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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 03, 2010 General 940 Views
(Updated Aug 03, 2010 05:38 PM)

Minu:- Thank God that CPI(M) is still ruling in West Bengal, otherwise, the inflation rate would have risen like anything. If a common man of Bengal is still able to eat vegetarian meals at 15 bucks, then you have to give credit to the Left Front for that. Communism is the only concept that thinks and really do care for the poor people of a nation. The Congress party has brought in corruption in India, the moment Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi divided India into India and Pakistan. From that time, the corruption is on and still going on. Be it Hawala or Bofors or some other scams, the Congress party is always involved in it. Basically, INC party means Indian National Corrupted (INC) party. Now, the Commonwealth game has also become a corrupted game. CWG stands for Congress Wealth Game. Suresh Kalmadi has done too much expenditure on everything but still the stadiums are not ready. The sports personnel coming to participate in the Commonwealth game in India will just start spitting on the Indian politicians of Delhi now. Shiela Dikshit, is as usual, a useless chief minister. I don’t know how she gets elected by the Delhi voters.

Karuna:- What more can you expect from the Congress party MLAs? Everyone says that BJP is a communal party, but, you have to agree to the truth that BJP has the best administrative expertise than any other political party in India. Even the Left Front under Jyoti Basu had fantastic administrative machinery with organizational unity concept from root level to the top level. What is wrong with this UPA-2 government? UPA-1 was not so a corrupted one. I think that the UPA-2 government has become too much complacent about their success. Believe me, if the Indian voters have voted for the Congress party in the Lok Sabha election of 2009, then it is because of the fact that the Indian citizens hoped that this Congress party will do something for the common man. But, in reality, after coming to power, the Congress party is not at all interested in common man’s problems. Food grains are getting spoilt. You will be stunned to see the amount of food grains getting wasted due to lack of proper storage facilities. Thanks to CNN-IBN team. CNN-IBN deserves some award for bringing this issue in front of the nation. If Sharad Pawar is too much interested in his ICC President-ship, then let him resign from the central ministry. We don’t want an irresponsible minister like Sharad Pawar in our Indian cabinet ministry. NCP is a useless party of Maharashtra and the leader of that party is now becoming a curse for the Indian common man.

Surya:- Arrey, no one is talking about the petroleum price hike for two times within 4 months. Murli Deora is gambling with the Indian people in the name of petroleum companies’ profits. Due to the hike in fuels, it is adding fuel to the fire of inflation in India. Already the Taxi and the Bus union people have started demanding a hike in taxi and bus fares. Again, thanks to CPI(M) party that they have not increased the bus and taxi fares in West Bengal. Pranab Mukherjee wants to reduce the fiscal deficit by snatching money from the wallet of common man of India. Sometimes I wonder, that, is Pranab Mukherjee, a dacoit? I know better finance than Pranab Mukherjee, though I am only a common man. Pranab Mukherjee may have hi-fi degrees of finance, commerce and economics but he lacks the basic knowledge of finance. He does not understand that if you increase the fuel price, then inflation cannot be checked, no matter, by how much basis points the repo rate and the reverse repo rate get increased. Even Pranab Mukherjee is talking about de-regulation of the fuel prices. They want to wash-off their hands. Petroleum companies are doing profits and common men are dying out of hunger. On the other hand, the Railway minister, Mamata Banerjee is also a useless minister. A common man has no security while travelling in trains. They are dying in major accidents every month.

Arindam:- Hardly, there is any good minister in this UPA-2 government. Manmohan Singh even sleeps while sitting inside the Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament house. Really, “UPA-2 GOVERNMENT TREATS COMMON MAN OF INDIA AS CATTLES”.

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