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By: ArindamSain Posted Jul 31, 2010 General 564 Views
(Updated Jul 31, 2010 06:57 PM)

Padmini:- Help! Help! Somebody help me. Rukmini is about to kill my children.

Mohini:- Rukmini, you have shown the audacity to enter our territory. Leave those children of Padmini, otherwise, you will get killed. Just go away from here.

Padmini:- Oh! Thanks a lot, Mohini. I would have lost my children forever if you had not protected them from Rukmini at the right time.

Mohini:- But, why Rukmini wanted to kill your children? Generally, in this forest, a tigress does not attack any monkeys.

Padmini:- She wanted to take revenge. Last week, she and her male partner Raghav entered into the nearby village of Gosaba area to kill some cows and goats before going for the mating season. Rukmini is yet to become a man-eater, but the problem is with Raghav. Raghav is 4 years older than Rukmini and in this old age also, he loves mating with tigresses. Raghav is a deadly man-eater of this mangrove forest. I wanted to save the life of innocent villagers of that village. That’s why; I gave 5 alarm calls from 5 positions to alert the Sundarban forest officials as well as villagers that a tiger and his tigress have entered into the village. The forest officials created a trap. Raghav fell into that trap and got injured. The forest officials are doing treatment in the tiger reserve. Once the treatment is over, Raghav will be released in the jungle. Now, Rukmini thinks that I am responsible for Raghav’s bad fate. Had I not given those alarm calls, then Raghav would have never got trapped by the forest officials. But, at least, I saved the life of many innocent human beings staying in that village.

Mohini:- Hmm…now, I understand the entire thing. Rukmini is still angry on you and she will again try to take the revenge by killing your children or maybe you also.

Padmini:- Already, the population of monkeys in this Sundarban forest is decreasing day by day due to lack of food and the increased salinity of water and soil. Maybe, monkeys will get extinct in this delta.

Mohini:- Don’t worry, we are also in the same track. The number of Royal Bengal tigers and tigresses are also decreasing in this forest. Poachers of Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh are entering inside the jungle with their trawlers by waving a fake Indian flag. The Sundarban forest officials are just sleeping and not increasing vigilance on those poachers. The poachers kill the tigers and sell their dead bodies to the Chinese businessmen, leather factory owners and drug dealers. I really wonder what kind of tiger conservation they are doing! The numbers of deer are also decreasing. Moreover, the water is getting too saline and the numbers of crocodiles are increasing which is scaring the tigers to swim in the river waters or even go near it.

Padmini:- By the way, I have hardly seen any tigress helping a monkey. Then, why did you save my children?

Mohini:- 3 days ago, I was busy in mating with my beloved Arindam. At that time, some forest officials entered the jungle in the northern part and in the western part of this island, some local villagers entered to collect honey from bee-hives. Had you not given an alarm call that some humans have entered inside this jungle, then both of us would have been in serious trouble. Though, I got caught by the forest officials but they released me in the jungle after installing a radio collar on my neck.

Arindam:- Oh! Mohini, you are here! I was searching for you everywhere. Hey, Mohini, please open that radio collar. The forest officials are tracking us. How can we mate with each other without any tension?

Padmini:- Don’t worry, my hubby Madhav will help you. Madhav, can you crush this radio collar with your teeth?

Madhav:- Sure, why not?

Arindam:- Wow! Thanks Padmini and Madhav. I have just now seen that all the forest officials were wishing a very happy friendship day to each other while standing on the watch towers as it is 1st august today. Padmini and Madhav, “LET US BECOME FRIENDS ON THIS FRIENDSHIP DAY” and please do give an alarm call every time any human enters our territory. Don’t worry; both Mohini and I will always safeguard your family members from Rukmini and Raghav.

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