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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 05, 2010 General 749 Views
(Updated Aug 05, 2010 07:04 PM)

Mahajan:- Uff…there are so many people involved in the corruption of commonwealth games! On the other side, people are dying out of hunger. There is so much corruption in the MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee) scheme, but the irony is that a huge amount of money that was allocated for the empowerment of Dalits has been diverted to the Commonwealth games. Even you will be stunned to know that the Indian Railways ministry which do not have enough funds to buy anti-collision devices are going to grant around 100 crores INR to the Commonwealth Games.

Arindam:- That’s a joke of the day! Mamata Banerjee is very much eager to pour a bottle of pure ghee on the ashes of a burning ghat. But, the biggest concern is that why Suresh Kalmadi gave all those approvals despite knowing about the inflated rates in each and every asset used in this Commonwealth games? Recently, some officials of the Commonwealth games committee said in front of the media that they have not ordered for many things which they have been provided by the vendors or suppliers. Now, if I don’t order for anything, then why a person will give those things to me for free of cost. Then, it proves that either I am taking a bribe or I have paid for those things beforehand very secretly.

Sujan:- Arrey, Congress party has also said that they don’t know any person whose name is Suresh Kalmadi. Ha ha ha…bechara Suresh babu. It started with the attack from Mr. Aiyar and now after Shashi Tharoor, it is the time for Suresh Kalmadi. The amount of money spent behind the Commonwealth Games itself proves that the present Indian Government has too much money in their reserves. But, they spend those money in such an inefficient manner that the fiscal deficit keeps on increasing. At the end of day, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee also becomes confused about taking any innovative steps. But, one thing, you have to appreciate that our respected finance minister is a very liberal finance minister.

Arindam:- Boss, this is India. If as a minister, you become too much liberal without any long-term plan, then the Return on Investment (ROI) will run in negative figures. There should be a proper automated credit rating system in our finance ministry. Pranab Mukherjee is of the opinion that the Petroleum companies are unnecessarily showing profits in their balance sheets despite running in losses. Now, why a Petroleum company needs to show inflated profits? Even the shareholders of our BSE and NSE are always skeptical in investing in the shares of oil companies, no matter whether they are in profit or loss. Now, there is another fishy thing. Why the Petroleum tax in India is around 34%, which is higher than any other major Asian countries. Moreover, the prices of fuel in India are not at all in accordance with the global market fuel prices. In many a times, there is a disparity in it. I am not saying that the fuel prices should be de-regulated by the UPA-2 government, but still there has to be some balance between the global fuel prices and the prices of fuel in India.

Sujan:- aaha! Forget Petroleum for the time being. Look at other avenues. Pranab Mukherjee has allocated funds to many sectors in a liberal way. It will help in the economic growth in the long run. As per Pranab Mukherjee’s opinion, all the state administrations are having so much cash reserves that they can take some flexible decisions for the poor common man of their respective state.

Mahajan:- Wait, I have some objections. First of all, how can you ignore Petroleum? For even a small rise in the price of fuel, the prices of all other commodities rise sharply. Secondly, what is the guarantee that the Indian states are not misusing the money allocated to them? West Bengal government is yet to utilize the funds for the poor people which have been allocated to them by the Central government.

Arindam:- I think that the problem lies elsewhere. No one is monitoring anything. So much of food grains are getting rotted and Sharad Pawar is demanding for Chinese technology to store food grains. There are no strict & efficient vigilant committees at each root level. The brutal truth is that the “VIGILANCE SYSTEM IN INDIA IS VERY POOR”.

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