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Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai 600018, TN

Project By Alliance Group, Chennai

Under Construction
Pallavaram, Chennai
₹37.05 L - ₹80.57 L
1,2,3 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Korattur, Chennai
₹43.6 L - ₹84.1 L
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Alliance Group, Chennai

Mar 03, 2021 09:13 AM Read (via Mobile)

Purchasing a product in alliance infrastructure pvt ltd is equal to commiting a suicide unless you have black money , i am one of the example for that . They will suck you like anything and make your life horrible. Please think trice purchasing a villa with alliance also check with current customer on existing project. Also they have strong hold in social media so kindly ignore the positive reviews of the alliance
Jan 04, 2021 05:07 PM Read

I am writing this review after a journey of 6-7 months. I am suggesting you not to enter into the scam of this construction. I just visited to see the site. Later they forced to pay initial payment if not interested they said they will return it. That's it next day only I decided not to take it as I feel it cost then the market price. I informed them to return the money. They said it will take 120 days to return it . I was shocked. Later 120 days completed, then I understand that they just bluffing the people as they don't have financial to run the project they started trapping the people. It is a honey trap.

  1. They wont reply to the calls and mails once the work is over.

  2. Most of the customer suffer not get the apartment in time as well as not getting their refunded amount.

  3. They will keep on block you phone number so every time we need to call with the new number to reach them.

  4. No one take any responsible about your query.

  5. One day they might ready to close the shutter and ran away also so be careful.

I am in the middle of filing the case against this scam .

Please be careful friends.
Dec 09, 2020 12:48 AM Read

I purchased Villa No 562 from Alliance in phase 2 during mid of July. During the time I booked 562 sales guys(Dinesh & Pravin) & CRM(Princy) promised that Villa will be handed over during December 2020(Saying this they have already collected 90% of the fund during September itself but my property is at the same stage which was at during the booking so 0% improvement until today)

For this they gave me a reason as Covid(I did booking during Covid only and they promised December handover) still I accepted it professionally

I approached them for Villa swapping from 562 to 454 accepting the GST charges(5%) but I didn't got any proper response and they told me there will be a huge amount charged for villa swapping. When I asked why but sales guys spoke rudely and even CRM(Princy) played with us for 15 days saying swapping done and she called us yesterday and informed that she couldnt book 454 for us and some times she spoke rudely when we asked for update.

Already phase 1 people registered complaints regarding the alliance rude behavior, construction & water quality in google review, I raised a concern regarding this but CRM people convinced me and I agreed because I have already paid 90% and dont want to take risk.

Now my concern is just for a villa swapping they are speaking this much rude and not keeping their promises, In future staying under their maintenance and in their locality looks dangerous to me, I told them to cancel my booking and refund entire amount.

I have to fight with them for the refund looks like because they wont give easily and will speak rudely, otherwise I have to approach legally to get back my money.

Based on my experience they will give importance to new buyers but not to the existing buyers.


Alliance Group - Chennai
Aug 12, 2020 03:31 PM Read

Alliance don't have experience.

If you're looking for a house, not the right place.

  1. Very poor management

  2. Very poor CRM

  3. Very poor Quality

If you want your life to be miserable then buy a house with Alliance.
May 19, 2020 06:39 PM Read

Hi, I heard that this company’s original name is ALLIANCE GROUP and they actually started their business in Bangalore. They got into lot of issues with their customers in Bangalore and that was the time when they decided to move from Bangalore to Chennai. But today, even in Chennai, they have got a very bad name as they were involved in many cheating cases with their customers.

I saw one of their brochures which say “South India’s Largest Real Estate Company”. I could not stop my laugh after seeing this as they are not even among top 100 real estate companies of South India. If there are 1000 real estate companies in South India then the rank of ALLIANCE and URBANRISE would be 999.

The brand ALLIANCE GROUP gained such a bad name in Chennai market that their sales started dropping drastically. To control this downfall, they decided to launch new projects under the new name – URBANRISE.

