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++Kick It Hard++

By: hermit Posted May 22, 2010 General 874 Views
(Updated May 22, 2010 11:54 PM)

Yesterday -My little girl used to run inside the bedroom and make herself comfortable behind the couch, whenever someone rang the calling bell.I tried to get closer to her problem. But she always opted to avoid discussing the same. Yesterday, I thought of taking out to the nearby shop and get her some chocolates of her choice but she hesitated. Finally, with some force I took her to the shop. After reaching the shop, she started trembling out of fear and started crying loudly. She said “I am afraid of this Shop Wala

Before 25 years

Foreboding of the highest order – I was the victim of this syndrome during childhood. I was afraid of dark because I believed, if I was confined to a dark room for some time, it will result in loss of eye sight. Also, I started watching some baleful images swirl around me as if they are going to haul me to unplumbed obliteration. Gory stories of ectoplasmic encounters started haunting me! [Thanks, Bram Stoker]

I was a bashful and coy but at the same time blessed with a cherubic aura during those days. I was a darling to teachers, cupid to friends of the same age (but belonging to fairer sex). For the same reason, I was subject to the disdain of male species of same age (how I hate them, then and now!)

Demonic Intervention - On that dreadful day, I came across Ajit, who claimed to be an oracle specialized in witchcraft. His demand was something that scoffed at my tribulation. “Ten Melody Chocolates” means INR 5/-.

This is sufficient to put me in such a big economic crisis, especially because my Dad do not believe in “Pocket Money” system. I was beseeching, supplicating and begging – “Ajit, I cannot afford, do not do this to me”. He said, “Ok, That means, I will perform some rituals and your entire family will be dead in two days. If you tell this to your parents, then death will happen that moment.”

I could not sleep. I started crying, praying--- “The End Is Near”. Next day, I did it. I stole INR 2 from Dad’s shelf and got four chocolates. That day Ajit did not turn up for classes and I felt relieved. I shared my grief with another friend of mine. He gave me some comfort and said “Let him do what ever he wanted to do. I am also good in Witchcraft, I will perform an alternate ritual to counter his witchcraft”. I saw God-Incarnate in front of me. The same moment, the divine incarnate turn out to be a demon. He continued “But, you should give me those 5 chocolates to me now”. I had no choice, as I hold the entire responsibility to save my family.

D- Day– Next day, Ajit came and I told him that I made all arrangements to counter his evil ritual. He said “I will kill your saviour first and today when you return home, you will find all near and dear ones dead”. I was spooked and started crying. He said “Ten Chocolates by end of the day. Or you will have it”.

To my surprise, the guy who sat on the front desk , Manoj heard the conversation and came to me during interval. I have given him a dossier regarding the entire story. Majoj told me “Next time, when he threaten you, tell him that – what ever you want to do, please do. I am ready to take it. You will not get anything from me”. I was left with no choice and hence decided to do so.

By 2 PM, Ajit came to me with the demand.

Me - “Do what ever you want to do. You wont get anything from me”.

Ajit - “Oh , Is it. You are ready to bear the consequences?

Me - “Yes, Go ahead”.

Ajit - “Sure?”. I felt lump in my throat but Manoj indicated me to be stern.

Me - “YES”.

First time, I raised my voice. Ajit’s response was amazing “I know, you are from a filthy rich family. I live in a hut. Hence, you show this attitude”. Quite unexpected histrionics. For first time in my life, I felt like being the one who got self confidence.

That day, I slept in dark without watching any sinister image.

Back to Yesterday

I asked the “Shop Wala”, “Did you scare my kid?” He said “Sir, for fun I used to make some facial expressions and she used to run away. This happens when I come to deliver goods at your home”.

I told Anoushka “Baby, I am going to kick this guy hard and he will never repeat it again”. I winked at him to co-operate and catch hold of his shoulder and gently hit on his head. Then I made baby hit on his tummy. While leaving I told him “Never ever do this to kid. If you repeat, I will be constrained to kick you hard and next time it wont be fun”.

Baby started smiling. I could see her developing self-confidence. I could see myself before 25 years.

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