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Aam Aadmi Returns With a Research - Why IPL is a Better, Safe Contraceptive Than i-Pill ;-)

By: paulose Posted May 21, 2009 Notes From an Observer 794 Views

Return of the Aam Aadmi : Yes, I have been off MS almost a month now. Thanks to Sajith for calling me every week to find out if I was alive .. I too found myself alive everytime he called. Thanks also to Ketan, Umesh, Nawaz for a similar calls.

Where was I: I have been ( still am) kept busy by work.

Mere Paas Kya hain? : besides maa, I have nearly 400 alerts pending, which I promise to clear before year-end! ( My promises are not like politicians' promise - I only make once & still dont keep) :P

What Am I back with: Though I was kept busy with work/travel these days, I did find time to follow both the IPLs - Indian premier League & Indian Political League! what a twist both had! I also did some 'serious research' about these 2 leagues & a third entity, I-Pill :-) I am one of those millions irritated by i-pill ads during IPL telecast, I am also irritated by Madhavan & vidya Balan's airtel 'start-stop' ad! ( why dont they stop? ) ;-)

all i-pill ads are misleading & subtly trying to feed wrong into the minds watching them. I dislike esp where a woman speaks in hushed tones at night ..& then the ad delivers a immoral moral of the story ' better than abortion'. The long term side effects of i-pill are surely a topic for a separate DP.

Research of the Aam Aadmi: a)IPL is a better family planning/contraceptive idea than i-Pill

Proof : a) Consider a hypothetical family, where the hubby is IPL-addict & wife has no love for cricket & they dont quarrel over remote too!( may be they have 2 TVs). wife watches saas-bahu & hits the bed by 10pm, alone! The hubby cant be off TV before 12am, though match ends 1130pm, bcos he waits for extraa innings. if his team won, he is too excited, if it lost, he is upset - either way he just goes to sleep, alone!

dekha?, this has been happening since last 40days & they didnt have to worry about i-pill at all. they save themselves so much money & side effects! ;-)

Implications: the research implies that in year 2010, between the months of Jan-March the birth rate will be low, so population control is achived without any devious means or side effects. But the researcher also foresees a baby-boom in the months after April in 2010! ..remember IPL ends May 24. The same effect can also be seen during the T20 world cup in June. Govt of India might decide to recognise & honour the role of IPL in population control & request Lalit Modi to make it a thrice a year event! ;-)

b) IPL is any day better than IPoL for the following reasons:

1)IPL is about action, while IPol is about rhetoric, statments, words, promises...

2)IPL unites differnt ppl, while IPoL aims to divide in the name of caste, creed, religion

3)Captains in IPL refrain from making claims that they will win, while in IPol everyone claims the wave is in their favor. :-)

IPoL : As much as I stay away from this league, I used to follow this during ad-breaks & strategy breaks ( another name for ad-breaks!) in IPL. What a campaign it was! Cant help taking a dig at some moments in our democrazy tamasha!

a)LKA kept on taunting PM as 'weak' ( I wonder how LKA becomes an authority to define 'weak/strong'? has he studied the subject 'strength of materials' that we study in Engineering? ;-)]. PM kept quiet for long & then delivered 'Sau advani ka, ek sardar ka' punch. He questioned 'wat has advani done other than demolishing a masjid' - LKA then came saying 'I got hurt when PM questioned my 'contribution' to the country' ;-).

b)LKA/Modi sounded like buffoons when they cracked 'gudiya/budiya' or other jokes, in front of 'assembled people' in rallies in remote areas of the country. but now we all know who had the last laugh!

d)who can forget the Varun ghandi ate speech, which made him eat free food @ jail ;-)

e)How quickly 'fronts' cropped up like mushrooms? 3rd front is an example of infant mortality in india & I am missing Parkas Carrot, who runs around only when he is trying to topple govts. Seeing this a 4th front or UP-Bihar front was raised ;-)

Yes I voted: Despite all the above, as the TOI campaign showed "i voted against many things, so tomoro the little hands holding my finger, will have something to vote for" ( see pic). Though my own vote went in losing cause ( he lost!), but I am happy that aam aadmis of the country have spoken out clearly!

I have to stop here not bcos I am done saying everything, but bcos I have to bite nails .. I have to bite nails as Bangalore have a match today ;-)

You loved this blog. Thank you for your rating.