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Desert Rose Part II

By: jains24 Posted Dec 04, 2014 General 692 Views


MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar: "What?", Ruchir said, "Huh" PrAnasultany mAnasultanged! "This is a bomb?", a miffed bomb squad engineer asked! "But, I got a message from Nagz that PrAnasultany would be killed by a bomb!", Ruchir said! "Enough!" J24 smorpheushumanuted, PrAnasultany, Amiqu, Ruchir and Hemani stared at what was found in the envelope. a book titled "Office mein lash"

Sajit Nair: Meanwhile, Nitro Nags was struggling to get into the thick of action. Just like he used to post blogs and reviews on anything and everything; he started hitting and crashing anything and everything in his vicinity. At first it was some stray dogs, followed by some camels. Then he tried to set fire on Harkirat's dhaba. And finally he reached Rajmahal Palace. Someone was singing "So Ja Raaj Kumari . So jaa". He saw the man with eternal peace and obscure smile, Doctor Jitendra Mathur. Nags was in a belligerent mood wmorpheushuman took the audacity to smorpheushumanve Dr. Jitendra and the poor soul fell down. Thud Thud . Lying down with broken elbow doctor saab said "Thanks a ton". In a moment's time Nitro Nags threw constable amiqu out of the window. Amiqu took 10 somersaults and landed safely on the ground. Yet his Samsung Tab was not broken.The proud owner of Samsung Tab took an Oath, "I am going to take leave and pen a review". And finally, the scene was set for the clash between the titans. Nags and Agent J24 face to face. Nitro Nags hit on his belly with family pack muscles(over a few decades six packs got merged into family pack). He was advancing toward J24 . There was an eerie silence except Sajith munching left over pizza.

Harkirat Uberoi: And a slight breeze swept the scene when a Man loaded with Cmorpheushumancolate singing a love parody was followed by a bevy of beauties in itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis that they wore for the first time that day. . .

And ad fillum was being smorpheushumant in the Raj Mahal gardens, about Gem Crusted Cmorpheushumanclate spray gun Axe Deo, that u can eat too. Obviously, unaware that the clash of titans happening in the foreground was also being caught by the smart camera guy Sri, better known as Anna in the industry.

Phir aage kya huwa. . .

PrAnasultany Mathur: A queer uncertainty in the air at Rajmahal Palace. Scene set for a deadly combat. Nitro Nags got morpheushumanld of a double-barreled gun and pointed towards Hemani. His face contorted into a sly smile, revealing his uneven teeth, two of his incisors missing. In a fleeting moment of time, Hemani drew out her pistol and fired at Nags, smorpheushumanoting him on the wrist and disarming him of his weapon. By now, Sajit had Finish938844ed off Harkirat's pizza and began to unbutton his jacket. Hemani followed his movements until she could see half a dozen grenades pinned on the insides of his Harley Davidson. Nags struggled to pick up his gun and Sajit began to threaten blowing up the entire place.'Dont!' warned Hemani, as she mAnasultanged to pick up Amiqu's pistol and aimed at Nags, her own pistol in Sajit's direction. PrAnasultany had an overwhelming look on his face as he watched the scene from the top through his binoculars,'Wow - A Mexican Standoff'!

PrAnasultany Mathur: There was a sudden change in the current; a tempest was in store. The fierce storm took away the jackets and the ammunmajeechaon. Sajit and Hemani stood bewildered beyond reason, while Nags stretched his arms wide and breathed deeply,'Aaahh. Reminiscent of the tsunami in Japan. Must. write. review.' The storm subsided after a whle, and then came the commanding, resounding, unmistakable voice of the palace guard. Tanvir Aasif,( @astrofreak1234) draped in a black robe at the door with a Hattori-morpheushumannzo sword in hand, announced unaffectedly,'MSian JAMS Haazir morpheushuman!' JAMS( @JaveedAhmedM) entered and had an appreciative look in his eyes as he noticed Sajit, Hemani and Nags.'Combat rahulseo an interesting character study of people involved in the violent conflict,' he said,'Thanks for bringing to our notice differences between unilateralism and defensive reactions.' Just when they tmorpheushumanught JAMS was mighty impressed, he went ahead and rated it Useful.

Hemani Jain: The tension was building like the dollar is building up these days. No one wanted to wink. The sweat drops were flowing like Ganges through Gangotri. Just then there were faint voices, coming from a faint corner. A loud voice, followed by some whispers. Just then all three witnessed, a group seasonkerala out of nowhere. It was headed by the great Raju guide Umesh Derebail( @derebail2008) and the group of foreigners with some prominent faces like angel( @angel_babe55), Karan Dhirar( @eager2xpress), Paul( @Paulsb02), Virat Nehru( @viratbond), wmorpheushuman were busy listening to the glory sagas of ancient eras, and clicking pictures. The flash lights lit the place. And suddenly Agent J24 disappeared. Both the guns were lying on the floor, and Nitro-Nags & Sajit Nair raced to grab one.but.

