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By: derebail2008 Posted Jul 01, 2009 News 1561 Views

(Updated Jul 01, 2009 06:42 PM)

Breaking news is beaming that there is traffic jams on the Bandra end ( where our Mouthshut office is located Lol ) The entire Mumbai must be thrilled at the Landmark bridge which has currently taken a shape of tourist destination. This is primarly because of the toll free scheme announced upto 5th of July. I believe at least 60 K vehicles are currently using the bridge for free joy ride. In the bargain the bridge is being put to test at full load. What a way to inaugrate a dream project. ?

The toll proposed by the operators seems to be on higher side with Rs 50 bucks one way on the bridge and return is pegged at Rs 75, I hope for monthly pass holders it is charged at Rs 25 bucks per day, which should mean around Rs 750 per month.

I received a dull PPT presentation from abroad, it seems to be low resolution pics of the bridge, I hope some body like Fenil, Harry or Bobby posts the pics of this beautiful landmark. This dream bridge was constructed by HCC, at cost of Rs 1600 crores I hope they complete the 2 phase of the bridge in a jiffy. This dream project has taken 5 years, and hopefully they will be able to complete the second phase within 2 weeks. I am proud owner of HCC shares. Kudos to HCC. I am happy that the bridge is named after Late Rajiv Gandhi which I had predicted a fortnight back.

Video Link of the Bridge and its details : Youtube video Link :

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