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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 05, 2010 General 643 Views
(Updated Aug 05, 2010 06:56 PM)

Gautam:- In 2010 itself, till date, 246 cases of bank loots have taken place in India, which is around 1.79% higher than 2009. In this year, the numbers of bank loots have increased in the remote rural areas. Moreover, the banks in the Maoist infested areas have hardly any safety vaults in their branches due to the fear of getting looted. PSU banks are the main target in India. Hardly, you will hear that a private bank has been looted. I really don’t know the secret behind it. Are PSU banks having more money in their safety vaults than the private banks?

Sangeeta:- The number of internet banking customers are more in the cases of private banks. Therefore, to perform any business transaction, those customers only need either a laptop or a mobile handset with an internet connection. Those customers don’t need to visit the branches of the bank physically and hence it becomes comparatively easier for the private bank administrators to handle some handful of customers visiting their branches. Many customers in India are not in favor of keeping their valuables in the safety vaults of a private bank. Even, many customers don’t even open their savings account in any private bank. That’s why; these private banks target the people who get newly recruited to any MNC. The moment you get recruited to any private company, the company on your behalf opens up a salary account for you as per the partnership norms with some private banks like ICICI Bank. The numbers of customers are more in any PSU Bank and its major chunk comprises of people who are in the age bracket of 35 to 75 years. Private Banks have more customers who are in the age bracket of 20 to 30 years. When a customer thinks about securing his savings, he starts shifting his money to a PSU Bank account. That’s why; many private banks are coming out with innovative plans where your savings account can also partly act either as a mutual fund account or a Provident Fund account. That is, if you have 10,000 bucks in your savings account, then at maximum, you can invest 50% of that Rs.10,000/- in mutual fund or in provident fund. Don’t worry, the bank will manage your portfolio in such a manner that you always gain profit or reach break-even point even in the time of recession.

Arindam:- Ha ha ha…Hey, Sangeeta, I know that you are working in a private bank as a fund manager. There is no need to do the marketing of your bank accounts in front of us. Boss, Gautam, I think that the security system of any Bank in India is just pathetic. I have hardly seen any hidden cameras installed in a bank, especially in the PSU banks of rural areas. Moreover, the security guards of the bank has no mobile phone, walky-talky or arms. In any MNC, the administration hires security guards from the reputed security agencies or companies. But, in case of banks, I can only see some constable-type guards with a huge tummy and a lazy attitude. Employees of any bank should have a fixed uniform like it is there in the manufacturing companies.

Gautam:- No one will accept that proposal. In India, no one wants to wear a uniform in their workplaces.

Arindam:- You make it a mandatory rule, people will automatically follow it, because they have to earn a living by doing job in any of the company.

Sangeeta:- But, why employees of a company will have an uniform?

Arindam:- It is for security purpose. The moment you will see that uniform, you can make out that this person is an employee of this particular PSU Bank. Moreover, the safety vaults should be kept in a separate room with a separate entrance altogether. There should be 3 entrances. One to go towards bank counters, second to go towards the safety vaults and the third one is towards bank manager’s room. No customers will be allowed to enter inside the bank if they don’t show the passbook of the particular bank’s branch to the security guard. To open a new account, people need to talk with the agents inside an enclosure, outside the bank to complete all formalities. Lastly, “ALL BANK EMPLOYEES SHOULD HAVE A COMPUTERIZED BAR-CODED ID CARD” which should be swiped before entering inside the bank.

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