Most of their new projects don’t have Government approvals and RERA registration. In Hyderabad, they started selling one of their proposed projects in Bachupally without even Government approvals and RERA registration.

I heard that they are into deep financial crisis and therefore they are trying to generate some revenue by selling flats in Bachupally, Hyderabd. However, none of their projects has Government approvals and RERA registration in Hyderabad and they have been selling illegally pushing customers into trouble. Whatever money they earned by selling flats illegally in Hyderabad is diverted to Chennai to start construction of their long delayed projects there. I am sure they don’t have the capability to start construction in Hyderabad for the next 3 years as they are badly held up with their long delayed projects in Chennai.
May 16, 2020 09:43 PM Read

About a most fraudulent company I really wonder how positive reviews are posted here. That means Urbanrise company people themselves are writing proxy reviews here. I came to know that Urbanrise has a digital marketing team operating from Chennai Head Office and they themselves are posting positive reviews about the company. Therefore, my sincere advice to all – Don’t believe in all these positive reviews about Urbanrise. These are all fake.

My wife wanted to book a flat in its Bachupally project. In fact, we are a group of 15 friends who are looking to buy apartments together. They offered a very lucrative rate in its Bachupally project. However, after speaking to number of friends and colleagues of mine in Chennai, I came to know that they have a very bad reputation in Chennai market. They could complete only two projects in Chennai in last 14 years of time. There couple of new projects are going very slow due to shortage of funds. They don’t even have RERA registration for its other new projects where they have been selling flats for last 3 years. They diverted customer advances in buying lands in Chennai and Hyderabad and therefore facing severe fund issues now. I came to know that their financial condition is pathetic and they desperately need fund to start the construction work of its long delayed project in Chennai.

Whatever funds they generated by selling flats in its Bachupally project, diverted to Chennai to start the construction work of one of its long pending projects there. After speaking to a senior sales guy of its Bachupally project, I realized that Bachupally project will not start for atleast 3 years as their main objective would be to start the construction work of its long pending project in Chennai.

Therefore friends, don’t take any risk in today’s market condition and consider buying flats only in those projects which have RERA registration. And please, do a proper and in-depth background check of builders before buying an apartment in any of the upcoming gated community projects.
Mar 11, 2020 10:56 PM Read

I prefer to buy flats when they are ready honestly and not later if you do not mind on yours service. If they are looking to invest in you than all is fine no matter what so hopefully you will be there with their rates and level of service.
Mar 08, 2020 01:14 AM Read

In 2014, I had Booked the 3BHK Apartment in Alliance Galleria.

Past 7 Years Following up with Alliance Kotturpuram(Head Office Team). My experience has been dreadful.

In this past 7 Years, 20 New Apartments and IT Park Construction is completed. But till date Alliance is sitting around with half constructed Structure.

“Zero” Amenities constructed in 7 Years Time.

The Sales & CRM team are fraudulent.

Past 7 Years, Alliance is making fool out of customer by using this Half Constructed structure to scam people by collecting money through cash & hosing loan.

After you Book and get the construction agreement.

They start manipulating GST Tax Portion and Don’t Provide Input Credit.

Over Charging and Changing price frequently over mail - Then Finally they say - “Offer Complimentary A/C, Wardrobe & Modular Kitchen “.

My humble request to All.

Please do not book apartments in “Alliance Galleria-Pallavaram”.

Don’t get Cheated and scammed by this Fraudulent Builder.
Mar 05, 2020 02:46 PM Read

Wrong commitmnet very roud customer care based on our project sales executves commited on june 2020 now customer cre is saying as per era agreement we will hnsed over on march no proper response from customer care very poor service abot explaination of cost very poor first they say 31.5l now the sayin 33l now they giving explaination corprus fund gst registration they dint give any documnent in writing we loss our dream every body aragnt speech pls if goint o project take all document by writing they sending other photo images but still the didnt complete our projects they developed basement only past 1 year
Jan 13, 2020 01:52 PM Read

I live in Bougain Viilae in Iyappanthangal for the past 5 years. I know this community more than anyone here. The construction by Alliance Group is below average. It is a low cost house being sold very expensively by reaching out to the NRIs in Property Expos taken place in other countries. There is no water tank, instead they have a a centralized water system where it is always mixed with drainage water somewhere. They are still trying to correct it but all in vain.

