Impact of online reviews on business growth

With the growing digitalization, reviews have become most integral part of maintaining reputation online for any brand. In this article we will cover different aspects which a brand must consider in order to maintain its reputation online and will help in business growth.

Buying Decisions

It is in human nature to get assurance while making any buying decision. This is how positive online reviews strengthens customer’s decision to go for any product.

As per a recent survey by Podium:

Few stats:

Recent research by Fan & Fuel conducted in December 2016 reveals that,

Site-Ranking Benefits

Both on-site and off-site reviews are key to improving a company’s website’s organic search ranking in search engines as Google’s local search algorithm incorporates such data. Higher the ranking of a web-page more is its visibility among the customers which in turn will lead to rise in traffic on the site.

Higher Conversions

More the rise in traffic , there is more possibility of the customer getting converted which will in turn lead to more business for brands.


To sum up online reviews are critical for any business to sustain as well as grow. They help shoppers in making an informed decision and  improvising online visibility as well. This will further help to encourage brand to work on the negative reviews and inculcate positive ones.

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