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My First Step Pre-School reviews

By: playschoolsinpune Posted Jan 12, 2012 General 2076 Views

My First Step School Reviews If you are looking for a playschool “My first Step” in magarpatta city.. here is some information that will be helpful to you…. I made a mistake when I sent my child there and had to shift him to another school later on… I will take you all the way from the admission to changing the school …. bear with me if you feel its too long .. its worth a read and a thought.. you might save trouble for your child later… so lets start…Admissions: Inquiries are entertained only at a very early stage .. once the seats are near closing… all you will get is a very arrogant reply.. if you insist and ask when the next session is about to start.. the reply will be.. I am not sure.. thinking of shifting to Delhi.. Arrogance and Attitude at its best… And then there is a condition that if you child doesnt settle down in a week’s time you will have to look for another school..If you get in.. for the enquiry…. the words that you will listen is ..”I work for the children… not for the Parents”, “I wont pressurise the child.. I want happy children”, “I cant give you the curriculum…..”, “Mere school pe bhagwanji ki Meher hai.. bache khush rehte hain .”.. Emotional people…(especially all the mothers, Me too) get into the trap thinking.. even I dont want to pressurize my kid.. and that my kid would be taken care of nicely.. in fact I went on to say that “This is the school for my kid”.. after going to a number of schools for enquiry…. When I went next time.. with my husband.. he found nothing special.. coz he wasnt emotional in finding the school.. still I insisted.. and we decided that my kid will go to this school… the biggest mistake made….Initial months at school:

The lady there started with the kids settling by watching TV… so initially the kids dont get thru much of the trauma… acceptable.. but the habit continues.. well into the second term as well…… and the stuff shown is not only educational but also cartoons like doremon, teletubbies, chota bheem and more …. Carrying on.. the initial months are all about rhymes and some physical exercise type stuff.. n music and dance.. that most kids enjoy… and yes you will get a impressive syllabus for the initial months (dont get excited they will soon discontinue)… with phrases and all.. oh and how did I miss this… A welcome party.. and gifts every now and then.. for the mother and the kid… to keep them happyand the decorations to attract the passer-by’s…

Now comes the real thing.. You have to completely trust the lady there.. Sarika.. and you will hear this often..”Trust Sarika…” ,”Sab Sarika pe chod do…” . All goes well, when you are the one who drops n picks up the kids without bothering to ask.. what is your kid currently doing. And yes.. all the more good when you can appreciate everything that is informed to you.. or in my words.. buttering.. if you are good at it.. all well…

I am a little more inquisitive, as to what is my kid doing in the school.. so I think that when I query the teacher about it.. I must get a high level answer at-least.. I dont expect that this happens everyday may be bimonthly or even monthly is fine….. and there are days when my kid just refuses to tell me what they do in the class.. expect saying I watched TV.. and these are the days when I get worried at times .. and when I ask the teacher and tell her this I get a very generic answer most of the times.. and at times “I cant disclose the curicculum .. ” or that “you will get the worksheets soon…”

The communication there is always one way.. the teacher only wants to listen the appreciation… and that also only as much time that she wants to.. she will decide the length of the discussion .. and as soon as she is done. then she escapes from there saying kids are waiting.. or something similar…

and one fine day.. the teacher forgets the ethics .. as there never were and the lines crossed… read on…

“If you are not satisfied with the school, fine another one for your child.. this is not the school to create Einstein’s and Newton’s, Agar aapke bache ko pehle se sab aata hai to isme meri kya galti hai… you are questioning my integrity and my honesty.. I cant tell you everything that your child does.. there are others who never question what there child is doing.. and the playschool is not meant to teach but to have the child habituated to the concept of keeping away from the mother…” (I think she has not heard of the day-cares…)

And all this happens with me taken in a corner, and all the moms to pick up their child watching the drama.. She didnt even realise the sensitivity of the issue, and that it must be discussed in a room.. with both the parents at a appropriate time…. you just cannot one fine day decide that in the middle of the term a child be moved to another school.. and why? because she doesnt want to answer his mothers queries.. what happened to all that she preached.. “I work for t

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