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Fight between PAN AM and TWA

By: smisbahuddin Posted Nov 09, 2009 General 963 Views

Pan Am & TWA fight it out !

A movie by Martin Scorsese

If I call this movie super in acting by Leonardo DiCaprio, or history of independent film

making without sponsorship of big studios or, fight for the air routes of the world and


All these elements could have made it a super hit movie, if a few spices like that of slum

dog were added. Whatever the heading under which a movie is made, never forget the

entertainment element. Why show us the Howard Hughes had obsession to wash hands, this is not entertainment.

I love the line said by Katherine Hepburn (Cate Blanchette) Don't let the press in, they

will always want in, but if you let them in, they will make us look like freaks, it is so

true of our press today, even look at this film, a part of mass communication, it dwell

more on hand washing sequences than the fight between PAN AM & TWA, this fight would have

added the best spice to this film.

You had Alec Baldwin playing (Juan Trippe) he did it ably but that fight was side kick

to the main spicy issues of this film. Imagine TWA striving to make a SUPER Carrier with

the help of LOCKHEED and PAN AM challenging its operation with bribing Senator and

establishing a investigative senate committee.

I love history and I loved knowing that at the time of Howard Hughes, there were few movie cameras available to film, Hell's Angels, I loved the controversy about OUTLAW film, also I loved the tussle to CARVE out air routes by pioneer travel business makers, the daring flight across the world by pilot and owner Mr. Howard Hughes are so trend setting events that, actually we are reaping benefits from the things these people made, created, evolved.

So a person with this much achievements, in fact he is a pioneer in HOLLYWOOD itself but so many frames were devoted to his hiding in bathrooms, to hiding from people to not see him washing his hands are useless information which will not benefit a viewer nor entertain him I mean guys seriously, what do I care if the person who invented Jet Engines used to sleep naked or never shaved his under arms. We are benefiting from the research of Mr. Howard Huges investments into building super carriers and making Aircrafts faster than what he had. Who can deny that his finds were very beautiful, Rita Hayworth etc., So you see gentlemen, we must never cease to look the good before the bad to put things in proper light.

Surviving 2 air crashes in 1 life time. I shudder at the thought of crash, He did it. There

is a dream like sequence where Howard Hughes is shown as a kid and he is saying to his

mother I will make the biggest expensive movie, I will fly the fastest plane and be rich.

Probably that was spur of his life, probably those words used to ring in his head always

even when he was facing senator Brewster (Alan Alda) I love the system where a senator

becomes the head of a hearing committee, and confirms that he has taken bribes from

Pan Am and also confirms feebly that he as part of government is actually forcing shift of

TWA ownership to PAN AM. Why is there no accountability to law makers themselves ????

Cate Blanchette (Katherine Hepburn) played this very exquisitely, I loved AVA GARDNER in real life, no one can bring her glamour to the screen, Gwen Stefani (Jean Harlow) also looked good.

Before I end this review let me tell you,,,

Yo!! people of the old had spirit and guts !!!

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