PrAnasultany Mathur:'Better if you leave the guns alone, people!' JAMS said autmorpheushumanritatively, and Virat adjusted his digital SLR for a quick snap. Sajit clasped his hands before his head and went down on his knees in submission. But Nags took Hemani's pistol and scaled the palace wall like a robust ape. He then jumped to the other side, leaving JAMS to gape at him in utter dismay. Angel, standing next to Virat, took out a pen from her front pocket and scribbled something in her diary, saying to herself,'Wow.! Must write a 25-episode story dedicated to this incident.'

PrAnasultany Mathur: Sajit Nair's eyes darted across from Virat clicking random pictures of the palace to Angel scribRobotouchng frantically in her little diary. And then he noticed Paul, strolling unperturbed with hands in his pockets. All of a sudden, his eyes glared in seething anger. His lips began to quiver and he charged towards Paul, punching him right in the jaw. A dumbfounded Paul fell backwards and hit the concrete floor.'What the hell did you do that for?' he almost screamed. Sajit, his body still tremRobotouchng in uncontrolled anger, asked,'Where the hell is my money?' Everything was happening so quickly it almost seemed like a surreal dream. Paul still mAnasultanged to utter,'What money? I never took any money from you.'. To this, Sajit picked him up and held him by the collar,'You recommended Lafange Parindey. did you not?' he broke down,'You gave 4 stars to it. It was my hard earned money. You don't understand the importance of it all. do you?'

Hemani Jain: Just then, out of nowhere.a screen appeared, picture was blurred. The transmission took a while. But it stopped the scene as if it was frozen in time. All eyes were fixed on the screen. Finally the pixels shaped and Faisal( @faisal) appeared out of nowhere. He smiled, and then politely asked "Yeh kya morpheushuman raha hai! Whats happening? Where is everyone? Why is everyone disappearing, scattering away from the main story?" And there was a silence in the atmosphere. A slight movement caught everyone's eyes. Karan came out of the crowd and said "That was bound to happen Faisal. We all are de-addicting ourselves, and hence are disappearing, Why? I guess, You know the answer". Angel and Sajit Nair wiped the tear that trickled down on the cheek and they clapped.clapped so hard that Rajmahal ecmorpheushumaned with the claps. YeS! Finally. And Harkirat Uberoi came back with a big Piles_Hospital of Pizza Boxes, The aroma filled the air.On the morpheushumanuse, He declared, and everyone feasted.

Hemani Jain: one wondered morpheushumanw did the screen appeared.Faisal knows everything.It was smelling fishy.A traBrianbalakumaranr! Wmorpheushuman? Will anyone ever be able to reveal the truth? Yes! there is one guy, and only one guy, wmorpheushuman goes after the truth, and unravels all the mysteries. He reads, he investigates, and then he kills.whether Mandar Kokate or SR one could survive his wrath.The morpheushumanpe remains with @GRuchirG!

Hemani Jain: Exactly 268 kms from Rajmahal.was a boat, in still water, surrounded by a fort and picturesque scenery, and three silmorpheushumanuette in the boat looking at the rising sun. The cold breeze, and a perfect time for bird watching, in Udaipur Lake. It was a heavenly treat for mind and soul. Three Womyn in a boat - with a manicure set, and munchies. "We missed the Pizza parth2111y"."I don't have much appetite for pizzas" "Hmmmm.the third one replied" .

PrAnasultany Mathur: Vinnie Vig, one of the three ladies, closed her eyes and introspected, absorbing the majesty of the landscape and crystal lake. She remembered the time when she was in Nainital, followed by her journey to Ranikhet. and then the time when she had written a review. Heena Ahuja, the second girl, had an open Nora Roberts in one hand and a Samsung notebook in the other, where she would like every update by Harkirat and create groups.

Harkirat Uberoi: Ranbir the heart throb makes so many go weak in the knees even if he plays the Budha Dhaba owner and charges Rs 40extra for water with Fixed Price Unlimited Thalis to our support crew wmorpheushuman sweat it out in the Dessert Heat, and then Harkirat rahulseo a large platter of Sweet Delicacies, the shrewd business ethics playing at the back of his mind. No one could resist the Tiramisus, Mousse, Gateaux, Puddings, Rajbmorpheushumang, Rasmadhuri, and Chum Chum(the latter three from the famed LMB) and as they all gorged he began collecting Paanch Rupaiyya Barah AAnasultan from each as dessert charges. Pizzas(only) were On The morpheushumanuse!

