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Love working with Mouthshut

By: ipocket Verified Member MouthShut Verified Member Posted Mar 03, 2017 General 1991 Views

It gives me pleasure to help other especially the new participants who are too much eager to give reviews to help millions and millions of customers . And the best part is that people are not that much curious about Ms points. Instead they are curious about category in expert and writing tips and many more things.

Its being amazing working with because for me its really very good experience whenever I am free I love to give reviews on many products so that I can also help mellions of customers to buy their products. What love most in mouthshut is that the reward you as according to your effort, they value your effort.

Most of the time we know anything about the products like we know many things pros and cons but we can't able to explain everyone so is one of the best platform I have ever seen in India which provides you exact and accurate experience of the people on that particular product so that the customers who was firstly to can have exact Idea and the reality of that product.

For me like I would like to suggest all of the people of India they must be having mouthshut applications in their mobile phones so that before going to buy any product they must go to mouth

Interesting thing is that there is no limit to write the reviews we can write as much review as we can and if you are a student like me then you will get some gift from as according to your effort.

Till now I have completed 188 reviews and I am happy with that the people are looking at my reviews and liking it it shows that how precious our experiences and it gives happiness also.

And yes it is true that honesty pays and I think proved it.

But yes there is also a zero tolerance rate. only wants original and honest reviews if you will try to copy from someone then they may catch you very fast in a few minutes and there may be a chances of getting your account blocked so be careful while writing your review and be honest because honesty pays.

Presently I am category expert and celebrity writer as well on and I love to see this achievements and always appreciate says well.

Now there are lots of people asking me how to become category expert on celebrity writer and I love to share information and love to help them . is not only appreciating me but also they are increasing my network is well have a big thank you from my side to mouth

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