As residents, we have complained many times but nothing happened. Until now the water is very bad inside Bougain Villae. It was half sold till 2017 where the residents not only paying for themself but also paying the Maintenance for the empty villas as well. They are charging maintenance almost 6K to 12k per month per villa, which is a daylight robbery. The water is so bad which is not treated and all the taps and toiletries get rusted in one year. There are plenty of snakes within this community including Cobras, Vipers etc.

They claim it as a gated community but its is not. It is a common route to reach other communities and other areas behind. You need to drive for a kilometer inside to reach the villas thru some slums and small streets from the main road. The quality of the products are very bad. Already most of them have changed their floor tiles, cupboards, doors etc. They cut the water and generator for the people when they don't receive the maintenance. There are so many court cases going on between the villa owners and the builder.

They have an inexperienced association which lacks knowledge on the local rules and they don't know how to interact with the tenants as well. There is a person names Prakasam, who is appointed by the builder and he takes the law in his own hands. I wouldn't recommend Bougain Villae, . If they can find one happy customer inside Bougain Villae, it would be an achievement for the Alliance Group
Dec 28, 2019 05:27 PM Read

My brother who currently resides in a rented accomodation booked an apartment with Alliance in Chennai.He experienced Alliance project property as the most untrustworthy and a cheater builder.Customer service is poor and their projects are too much delayed. My brother told that their project resulted in a delay of 36 months followed by charge of24% rate of interest for delayed payments from him.He opined that they have to pay interest for the money which they holded for 5 years and asking the customers like him to pay interest for delay like robberers.They should be forced to stop running any project and best thing is to take them to court.
Nov 07, 2019 11:46 AM Read (via Mobile)

Please go through of history of alliance before booking. They never handover the project on time.Ex- Orchid spring. Worst in delivery and false promises by sales person. They suppose to handover the keys on 2018 but still the construction going on.

Dont waste money in investing alliance and paying EMI to bank (if you are going for loan).
Jun 10, 2019 06:06 PM Read

I am a resident of their Humming Garden project in OMR. Alliance group cheats, its customer in every possible way.

Following are issues we are facing with their Humming Garden project

  1. Poor Construction quality material

2.Poor Engineering of house/common area construction from laying out of tiles, dampness in ceiling walls during the first fall of rain, huge cracks in walls within 3 months of occupying the house

  1. Compromise in quality to reduce cost at all levels. You can find it at second glance of property. They try things as cheap as possible to plant cheap/poor hybrid mango trees which will not grow more than 5 feet and claim they are providing Mango garden.

So think about the quality of other so called world class facilities they will provide

  1. Not providing amenities like GYM, Water treatment plant, Automatic DG as promised, even after 1 year from overhand of houses to the customer

The alliance has worst customer care attitude. Once you sign an agreement with the alliance, your issues/feedback to the alliance will fall on deaf ears. They will become arrogant after looting your money
Mar 07, 2019 05:05 PM Read

We booked flat in alliance galleria pallavaram in jan2017 with the promise of delivering by dec 2018. But these people keep changing the relationship manager every 6 months so that we cannot rely on the false promises made by them since it is npt documented. Im paying extra emi of around 10 k per month as extra for the floors which they have not even constructed

When I asked about the possesion they rudely behaved that we have not given anything in written or documentation.

I dont know what to do now sice they behave rude tp customers

Be careful while booking flats ln false promises. Be sure everything they say is documented
Feb 10, 2019 11:17 PM Read

Many false assurances by Alliance. Booked and waiting forever for handing over. Very very slow construction.

Design is good and location is good. No doubts! But there are many other factors you should think before you book your flat.

