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By: ArindamSain Posted Oct 20, 2009 General 6201 Views
(Updated Oct 20, 2009 04:38 AM)

Rahi:- No, no, boss, I do not agree that Uttam Kumar is the No.1 actor of Bengali Cinema. How can you forget Soumitra Chatterjee, the dynamic actor of all times.

Imon:- Ya, I agree to that. Without Soumitra Chatterjee, we cannot imagine the character of 'Feluda' , that is P C Mitter.

Sambit:- But, Uttam Kumar is Uttam Kumar. He has another class, boss. Without him, the word 'romance' is never complete. With whom he has worked with; be it Suchitra Sen, Supriya or Sabitri, he produced some classic romantic films which can never be forgotten.

Nikhil:- Arrey, even Uttam Kumar was expert in comedy films like '74.5' , 'Dhanyi Meye' , 'Ogo Badhu Sundari' as well as in 'Mouchak'. He died while shooting for the film 'Ogo Badhu Sundari' , but still he rocked in that film, with that song, 'Ei toh Jeebon, jaak na jedike jetey chaye pran, beyara chalao foaara...'

Rahi:- Then, I think that you people are forgetting the film 'Basanto Bilaap', where, Soumitra Chatterjee played the comedy role with the Miss Calcutta 1976, the great Aparna Sen.

Arindam:- Wow, you people have started fighting among yourselves about those two legend actors of Bengali Cinema. Please carry on, I am also enjoying the fighting. But, one thing, I don't understand that why Satyajit Ray preferred Soumitra more than Uttam Kumar.

Imon:- Very simple, Soumitra used to fit in the roles of Satyajit Ray's stories.

Arindam:- But, you can never ignore the film 'Nayak', where Uttam Kumar acted superbly. Later, Satyajit Ray also confirmed that the character 'Arindam' of that film, was solely made for Uttam Kumar only. But, side by side, I will also appreciate the acting of Soumitra Chatterjee in the film 'Ajantrik' of Ritwik Ghatak.

Rahi:- As a 'Mahanayak' of Bengali cinema, Uttam Kumar failed to impress in the Bollywood films.

Nikhil:- Who told you that? The film 'Amanush' of Shakti Samanta was a great hit. There, Uttam Kumar acted very well with some superb Hindi dialogues.

Imon:- But, whether you agree or not, the Hindi accent of Uttam Kumar was not up to the mark. At least, Biswajit, the father of Prasenjit had better accent in Hindi.

Arindam:- I don't know, whether you people have noticed or not. Uttam Kumar used to act in the film, by realizing the situation, where that particular character of the story has to fit in realistically, whereas, Soumitra Chatterjee used to capitalize on the timing of the dialogues with a special expression, which used to change the entire scenario of the storyline.

Sambit:- Exactly, you are right, Arindam. That is the reason, why you will find that Uttam Kumar looked like a next-door Bengali person with a simplicity in his character, whereas Soumitra Chatterjee looked like a man, who is the representative of middle-class Bengali people, always fighting for the survival and winning the battle of life at the end of the day. Try to visualize the expression of Soumitra in 'Apur Sansar' or in 'Teen Kanya'

Rahi:- Oh! so, indirectly, you are saying that Soumitra is not so good in a romantic role. Then, go and watch 'Aparajita' of Satyajit Ray. Can anyone perform the negative role like Soumitra did in 'Jhinder Bondi' film ?

Arindam:- Ha ha ha...Uttam Kumar is also expert in negative role. I will not name that film. But, do you people liked the film 'Devdas' featuring both these legend actors, with that sweet song, 'Saawano raatey jodi, saraney asey morey...' My dear friends, Bengali Cinema would have never reached its golden era, without these two actors. These two actors had their own style of acting which is entirely different or unique from each other. So, there is no point in debating on this topic. It is already 11.30 PM now. Better, we stop our debate on "UTTAM KUMAR VS SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE" here and let us go to sleep now. Good Night.

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