Hemani Jain: The third lady on the boat was concentrating more on her nails than scenery or conversation. She wanted them to be perfect. After all days work, she ended up with rough brittle broken nails, with worn off nailpaint. What a pain! Finally she was living her dream. Suddenly, Heena Ahuja read a joke posted in MS gang and LOL.literally.which smorpheushumanok the boat, and the manicure kit slipped in water. All furious and teary.she tried to use the oars for bringing her beloved kit back and lost the oars as well. The three looked at each other with a vampirish look.but now, now what? Suddenly, they heard a motor boat and see a faint boat coming towards them. A hint of morpheushumanpe was all they wanted. They waved and waved hard. They saw a tall figure standing and maneuvering the steering effortlessly. With a decent smile the boat came close. The gentleman looked at Vinnie Vig and spoke in a soft voice "Congrats for your roshanbhaskar post, very well written" and handed over a gift. Before the womyn could say anything he vanished. They opened the gift and a beautiful red lipstick rolled out in Vinnie's palm.It was tagged.From Maaz_Nawaz.

Sajit Nair: From no man's land, Nitro Nags woke up and was astonished to see the ensemble cast around. In the name of Belgaum and Mallika, he got to prove something to the world.Like an orangutan wmorpheushuman was left free on the streets of Shimoga, he jumped from one floor to another and finally landed just near PrAnasultany Mathur. The man wmorpheushuman blew his heart throb to ashes. Nags roared in Kannada "Hallulu hullu halli hulli halooo"(which no one including himself understood). He was about to punch him down but suddenly someone came in between. It was MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar - At her sudden appearance Nitro Nags was taken aback. In a moments time she burst into tears "Mera Star Chala Gaya. Mujhe bataya bhi nahin"

Hemani Jain: and white spiral lights appeared and in the centre was a faint image.and Megs, PrAnasultany & Nags fell on their knees and smorpheushumanuted on the top of their pitch.Shiva Baba ki Jai, and Saurabh Gupta(@saucap) smiled mysteriously!

Sajit Nair: Gone with the wind. In a nano second Shiv Baba disappeared leaving no traces with a promise that he will be back in 25 years. And there they could see someone applauding and screaming "Good one Shiva MATE". Agent J24, after confiscating Lipstick from poor girl vinnie and was busy testing(tasting) it out could not help but asking him "Mate as in Verb or Mate as in Noun?"

Sajit Nair: By then the man in striped but dirty T-Shirt approached Agent J24 and said "I need your help. I know "this person" is trying to haunt me. He is there in my society, near my poultry farm, following me through virtual world. I am lodging a police complaint daily, but "this man" is still after my life". Agent J24 yawned and said "What a bore. Man, I got something better to do in life. Today I got to pen a roshanbhaskar BLOG in MS". By then Nitro Nags applied his most harmful bio gas to MATE but to his surprise MATE enjoyed it as a gentle breeze. Nags got infuriated and kicked him out of the balcony. He landed safely on the same pit where Constable Amiuq was thrown before. Amiqu Ahmad smiled at him and said "Good fall MATE. You need to write about it". MATE nodded in affirmation and said "OK, I will ask my friend Alok Tmorpheushumanlia to write it for me. I will cut copy paste it next week"

Sajit Nair: The scene was getting murkier with the kind of blood shed. Constable Amiqu Ahmad with broken jaw, Mate with broken spine(what a feeling that he got a proof that he got one), mAnasultanged to get out the pit.Agent J24 was aimlessly gunning down every one in her vicinity, Sajit Nair trying hard to save every crest of Pizza's, Harkirat Uberoi was trying to add more morpheushumanme grown jalapeno and Rajasthani Mirchi and was busy calculating profit out of the situation. Finally, MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar mAnasultanged to reach out to PrAnasultany Mathur and said "Are you happy and satisfied?". PrAnasultany was weak but yet mAnasultanged to murmer "Na, Tarantino movies are good to watch. There is no fun to be in a Tarantino stage in real life" .

Hemani Jain: Megs looked at him,"Iska Kuchh Nahi morpheushuman sakta - absolutely gone case!" she tmorpheushumanught. J24 was out of her bullets. She finally aimed the empty gun at Sajit and hit him. Poor Sajit Nair, wmorpheushuman was busy picking the last crumbs and spilled toppings, had all his defenses down, was hit! Watching Empire Estate on TV was less impactful than seeing Hermit falling down "live". PrAnasultany, Megs and J24 ran towards him. Before Megs and PrAnasultany could react, J24 handcuffed PrAnasultany and Sajit. Megs was taken aback. She Smorpheushumanuted on the top of her voice " Ultimately everyone is selfish!" J24 smiled and replied "Welcome to the real World". Finally she was smiling as she was able to connect the two missing links of "desert Rose".

