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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 11, 2010 General 939 Views
(Updated Aug 11, 2010 07:14 PM)

Shaili:- Good afternoon, viewers. I am Shaili and you are watching ‘Animal Interview’ in your favorite ‘Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT)’ TV Channel. Today, I am going to interview “PARROT PAARO”. Paaro, your master earns his living by utilizing you only. Many people come from other parts of India to show their hand palms to your master. Then your master will order you to select any one of the cards lying in front of you. Based on the card that you select, your master will predict the future of his customer. People are of the opinion that you are expert in choosing the right card for the right person.

Paaro:- hee hee hee…Majority of my master’s customers are superstitious in nature. So, whatever you will predict about their future, if 1% of the predictions become true, then they will start jumping on their feet. This is India. Here, astrologers have some common set of questions and predictions. These astrologers just do permutations and combinations of those questions and predictions and keep on earning money for their living. Astrology is all about some hypothetical expectations about the future only. Life of any organism abides by the rule of probability. The success rate and the failure rate can be either 0 or 1. If you predict anything about the future, then the probability of an event that will take place in future out of the two predictions that you have made now is 0.5, which is ½. Therefore, either of your 2 predictions will take place. So, there is no need to worry about future. If you fail today, then you will succeed tomorrow and then again you will fail in the day after tomorrow. This cycle continues for your entire lifespan. By the way, how did you come to know about me? Who gave you my master’s residential address?

Shaili:- Do you know Arindam?

Paaro:- Oh! Yeah, now I got the answer of my question. Uff…don’t ask me about

Arindam. He is the neighbor of my master. My cage is in the common balcony of this 2nd floor of this apartment which leads to the common staircase at the eastward side of the building. While going out or coming into his room, Arindam always flirts or teases me by saying, ‘Hey, my Green lady bird, how are you?’, ‘Wow, you are now eating nuts. So, you are too fond of nuts!’, ‘Good morning, Paaro, where is your Devdas? Has he fled away with Chandramukhi?’

Shaili:- Ha ha ha…there is no doubt that Arindam is a very naughty boy. You should scold him; otherwise he will keep on flirting with you.

Paaro:- I am a lonely parrot living inside this cage. My life is very boring. At least, I don’t feel bored when Arindam flirts with me. I can feel my presence when someone like Arindam is either flirting or teasing me, though I am not a beautiful and hot woman. I am just a talking bird. I cannot fly like the other birds because I am inside the cage. Since my birth, I am spending my life inside a cage. Earlier, I was in the cage of a reputed aviary of this city. My master bought me from there only.

Shaili:- You are getting so much respect from your master’s customers. You are getting food and water without doing any struggle for it. Look at those birds which are flying in the sky. Every day, they have to fly miles after miles to search for food. They have to build nests to lay eggs and hatch them. They have to feed their own babies. They need to protect themselves and their babies from their enemies. There are so many struggles in their life.

Paaro:- But, still they are happy because they have their own freedom in their life. Recently, Arindam has requested my master to free me from this cage on 15th August 2010 and my master has agreed to it. He will buy another parrot as my replacement.

Shaili:- Wow! Arindam proved himself as a good pal for you. Before we end your interview session, do you have any message for our Indian viewers?

Paaro:- I wish all the Indians around the Universe, a very happy 63rd Independence Day of India. Always respect the word ‘Freedom’; otherwise, you cannot have respect for your motherland and its freedom fighters. JAI HIND.

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