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GOD CREATED 2 ‘ADAMS’ and 2 ‘EVES’ !!!

By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 06, 2010 General 906 Views
(Updated Aug 06, 2010 03:42 PM)

Bhagwan Brahma:- Last week, I created two male human beings, ‘Aadmi’ and ‘Ladka’ on the Earth. After killing those dinosaurs before the successive global warming and ice age, the Earth has got a perfect weather to create lives in it. We have created so many lives, but out of those lives, this ’human being’ is going to become our best creative product. ‘Aadmi’ had been placed in ‘Tapoban’ area and ‘Ladka’ had been placed in ‘Gaon’ area. On the first three days of their placement in the Earth, they were happy and were running here and there with joy. But, now, after 7 days, they are feeling depressed. Are they missing anything?

Devi Parvati:- Brahma ji, every male needs their female partner, otherwise, their life has no value at all. Males and Females in any organism class are complimentary to each other. Please create two females for these two males.

Bhagwan Brahma:- Ok, then, let me create the females, ‘Aurat’ for ‘Aadmi’ and ‘Ladki’ for ‘Ladka’.

Bhagwan Shiva:- But, there is a scarcity of water in both the places of ‘Gaon’ and ‘Tapoban’. Hey, Ganga, can you please do something about it?

Devi Ganga:- Ok, then let me create a glacier in the Himalayas from which a sacred river will start flowing. But, I will help you people on one condition. The river should be named after my name only.

Bhagwan Shiva:- Tathastu. As you wish, Ganga.

Narod Muni:- Narayana! Narayana! Brahma ji, you have created human beings on Earth but what about their population growth. The ‘Aadmi’ is not getting attracted towards ‘Aurat’ and same is the case with ‘Ladka’. ‘Ladka’ has already started hating ‘Ladki’.

Bhagwan Brahma:- Now, if they are not getting attracted towards each other, what can I do in that case? I am helpless.

Bhagwan Kaamdev:- Brahma ji, I can help you out in this regard. Give me the order to target the arrow of love on the Earth planet.

Bhagwan Brahma:- Yeah, yeah, proceed. Wow! Now they are falling in love with each other. That’s great. But, they are not indulging in any intercourse, which will help in reproduction of their offspring. Hey, Vishnu, can you do something about it?

Bhagwan Vishnu:- Actually, with a joint collaboration with Indra, I have been able to create a special type of a tree.

Bhagwan Indra:- And believe me, Brahma ji, the fruit of this tree will provide the temptation within the human’s body to do those intercourses. The fruit of this tree will be known as ‘Apple’.

Bhagwan Brahma:- Then, what are you waiting for? Just grow those apple trees on the Earth planet.

Narod Muni:- Narayana! Narayana! See the fun! Now, ‘Aadmi’ and ‘Aurat’ has given birth to 2 children. One is ‘Beta’ and another one is ‘Balika’. On the other hand, ‘Ladka’ and ‘Ladki’ has given birth to 2 children. One is ‘Beti’ and another one is ‘Balak’. But, now, how the relationship will be formed? ‘Beta’ and ‘Balika’ cannot marry each other because they are siblings.

Bhagwan Brahma:- ‘Beta’ will marry ‘Beti’ and ‘Balak’ will marry ‘Balika’. Thereafter, the cross-connection will continue to increase the population of human beings on the Earth planet. Now, our operation of installing human beings on Earth planet is a successful project. Let us celebrate. Hey, Vishnu, bring some ‘Somras’ for me and Indra, tell your Urvashi to perform a superb classical ‘Bharatnatyam’ in front of us.


Mandakini:- Ei, Wake up! Why are you dancing in your sleep? Who the hell is this Urvashi? Wake up!

Arindam:- Aah! What happened? Why are you shouting? I was having a nice mythological dream in my sleep where Urvashi was dancing in front of me.

Mandakini:- Uff, your dreams are as naughty as you. Now, brush up your teeth and go to the fish market. Already, it is 8.30 AM and today is Sunday. As per the news in several TV channels, yesterday night only, some branded ‘Hilsha of Padma’ has been brought into Kolkata. Go to the market and buy a good Hilsha fish. Today, I will not cook Chicken or Mutton curry but only ‘Bhapha Doi Hilsha’. By the way, what have you dreamt in your sleep?

Arindam:- You will not understand many things but it is true that the "GOD CREATED 2 'ADAMS' & 2 'EVES'", otherwise, a brother would have married his own sister

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