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My Second Story - Part 13 (Final Part)

By: Shalu.D Posted Jan 24, 2009 Fiction 2 833 Views

As we neared her place, a teenager in a bicycle suddenly materialized in front of the car. I braked just in time but not before Dolly aunty had let out a shriek.

“Look where you are going girl! You could have killed that boy!”

I lost it. Completely. I counted to 10….then 20.

Shiela aunty asked from the back, “Are you okay Guddi?”

And suddenly I knew what to do.

“I’m okay aunty”, I said, “This stupid boy made me brake in a jerk. I hope the car’s okay at least.”

I pretended to start the car but put off the ignition before it could start.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, “I think the sudden braking has created some problem. I am unable to start the car!”

I pretended to try again and fail.

“That’s it! The car is not starting. I will have to call a tow-truck. I think you all will have to take an auto or taxi”.

“Oh okay”, said Shiela aunty and Kumkum aunty and she got out. Dolly aunty did not.

“Hey I can’t take an auto. There is construction work going around my colony. Autos and taxis are not allowed inside the colony.”

Fantastic! I thought.

Shiela aunty came to the window and said, “Come on out Dolly. There is no point sitting there. Lets see, maybe some autowallah will agree.”

I pretended to call the tow-truck on my mobile while the three ladies tried flagging down autos. They stopped 5 of them, but I could see from the car that all of them refused to go to Dolly aunty’s place. Finally it was agreed with one autowallah that he will drop Dolly aunty on the main road near her colony and then carry on with the two ladies. Dolly aunty was unhappy with this.

“Hey! But the main road is about 2 kms from my house. I will have to walk all the way!”

“That is the best I can do madam”, said the autowallah, “You want to go or not?”

Dolly aunty had no option but to agree. They got into the auto and said bye.

“You will be okay na Guddi?” asked Shiela aunty.

“Oh yes aunty” I said, “The tow-truck is on the way. This should be resolved soon. Okay then bye.”

They said byes and drove off. I felt like doing a little jig on the road but decided against it. The moment they were out of sight I started the car and took the first turn back home.

By the time I reached, all the guests had left. Dadi and Mummy were sitting on the sofa, Mummy with her feet up.

“How come you are back so soon?” Mummy asked.

I told them everything. As expected, Mummy frowned at me.

“That wasn’t very nice Guddi.”

“Yeah”, I said, “So what made you think I would be nice to her?”

Dadi chuckled at that. Mummy also gave up trying to look stern and shrugged.

“Whew! Its finally over”, she said looking over at Dadi and me, “Thanks a lot Mataji, Guddi. The party was a grand success.

“Except for the camera incident” said Dadi.

“Yes, that was quite nasty”, agreed Mummy.

“And the accident”, said Dadi.

“What are you saying Mataji? That was the icing on the cake!”

Dadi and I looked at her in surprise and then we all burst out laughing.

The End

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