Alliance does not have time sense like other construction company. Since this is one of their own construction project, not bother to complete on time.
Feb 06, 2019 05:28 PM Read

I have heard about this project and I am concerned about a lot of negative reviews in other projects of Alliance. Seems like a good project located in the banks of Korattur lake; So I have no doubt about water scarcity. I need to think again and again before choosing Orchid Springs, Can Somebody help?
Jan 28, 2019 01:38 PM Read

Whoever posting that the villa isgoodand all those blah blah are those who havenotpurchased anything with this builder. But whoever booked the villa feels that they are trapped. My frnd is one of them unfortunately.:(They concentrate on only money nothing else.Check with people living there before making the bookings with this builder. Better be safe, dont go with false and paid reviews here. and I am not sure how people are saying that the villa is of quality. Any views on the construction materials(cements, steel, sands, etc) used. definitely not the best standard materials. Also people say delivery on time.As far as I am aware this project started way back in jan 2016 and delayed by more than a year.Their previous project orchid springs was delayed by more than 2 or 3 years.
Apr 15, 2018 01:26 PM Read

Hello, my sister booked a flat in alliance or child spring in pearl block -unit no 506 three months back .we booked here because my syster was job in job one of the it company in Anna Nagar. I Went to chennai for working search and iam stayed in my sister flat this time when I see the flat it was quite wonterful. I unable enjoy the scenic view of the lake from the balcony of the flat.the flat has large rooms. super interioes and amenities.its a gated community appartment and its really security there or no water problems. next this project has all the amenities with laxury and lifestyle.and it has super accessibility to all places and even then time when I am coming to chennai I well stay in my sister flats only even I planning to booked a flate here in future. my sister told me that the customer service was even super and the project is implemented  in such a beautiful  way and I would really recomment this.
Apr 12, 2018 02:14 AM Read

I had bitter experience during the timing of booking the flat on 19th Jan 2018. I was treated very unprofessionally by the AVP of Alliance Group - AVP - Marketing & Sales Mr. Pawan Premmaiah in front of my family members. As it was an auspicious day and returned from Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, completed my formalities and issued a cheque of 1 lakh. Need two kinds of stuff from management.

1) Need assurance from the management this kind of treatment will never and ever given to any customers in future, need regret from concern person.

2) The cost should be reduced as per Market Standard and RERA compliant. Let me give the chronology:

I had visited site pallavaram Galleria site first time on 28th Dec 2017, well received by the front desk and assigned to Salesperson Mr. Siva Balan.

Young chap, very professional and explained the projects in details, impressed with his explanation and convenience it. He showed flats and I said need top floors, he said currently approval available only till 10th floor and available in 8th floor, so I blocked 808 flats in Claudius A. Later, he sent me data on 30th Dec, but said 808 not available.

I was disappointed; however, I asked him to other floors, initially he said booking will be done till 10th floors as approval available only till 10th floor, later he said can be done 12th floors because he got approval from his AVP(Fundamentally without approval selling flats absolutely not right).

On 3rd Jan replied to his email, I'm interested and ready to buy. but the price seems to be really high compared to the market standard in that locality. So Please reduces the price and share me an updated price.

He asked to give some advance amount so that he negotiate and get the best cost, I had told him until I get the best discount will not give an advance.

I came to meet him again January 1st week, as he was busy with another client, he introduced me to Venkat.

Amazing person Venkat(he is an asset to your org), he understood my pulse and what I am looking for it and given various options, like reducing cost by give up the free interior items or go for it

Then explained the pros and cons, he is a really client-centric person, I almost convinced with all his facts and data. After I long time, I met one nice sales person.

After two days, I called Siva and said, pl ensure I am not talking to Venkat, because he is too good in sales pitch, because I want right market price and told him, will visit on 19th January post my Shirdi trip and give advance amount, so that he can get the best rate for me.

As committed, trying come to pallavaram site on 19th, but got a call from Venkat, as Siva left to native due to an emergency, Venkat will come and finish the formalities.