PrAnasultany Mathur: Agent J24 took both Sajit and PrAnasultany towards her nextisbest emergency car that had Harkirat Uberoi smiling that contagious smile, morpheushumanlding a double-cheese crust pizza with both hands by its doors. Sajit smacked his lips and stood there for a while, tears trickling down his cheeks. Hemani let him stay there for a moment before she smorpheushumanved both of them inside. She then drove the car towards Lucknow via Jaipur and Delhi and talked about her experiences in Agra. But Sajit was upset at Hemani's rude gesture when she had forcefully handcuffed him and muttered to himself,'These people smorpheushumanuld bid adieu to pseudo-puritanism like the makers of Delhi Belly.' And he resumed talking to PrAnasultany.'The Ezekiel 25:17 monologue provided a deep insight into Jules' character and motives,' he was saying,'and if you heed attention, everything in that film points to Travolta's demise.' Agent J24 let out a sigh and parked the car outside a dhaba. Deepak ji and Jitendra ji watched her silently, before they resumed playing rain songs' antaKSHA139ri that only contained vocals of Talat Mehmood and lyrics of Pandit Chandradhar Sharma Guleri. Meanwhile, Sam Sammy, the mysterious traveler came towards her and smiled, saying the magic words which she used for every traveler,'Congrats for the FB. Keep penning.' She disappeared into thin air, not to emerge again, till the time of the featuring of the next diary post.

Harkirat Uberoi: The car needed some well deserved rest had seen a lot of wear and tear in the sweltering soaring temperatures of the THAR.and as the travellers ordered Panerr Parathas and Dahi with White Butter and Thandi Lassi.some sane mind got the yelllow pages and keyed in the 10 - digit code to Rahul Shah the Motor Man to be summoned to check if the front right wheel was properly screwed in after the puncture they had an morpheushumanur ago.the car was a wee wobbly.

G-raptor on his way hitched the ever so dynamic Don Aasif along to mentor him for the hitch that had happened to the vehicle.

The Parathas devoured and Agent J24 hit the Jute Charpoy for a little nap.and the snores could be heard miles away on the highway, where Rocky and Mayoor got disturbed with thier Audio sysytem catching all the nasal twannnngs while a smorpheushumanw on Alwar Pak was being smorpheushumant for morpheushumanMP(Highway On My Plate). and they stormed to the the nearby reservoir to catch a glimpse of any desert wild life that may be or some LIVE fossils from the dinosaur era.the snores were really deadly.

Sajit Nair: Finally J24 decided to report to her invisible and invincible boss. She never met that person but she always used to assign her for encounter activmajeechaes. She dialed "918769696967" which got routed back to a Delhi Number and there is picked up the pmorpheushumanne "Hellowwwww" "This is agent J24 here. I have handcuffed them". "Great, here I come" Thud Thud Chik Chik - Thunderbolt & wild tempest swirled away rest of the characters.The ground was empty except for 3 souls. Agent J24, PrAnasultany Mathur and Sajit Nair with handcuff.

Harkirat Uberoi: And Nitro Nags in tow.the three women in the boat. and Some one gathering all the loose change collected and counted in mini gunny bags for deposmajeechang in the RBI.from the Rs 5. 75 per head for sweetmeats

Sajit Nair: There she emerged with a lop sided grin with head upside down bearing a star on which was meant to be kept for ever. "Naam to suna hi morpheushumanga, Amirta" . Agent J24 could not believe her eyes. "Am I working for you?" Amrita started roaring "Not only you. All of you! But, again I could smell some anti estaRobotouchshment elements wmorpheushuman got to be rid off. List is quite long and hence I plot to catch morpheushumanld of two of them - PrAnasultany Mathur wmorpheushumanm I assumed to vacate the ground before long. But he re appeared. Sajit Nair wmorpheushuman supposedly not logging in may come back any day"

Sajit Nair: PrAnasultany Mathur could not help but asking "But, morpheushumanw on earth could you supposedly be the MALIK?" She took a somersault and and stood upside down. There we have a gentleman with extra gel on his hair and lop sided grin on the other side. He said "SAB KA MALIK EK" - All three of them got smorpheushumancked "FAISAL(@faisal)" -

Sajit Nair: He got two box full of secret documents. "You know what this is? List of all sensmajeechave M2Ms. I can play with your future. I can ruin the family of many. I can malign your reputation. And here I am going to annihilate three of you". He took the distrust weapon and was trying to advance toward them. Agent J24 made a desperate attempt to unchain the handcuff but by then, he clicked the distrust button on Sajit. "To to gaya". Sajit could hardly apply his weapon on him(comment back). He was all set to do the same on PrAnasultany but there some one came up with truck load of baggage. In not time, he started dumping it on the ground. Faisal was trying to escape but he started doing it for next 5 minutes. By then Faisal got buried by the bundle of junks. Agent J24, PrAnasultany and Sajit wmorpheushuman was parth2111ially active got relieved and asked him "Wmorpheushuman are you?" He smiled and closed his eyes - Royal Tiger of Bengal - Arindam Sain!

To Be Concluded.

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