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Rahu transits Libra conjunct Saturn

By: astrologyfree Posted Dec 23, 2012 General 4857 Views

(Updated Dec 23, 2012 10:11 PM)

Rahu conjunct Saturn is the new conjunctions in transit that is going to happen from Janaury 23, 2013 to 12th JULY ,2014 during its whole period of stay in Libra, it will be conjunct with Saturn and produce results benefic or malefic as according to its position in individual nativity. It results will not same for all people who have same sun signs or same moon signs. So judging the result of rahu conjunction with Saturn in Libra based on just two parameters as sun sign or moon sign only will never bring any results in natives life because there would be so many people with same sun or moon signs billions of people experiencing same experience at the same time does not seems correct either.

All conclusions of rahu transit in Libra must be taken from ascendant because that changes faster than moon just in 2 to 2 and half hours.If Rahu is benefic in natal chart by either its position in benefic houses that is in any house except 6th,8th and 12th house or conjunct with benefic lords such as lords of any house except lords of 6th,8th and 12th house than the native will experience positive experience in his life relating to the house in which rahu transits and the significance of planets and houses in which Rahu is sitting in natal chart because Rahu will result of natal chart only even in transit.So results of Rahu will be positive or negative based on the relationship it will have with MahaDasha and Antardasha lords also because any results in peoples life is only the outcome of Mahadasha and Antardasha Lords and their strength in natal chart and not because of just transit of any planet alone.

So Rahu results based on Ascendant and the Mahadasha, Antardasha lords and its relations with Rahu will decide the outcome of Rahu results in the life of peoples.

Rahu according to houses will be best way to judge the effects of rahu in our life at that moment.

If Rahu is transiting first house of native along Saturn than if both are positive and benefic planets in natal chart than they will make native attentive to his desires in life by taking forms or structures of Saturn. Rahu conjunct Jupiter produces malefic results if both are weak and malefic planets in natal chart. But Rahu conjunct Saturn is a good association because Saturn and Rahu are friends and of same nature and both intelligent but What Rahu will not like about Saturn is its cautious approach but it will be guided by Saturn and produce benefic results if both are strong in natal chart and related to each other. Take one example, let Rahu be in fifth house in horoscope in Pisces ascendant with Venus as lord of third and eight house ,than transit of Rahu in Libra Conjunct Saturn will produce benefic results.

Rahu a natural malefic planet with natural malefic Saturn will give not benefic results if Rahu and Saturn are weak in horoscope.

Rahu or any transit of any planet will have any effect in person’s life only if it is transiting the houses of the planets or making conjunctions or aspect with planets whose ruling periods are currently operating in native’s life.

Since rahu is transiting the house eight that is the house of planet whose Main and Sub periods is the current operating period ,that is let the current operating Main and sub period be of Rahu and Venus respectively than Rahu will become strong as it is transiting in its Main Period ans it will also become strong as it is transiting in the house of a planet whose sub period is currently operating in native life that is Venus and Since Venus rules eighth house and Libra in Pisces Ascendant ,so Rahu is in house of planet whose sub period is currently operating native life. Rahu will be guided and provided strength by its Boss Saturn and native gain sudden huge wealth by areas related to eighth house that is by marriage or by research or new idea.

Since Rahu is becoming strong at the moment due to its relations with main and sub period lord and to the planet in conjunction ,it will give positive and benefic results of eight house Venus ,Saturn and of its own signification. Both Rahu and eighth house significance are same as sudden rise,passion,higher mind, spiritual contact,obssesed,and their nature are also same as both are of malefic nature.So when a strong malefic planet is in malefic house than it gives positive results of its own signification and of the signification of malefic house.

Similarly if Rahu is present in malefic house with a malefic planet than in natal chart than the conjunction of rahu in Libra with Saturn will not produce good results in the life of native even if Rahu is in benefic house in native’s natal chart just because rahu is weak and afflicted in natal chart.

As ,Rahu is friend to Venus rular of Libra and friend of saturn in conjunction to Rahu,it will be favourable transit in general.

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