I said okay for that, after my visit, want to complete discussion within a specific time as it was given by astrologer. So I said need market standard, he came down to 5400 to 5200 per sqft by giving an inferior offer.

Still, I was not agreed, then he brought his AVP, I had explained all the aspects, why I need market standard cost.

He simply said, if need lower cost, then don’t book flats I liked it, instead of book flat which is come lower costs. Who is he to say me, how can he decide my liking?

Next, if I don’t agree on the price what he quoted 5150, then deal not required. What a sales and marketing man.

I came to book two flats, 3 BHK and 1 Bhk, because of his response, I had dropped my plan completely and above to move out the place.

Then my wife told, we should n’t drop because one person responsible and we were discussing, during the time, Venkat came and said, sir, we can do best for 5000 per Sqft.

I told to Venkat, as I liked him and trust I have on Alliance group, will take up with this price and will book 3 Bhk at 1005 Claudius A, I don’t want to any engagement with his AVP at any cast.

My happy moment, completely spoiled by AVP Pawan.

I had signed and given my advance to Venkat.

My second bitter experience with customer support Hemalatha, one of the worst customer response got from her. I just asked receipt because want to submit my IT, almost 2 days follow up and multiple calls. Everything was vain, I got after my cut off day. That was on 23rd Jan 2018. When I paid on 19th Advance, why there was 5 days delay just to give the receipt.

After that I asked complete cost sheets, a month follow up, no use, then got email Poornia on 17th Feb on cost sheet. It was really very poor services from customer services.

I had multiple calls with Poornia to get some tax benefits and reduction of cost on below aspects

• Club membership - 2 Lakhs (as per RERA Reg No: the TN/29/Building/0008/2017 project will be complete on August 2021, I cant ask you the clubhouse until, so why should I pay now)

• Car Parking - 6 Lakhs(Not mentioned cost sheet, but mentioned in overall rate) against to The RERA or Real Estate(regulation and development), Act, 2016, under section 2(y)

• Floor Raise - 3.2 Lakhs(No builder in that lane charging it, those completed or in progress)

• Additional Corner Premium charge - 4.6 Lakhs(Against to market standard)

• Corps Fund – 77K(Will I get clubhouse on the day of possession, then why should I pay now)

• Maintenance cost 46K(there will be lots of noise, pollution, construction work, then why getting Maintenance cost in advance)

• For all the above around 12 Lakhs GST, completely waste(This is not ready to occupy, why this much money on hidden costs).

She was very responsive and supportive in nature, again client-centric person. However within her boundary, unable to reduce anything. So she asked to meet her boss. Along with my friend, meet Poornia and Ms.Georgina(GM Sales, Regional CRM) on 26th Feb 2018, well that was not a fruitful discussion.

Ms. Georgina said cant do anything, should check with a Sales team that’s is AVP Pawan, I said if that is the case, they will drop my plan if I need to interact with him, then asked for Chairman MR. Manoj Namburu email id to share our grievance, which was not given to us. After the long discussion, she gave Director Sales details… I don’t know whats wrong giving Chairman email id to a customer, does he should know the only good thing about his firm
Jan 14, 2018 09:04 PM Read

We acquired a level in Alliance in Gulmohar square and unit number is 1305(orchid springs wander) in March 2017. The level is impeccable and the way it is arranged was extraordinary and it has more ventilation. You can prepared to get more light and air inside the level and it is to a great degree basic for the overall public who live in cushions. In addition, they passed on unequivocally what they said and demonstrated in the plans. The rooms are broad and it offers a lake see from the shade. This wander has critical solaces like swimming pool, clubhouse and play zone et cetera. Everything considered we passed by such a critical number of endeavors before booking this and we found this open level, gated gathering and has extraordinary accessibility. The arrangement and the idea of the advancement is superior to anything normal and I would no doubt recommend this and they genuinely make an OK lifestyle and they are a placed stock in designer and there are particularly kept up greenhouses to contribute your free vitality and I am amazingly lively for them! I unquestionably recommend this to any person who require obtaining a home in chennai!

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Alliance Group - Chennai

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