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~Scattered memoirs - Childhood~

By: hermit Posted Mar 25, 2010 General 770 Views
(Updated Mar 26, 2010 11:37 PM)

I always wanted to walk ahead of time. It is something like “congenital disorder”. Otherwise, how come the one who is destined to be a Capriconian planned to crash land as a Scorpio. Yes, I was a premature baby, the eldest among the new generation from mother’s side and the second one from father’s side. In short, I am the one who is responsible for benevolently giving the title of “Dad” “Mom” “Nana” “Nani”etc. to all of them. Many reasons to celebrate but again – being the one borne to a young mother (she was 19 years old then), there could have been some medical issues!

History says that I was kept in incubator for a while and my heart beat could have been seen from the throbbing vein on my head. Parents might have wondered “How come our baby is different from others”. What to do? I could not wait for 280 days. In a way, I was in a hurry to meet my folks!

I was pretty tensed because there was restriction of speech during those days. Yes, those were the days when national emergency was declared in India. Thank God, I was a baby during those days, otherwise knowing my temperament; I would have landed in trouble!

All these are historic information being fed to my system. But my earliest childhood memory was when I got a companion, someone over whom I can exercise my control – It was my Sister’s birth. Some of you might have interacted with her (MS ID a123459). I remember myself as a kid who was a menace of the highest order creating ruckus in the pregnancy ward of that private hospital! Finally, me and my granny waiting outside the labour room (Dad should have been there but I do not remember) and finally they came with the tiny little one.

I was too selfish about her and did not like her being touched or pampered by anyone. I remember those days when Mom engaged me to take control of the cradle and I used to swing her gently till when she is slept! Now, she is a big girl and a mother. When I hold her little one close to me, again I feel the kid in me who used to be so selfish about my sister.

Vast collection of books of Dad always invited my attention. Don’t know, I was fascinated by the Russian Authors (might be those books smell so good). Nikita’s Childhoodby Tolstoymight be the first one which I grabbed at the age of 7or8, followed by Pavilion of Women by Pearl S Beck. I love my dad for filling the home with all those books! Also, his penchant of Boney M, Abba, Spaghetti Western Movies – all might have shaped my interest. Those were my windows to larger world. He never asked me to choose anything but provided variety of options. Finally, I discovered everything on my own.

Something over and above is that he made me feel responsible. Being a Central Government servant, he was rotated across various part of the country but he preferred us to be in Thiruvananthapuram so that, our schooling is never disturbed. So, I became the lone male member of the home (in his absence) which made me feel a bit responsible. I am not taking the entire credit as it was Mom who managed everything but my presence might have given her some confidence.

Me and my sister invented many games – Something like making spoof of people with funny names, taking ownership of songs (I am not supposed to sing the song which she owns etc), maintaining personal hygiene of the highest order (A mallu obsession)! Quite creative and adorable! She used to carry my lunch box with her in School which I used to take from her during lunch hours. Also, the presence of tall and sturdy brother might have helped her to earn some respect from her class mates (let her confirm).

Irrespective of that fantastic homely environment, I was a recluse and introvert. Perhaps, I love to read or listen to music and keeping my social circle to the minimum. But with time, I became a hyper extrovert, partially because my profession demanded the same. My role models were my Nana and Nanny (Alive and healthy by God’s Grace). Nana, the retired school head master with excellent command over language (the product of British Education System) and Nanny, the most energetic lady among the one who is as old as her.

I always aspire to be the one who can have their energy level. Nana, always used to pamper me with hotel food, movies, lots of stories! I remember him reciting Ramayana regularly during evening and translating everything in a simple language.

In short, childhood is that spring in my life which is snuggled by the warmth of love by the near and dear ones, the one which provided me with the seascape of opportunities, the one which equipped me to lead future life based on the citadel of faith in relation.

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