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Arrest at "the 13th Floor"

By: Aarambhh Posted Jul 25, 2013 Realisation 497 Views
(Updated Jul 25, 2013 11:05 AM)

I find myself chained to a chair on the 13th floor. An Old Man who is sitting across me on a bigger chair, introduces himself as the Judge. Couple of familiar faces who once claimed (read blamed) being in love with me are sitting together on the right side trying to avoid any eye contact with me. Prosecutor sitting on the left is busy reading the charges imposed on me.On conclusion, Judge gives me a dirty look but out of obligation ask me if I want to say anything before he gives his judgment. I pause for a moment to think if it’s even worth saying anything infront of people who already are convinced about the fact that I am a criminal. Still I chose to speak:

**Long Long ago **'Loving was a crime'.** But we have come a long way and today I realise that not loving someone who loves you, is a crime. You are not only expected to love but also actually ordered to love them back and if you don’t you are called **insensitive, selfish, self-centered** human being.

We have come a longway from **"I don’t love you but we can be friends"** to **"If you don’t love me you loose me as a friend"** ... Now we don’t think twice to let go off years long beautiful friendship because we have fallen in love with a friend, who does not share the same feeling. Is it mandatory to love back? One should force fully generate feeling? ? Probably.

Why the person who has never failed to be a great friend has to loose a friend because they have fallen for them. This is not it.. They are called insensitive.. Selfish and are troubled to an extent that they start considering it a crime, to be nice to people. They wonder where did they go wrong and what they shouldn't have done. Then they go back in a shell and never want to come out of it. They question their own faith and belief. They don’t feel like making new friends in fear of ending up in the similar situation.

The most hurting part of this is to **lose out of something that you have for something that you suddenly want.** It is you who has turned selfish, self-centered and insensitive. And then you get busy with endless attempts of hurting them. You blame them for destructions that you do to yourself. You hate them and conspire against them and take revenge by taking away things and people they love. You start feeling relieved and happy seeing them in pain.

Just when you feel this...I want to ask each one of you, **did you claim in the beginning that you loved them???****

Nobody answered neither they looked moved with my speech (read confrontations). Unlike films, people do not go through transformations and self-realization within three hours even if they did within they will put up a false ego and will never accept thier fault. Everyone remained poised while I was found guilty of charges of not falling in love with people who fell in love with me. Sigh !

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