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By: sweets_desire Verified Member MouthShut Verified Member Posted Jul 27, 2013 Life 911 Views

I wasn’t in a mood to write. Not today at least. Or were I? Well I cannot figure it out. You have to figure it out today for myself. I meet people everyday. I meet them on my way to home, home to office and back from office to home. Sometimes I meet them on my way to find my own worth. I interact with them through eyes. How? I observe them. I observe them very apparently. Today what I’m going to share it’s a story about two people. Who are they? Well I know both of them. What do they do? Nothing! I guess they believe more in fighting with each passing day than spending a good day. How do they look like? More like humans yet they deny thousand of things in life thinking nobody is actually noticing what they actually do. M I making things complicate for you to understand? If I am, please forgive me. Because they are as complicated as I’m writing about them. They are no different. They are humans. They share mutual feelings as far as I know yet they deny it. So how do you figure out who is lying or who is not? I can figure it out easily. How? Well I have got an eye to see what you haven’t thought of showing me. I’m blessed. I’m blessed with different perspective to look at people and things. I understand them. I understand their silence more than their words. Trust me, I do.

So this story doesn’t end here. They fight, they interact, they share things, they like to spend time with each other, yet their everything vanishes at one point in life i.e. fighting. Is it necessary to fight everyday? If I count my own experience, I would say fighting is just like any other thing in life. There’s nothing to make a bugbear out of it. Do they understand this thing? One of them actually does while other one just makes an issue out of it. We easily get fed up of people these days. Oh yes, I forgot to mention we’re grownups now. F**ked grownups. We define everything as if we get everything free in life. We have forgotten to know the worth of real things in life. Be it love, gift, people, even taking every breath, we consider it a lie. We have come a long way ahead. After all we are educated now, earning huge bucks and making life like hell without admitting it.

If you’re reading this piece of **** thinking it will make some sense at the end? I’m really sorry you have to regret it. I’m just trying to understand what people want exactly in their life? They create hell out of heaven for no reason. The worst part comes when they try to justify everything they do. When it comes to someone like me, I admit what I do. Yet, I face disgrace at times from people whom I love. Why? Because they don’t have the guts to accept me the way I am. So this is me. I’m writing it for both of you and each of us. Value what you have, value your time, value your loved ones, and value yourself. Death is going to knock our door anytime soon. So why the heck we’re wasting our time in hurting people who love us? Is it necessary to give rise to pain which can be avoided to occur at the first place? I pity both of you for wasting your time in understanding things. I pity you.

I’m not a preacher; I’m just an honest born spectator.

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