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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 16, 2010 General 708 Views
(Updated Aug 16, 2010 08:00 PM)

Police Inspector:- Whose name is Laloo?

Laloo:- My name is Laloo. Why? What happened?

Police Inspector:- You are the President of the Durga Puja committee of this ‘Baaler Bitchi’ club?

Laloo:- Yeah, I am the President. Why? What happened?

Police Inspector:- We have an arrest warrant in your name.

Laloo:- Arrest warrant! Ha ha ha…do you know who I am? I am a famous actor of Tollywood as well as an MLA. You will arrest me? Don’t you have any fear of losing your job?

Police Inspector:- Shinde, Manilal, Tiwary and Singh, just do one thing; lift this man from this club house and make him seated inside our police van. Mr. Laloo, we are just doing our duty. Please don’t make us angry, then we will also forget that you are a human being.


Laloo:- Hello! Arindam! I am in great trouble at this moment. Can you please come down to the Park Street Police Station? I am waiting for you here. You people are my friends. Can you people bail me out, please?

Arindam:- Aah! Abaar Police er hyapa kano bey ? Today is Mahaasthami (8th day of Durga Puja festival). Today only, you are calling me to see you at the Police Station. Ok, we are coming within half an hour.


Tarak:- Who called you? What’s the matter?

Arindam:- Arrey, our school friend, Laloo who was supposed to have a drinking party tonight with us, has been arrested by the Park Street policemen. Kichu hoyto bawaal koreche abaar…o maal kesto r kono thik achey…ager bare toh sonagachi teh giye jabbar case kheyechilo…odike foreign maagi samlaabi naa Laloo ke samlaabi…ekebaare bhaater chele achey saala…Anyway, let us go and visit Laloo at the Park Street Police station. Thana theke firey ese maal ta khabo…ekhon khele gandho berobe…thana tey giye case khabo…


Arindam:- What’s the problem? On what charges you have arrested our school friend?

Police Inspector:- He is the president of Durga Puja committee of ‘Baaler Bitchi’ club at Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. Recently, his club members have threatened a businessman of this Park street area because that businessman cannot afford to give them more than 5000 bucks as the Puja chanda (money collected for organizing any puja or festival). After getting threatened by them, the businessman has not lodged any complaint against them also. He is a nice person. Today, during 4.05 PM, the same club members of ‘Baaler Bitchi’ club were having an adda session in the Maddox Square. They very well know the daughter of that businessman. They tried to molest that young lady in Maddox square. Those culprits have been arrested on the basis of the FIR lodged by that young lady and they are now in the Bhawanipore Police Station. The young lady told everything to his father. Now, that businessman has lodged an FIR in the name of Mr. Laloo as he is the president of this club committee.

Arindam:- But, Laloo has not committed any crime in this case.

Police Inspector:- His crime is that he became the president of the durga puja committee of that club, where all the members are anti-socials. Mr. Laloo is a good actor and young MLA. That’s ok. But, who told him to become a president. As the Assembly election is in 2011, so, this year in 2010, already there have been some intentional political clashes in the name of Durga puja clubs. In West Bengal, all the clubs are the clubs of political parties. There is no concept of ‘social clubs’ or ‘non-political clubs’ in West Bengal. That’s why; the young generation people of Bengal have already started hating the club culture. This politicized club culture is now ruining the traditional Bengali society. In our days, clubs used to be formed for cultural and social causes. But, today, CPI(M) has their own sets of clubs and TMC and INC are also not far behind. All are of same category. At least, BJP don’t do politics in the name of Durga Puja clubs. Now, just pay 1500 bucks and take him out on interim bail. Nowadays, there is a strict rule that the President of the club will be arrested if his club members found guilty during Durga Puja. That’s why; we always tell all celebrities and MLAs, “THINK THRICE BEFORE BECOMING A PRESIDENT OF A DURGA PUJA COMMITTEE OF ANY CLUB”.

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