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Laptops.... how advanced are we ??

By: jebby Posted Dec 08, 2008 General 885 Views

Reading a fellow Msian's review on the Dell XPS 1530 , apparently the latest offering from dell prompted me to write this DP. While it certainly does provide equal or slightly better configuration than the current laptops you get here , its nowhere compared to what you get outside the country. I am by no means a laptop expert but let me tell you my frustrated observations....

It all started a month ago when I was out in the market for a graphically superior laptop and this time I promised to myself that I will only buy a laptop that will serve me for the next 3 yrs as you guys know , laptops ( not the entry level ones ) are indeed a considerable investment and my last laptop was obsolete ( in regard with technology ) with in 6 to 8 months of its purchase. Dumbstruck I wondered how was this possible ?? Are developments occuring at that fast a pace that a new configurations comes up with in months ?!!And then I found the answer .......

It was by sheer luck that I stumbled upon a website of a company based in US and I went thru their specs... I was astounded. While the laptops here in India still deal with the processors in the T 7000 to 8000 series max , there its crossed the T 9000 series , stepped into the intel extreme processors..... and wait....... these are the regular ordinary models !! While we are still stuck on intel core 2 duo processor technology , consumers around the world are using intel ' QUAD' core technology on their real performance machines !! ever heard the term quad here in a regular laptop showroom ??? I didnt think so. And this my friends is just the tip of the iceberg !!

We are still dealing with nividia 8000 series graphics cards and happy with 256MB dedicated graphics memory and in heaven if we do get a 512 MB. Now wipe off that smile and listen to this.... Toshiba released a model with 3 grahphics units ( 9800GTX ) combined with SLi technology with 1GB dedicated graphics memory !! Rest of the crop there provides dual graphics (all nividia 9000 series if not the latest 9800 GTX and quadro ) with standard 1 GB memory while many others offer even 2GB dedicated memory. This is on top of the standard 4 GB , 6Gb and 8GB RAM apart from the 2 GB turbo memory for faster operations !!

The HDD we get here comes a max at 5200rpm and this is in the so called higher end laptops while 7200 rpm for the HDD is whats the standard real performance there abroad. So the specifications doesnt change that often abroad, but here in india where more specs are introduced when the prices comes down so the brands make more profits.So tell me how are we technologically advanced ?? Speaking of prices , all the above mentioned goodies combined comes to you at Rs90,000 to Rs 1, 50,000 , the latter being for the best rated laptop in the world which wouldnt be outdated for the next 5 yrs !! and to top it with... it can be fully upgraded!! the mother board provided with it is so advanced it can manage pretty much anything the future throws at it !! And by the way the processing speeds are now 3.16 to 3.56 Ghz while we r glad to get 2 to 2.4 Ghz.

So guys can you make out my frustration now ?? I am left with the sinking feeling of the knowledge that what mentioned above doesnt seem likely to hit indian shores anytime soon. Sure at that price range it looks steep... really steep , but doesnt it make more sense to be armed with technology of the future and be relaxed when all others run to catch up with the new additions ?? As for me I have officially booked my machine in the U.S ( custom made ) but yet to wire transfer the money as I am still trying to think of any negatives ... the only one so far i've come up with is the fluctuation in the dollar value. If you can think of any other negative factors pls pls let me knw .

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