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I hate girls!!!! ;P

By: G-raptor Posted Aug 10, 2009 General 1182 Views
(Updated Aug 10, 2009 02:01 PM)

A couple of days ago, I was the victim of extreme boredom so me and my friend Gaurav, went to watch the Ram Gopal Verma movie Agayaat at the Drive-In. The Drive-In theatre in Ahmedabad, is one of its kind where you take your cars inside a huge enclosure of space and park it in the best possible spot, which gives you a straight and uninterrupted view of the big screen high up in the air.

Most people bring folding chairs in the boot of their cars and get them out. Since we didnt have any folding chairs, we took a blanket which I had bought along and spread it on the slightly raised pavement where I had parked the car. I then parked the car horizontally so that we could lean against the side of the car while sitting on the blanket. (The accepted norm for parking is Vertically, but then you only get the front or the back of the car to lean on and therefore less space than the sides)

We were parked in the 4th row with another 8 rows behind me. And while people had parked on the lanes, I had parked on the pavement because we needed something to lean on while sitting on the blanket. And then in the row behind me, there was a group of girls who had come to watch a movie. They were driving a Honda Civic. I could see them flashing their headlights signalling that we were in the way. Still I took no notice of them and went about with my business. I mentioned it to my friend Gaurav who said "Jaane de na yaar, Ye ladki log ko hamesha problem hota hai. They wont find the view perfect until theirs is the only car left in here". I agreed in principle to what he had to say.

10 minuites later, one of them came up to me and said "hey we cant see anything?"

So I said "why? Are we in the way? But the screen is sooooo high up"

So she's like "No your santro is too high. And then you have not parked it on the lane but on the high pavement so we cant see anything"

So i'm like "okkkkkk, what do you want me to do? Cut off the roof of the car for you with a chainsaw?

So she's like"Umm no, but why dont you just park it in the lane"

Gaurav :"We cant. Because we need the side of the car to rest our backs on"

Then she moved and came into the light. She was pretty, yes and I could hear a deep inhalation of breath, which I guessed could only be Gaurav.

The girl :"But if the roof was not as high, like in my car, then we could see the movie clearly"

Me : "oh".

So she's like "cant you do something about it? Pleeeeeeaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee"

And I went "hmmmmm, well if you give me 7 lakh rupees, i'll sell my santro and add that money to the 7 lakh rupees you give me and buy myself a Civic and then maybe YOU can watch the movie in peace"

So she glared at me and went away.

Then Gaurav, who was a silent spectator during this exchange said, "Aww Rahul, why to ruin her mood and her friends mood"

So I told him that "You better not be going soft on that Hitler's daughter".

He just shrugged his shoulders and so I assumed that one of cupid's assistants had started his work.

Nevertheless, I moved the car a bit and parked it vertically instead of horizontally, so although we had less space to rest our backs (but since we were only 2 people, it was sufficient), they could view the screen almost completely

So she comes over and said "thank you guys".

Gaurav : "Oh yes, dont worry. If you want us to move the car even further, please let us know. Its no problem." (I couldnt believe he said that. Saale ne Ladki ko kya dekh liya, woh hamari purani dosti bhool gaya)

I gave her another sarcastic look and told Gaurav that i'm going to get some popcorn and a pepsi and I asked him if he wanted anything. Gaurav :Oh, ek kaam karna yaar, get me a bag of popcorn too.

Me : "okkay, done"

Gaurav :"You want anything?" (I turned around and saw he was talking to the girl) And the girl takes one look at me, sees the fire in my eyes and says hastily to Gaurav "No no, i'm fine. Thanks for asking"

Me : "Gaurav are you sure you dont want a couple of Cornetto's?"

Gaurav (who had lost his tongue) : "Err, aaaah, ummm, hmmmm, na na, no no no..... no thanks"

The girl had turned a shade of red as well. So I left to get my popcorn and pepsi.

As the movie was ending and we were packing our stuff into the car, the girl came over again and thanked us (Gaurav actually) for being "soooo co-operative and chhoooo-chhhweeet" and agreeing to move the car so that they could get an uninterrupted view of the screen.

I didnt say anything and went back to watching the credits of the movie. I silently decided at that moment that the next car i'd buy would be a Toyota Innova or a Tata Safari, and i'd park it

horizontally right in front of their car and wouldnt even move it an inch. Good luck seeing the movie then!!!

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