good prices.

The quality of construction is also very good.

My property value has increased very much. A few hiccups that are common in such high rise buildings are now resolved.

The builder has handed over the project officially to the association.

The OC was a bit delayed but now it has been given and all the problems have been solved.

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