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Water does not adjust for anybody...

By: cutedoggie Posted Feb 09, 2019 General 193 Views
(Updated Feb 10, 2019 12:21 AM)

There's this popular saying that water adjusts for everyone and takes shape of whatever it occupies. Hence, it adjusts.

But the thing to see here is water spreads wherever it can. It never lets others occupy its space. Invariably, even huge solids placed on water would either sink and decompose, never to be seen again or float (not taking its place). Water, on the other hand, occupies space it can, submerging what was previously not submerged. That's spreading influence, not "adjusting".

If you find yourself dropped in the middle of the ocean, who would have to swim to safety? Water or you? If it rains, who would have to use an umbrella? You. Will water stop pouring or what it was doing? No. On the other hand, everybody needs water. You need water to drink, to live. Whatever land does not have access to water is barren. Not fertile.

Nor does water go anywhere. It knows its range very well and knows when to do what. When there's too much heat, it flies off by evaporating. It can always come back down to earth by raining, when it wants. That's the reason 2/3 of the globe is water. Does it look like the water adjusts from any of this? Water can only be channeled or diverted. It can't be stopped. It is an unstoppable phenomenon.

If anything, everyone needs water, water doesn't necessarily need anyone. It can make land fertile, give others life, erode rocks and occupy almost anything. Water is sort of immortal. It exists in some form, unlike many other things which perish permanently. It can hardly be said, water is the one "adjusting".

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