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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 16, 2010 General 1341 Views
(Updated Aug 16, 2010 08:09 PM)

Undercover Investigator:-What could have been the reason behind this massive fire outbreak?

Forensic Expert:- Everyone was saying that the entire colony beside this Ultadanga station was a very clumsy area to live. All the electric wires were hooked and there were no proper wiring done neither by the CESC nor KMDA/KMC.

Undercover Investigator:- So, you want to say that the fire broke out due to the short circuit of electric wires.

Forensic Expert:- There was a short –circuit, but, that was not so much to cause the deadly fire. Before the short-circuit incident, at least 3 big gas cylinders have burst in some kitchens. The fire broke out from the LPG cylinders burst and then as all the houses had the typical black colored plastic (Tirpol), it made the situation worse. If fire catches a plastic, it is very difficult to control that fire.

Undercover Investigator:- Everywhere in India, nowadays, the LPG cylinders are bursting now and then. Last week only, in Powai area of Mumbai, there was a similar case. The couples were lucky that they were not in their apartment, when the gas cylinder started bursting. Are the newly married Indian housewives/home-makers not learning how to operate a gas cylinder?

Forensic Expert:- The problem is not with the housewives or home-makers. The problem lies with the LPG cylinder suppliers. They will just supply the gas cylinders at your doorstep, but what is the guarantee that those gas cylinders are safe?

Undercover Investigator:- Hmm…that’s a problem!


Arindam:- Why you people are not sending some people in our house. I have complained to you people for several times that the LPG oven and the gas pipe are leaking gases, when the knobs are turned off also.

Personnel of Bharat Gas Office:- Look! We don’t send any person to inspect our customers’ LPG cylinders or ovens.

Arindam:- So, if there is a cylinder burst in the kitchen of your customers, you people have no responsibility in that. You people are supplying all those old LPG cylinders which are very risky. Those cylinders can burst anytime. That is ok?

Personnel of Bharat Gas Office:- Hey boss, I don’t want to argue with these silly things. As far as I know, in a gas cylinder burst, no one dies. Maybe, there will be some minor injuries. Hey, Sushanta, give him a ‘Suraksha’ pipe which costs 170 bucks.

Arindam:- You are eager to sell your ‘Suraksha’ pipe of 170 bucks but still you will not send a personnel from your office to inspect the gas oven and pipe in our kitchen. Ok, one day, when you will be in a similar kind of trouble, then only you will realize your faults.


Sanjay:- My mother and wife have died inside the kitchen due to the burst of the gas cylinder. Actually, the gas cylinder was too old. The cylinders were of January 2009 and it is August 2010 now.

Police Inspector:- Who supplies these LPG cylinders? Oh! The company name is ‘Bharat Gas’. Don’t they send anyone to inspect their customers’ LPG connections after every month?

Sanjay:- I am; myself, a personnel of ‘Bharat Gas’ office! I was under the impression that the old LPG cylinders are not at all risky. Last week only, I argued with a customer about this topic. Had I taken that matter seriously, today my mother and wife would have been alive.

Police Inspector:- Really, the Supreme Court should make a strict law for you such personnel of any LPG company. The law should be such that if any of your customers dies or gets injured due to the bursting of that gas cylinder which has been delivered from your office, then you will be put behind the bars for 6 months and your company has to give a compensation of 1 lakh rupees to the victim. From our Indian Police Department, we will also request the Central Government to spread the awareness among the LPG customers in India that, “DON’T ACCEPT ANY OLD LPG CYLINDER” from the LPG cylinder delivery man. Always check the date and year of the LPG cylinder before accepting it. If the date of the cylinder is more than 6 months old than the date of delivery, then just refuse it and order for a new cylinder. If they don’t supply the new cylinder within a week, just lodge an FIR.

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