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~Sane - Sain~

By: hermit Posted Mar 10, 2010 General 924 Views
(Updated Mar 10, 2010 10:50 PM)

Who are we to arrive at judgments about others like “He is lunatic” “He is sane”. Go by the good old quote “One man’s food is other one’s poison”. How well we assign label to others – “Ridiculous” “Intelligent” “Prolific” – But do we ever realize that we are fooling ourselves while trying to categorize others as per our fancy?

Lots of gyan but I myself is not immune to all this. Hence, I thought of poking myself and get it out of my system. Occasionally, you come across human beings of different genre who leaves you in awe with their unique traits. This is my tribute to someone who left me aghast (in affirmative tone)

At first, I thought it was some sort of cataclysmic catastrophe. Something like Dooms Day in MS. It was like; someone was dropping grenades, missiles and all sorts of lethal weapons. MS is under siege for long. This phenomenon happens during the grave yard hours. Only owlsanddemons (orinsomniacs) will be blessed with this divine sight.

It was a virtual alien menace. So, the first thoughts were like; “A human being is not capable of performing this ritual”. There should be some cosmic powers or alien interventions behind this. Otherwise, how can someone post around 15 reviews and 18 DPs in one shot? Also, none of them are cut-copy-paste. Majority of them are dramatic dialogue exchange between some characters. We have reviews of almost all movies released in India.

One fine day he published him mobile number in one of his DPs. I was so curious to establish a link with him as he never believed in responding to comments. In short, he is the living example of Gita Gyan – “Do your duty and never expect return”. He believe in contributing and give it damn whether you read / rate or comment. (But, as of now, I see his status message asking people to read but I don’t think he really mean it)

I thought of dialing this gentleman and the exchange of words from memory

Sajit: “Hi, this is Sajit Nair from MS” (who on earth do not understand Sajit Nair from MS)

Him: " Oh, Ok. I am working on the project and it will be submitted by afternoon"

Sajit: What project? I think you did not recognize me. (Someone not recognising my name. I could feel "ego dystrophy")

Him: Ok, then you must be Bhatia Sir. Your project is also ready and I will submit it soon.

Sajit: Who Bhatia? What Project? Sir, I am a contributor in MS. Sajit. I saw you mentioning your number in one of your diary post and hence thought of calling you!

Him: Sajit ---- Ok (absolutely no enthusiasm in his tone. Might be, the name of less mortal is not having any impact on him. After all, he is the one who killed the “desire” factor)

Sajit: How are you?

Him: Fine!

Sajit: And yaar, why do you post this many posts in a shot? It is very difficult to read everything.

Him: Ok Sir, mein kam karoonga (What ----- I almost burst into tears)

Sajit: Arey, Nahi yaar. I was just wondering. I never mean so. I said, if you post all those in limited quantities, probably everybody will be able to read you taking time.

Him: I will do that Sir.

(Bhai, ye Sir kidhar se aya? And why the hell you give this much of respect on a preachy snobbish kind of guy)

Sajit: Ok, it was nice talking to you. You are one person I really wanted to talk. Take care

Him : Bye!(Chuckles)

End of story! What was that? Don’t know whether he ever recognized me. But in a few hours time I got a virtual gift from him; Mobile Phone with quote “You called me and hence this gift for you

Simple, straight, crisp – Aap Mahan ho!

In the mad race of earning name and fame, lobbying to become popular, successful, spreading rumors, making fun others ---- here we have someone who “care a damn” about anything but just keep contributing on a regular basis. Also, he is bold – Otherwise, who can publish his mobile number and still campaign against Communists from their strong fort?

When I start penning this, he posted 141 reviews, 570 DPs. Might be by now, it would have multiplied by geometric progression.

On the other side - At times his posts contain spoilers and he should take utmost care not to hurt the sentiments of others. Of course, personal freedom is assured for any creative artist but again, in a social forum we need to adhere to certain decorum. So, with all due respect to the voluminous output released from his factory, those provocative comments / finer analysis or description that crosses the limit of decency should be curbed. This is a suggestion of improvement on behalf of many members (count me also in)

I do not intend to praise or criticize him - just my reflection on someone whom I found a bit different from majority of others!

You loved this blog. Thank you for your rating.