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Come on,don't be so selfish!

By: chalojai Posted Jun 08, 2013 The Art of Living 578 Views

Today I came across a blog of our esteemed member Vaibhavi990, Suicidal Tendencies. It raised few questions in my mind. This is something I wanted to discuss long ago. Even after being a clinical psychology major and having experience in Suicide counselling,the thing is quite confusing till now. I never understood why does that really happen. According to my philosophy,a person loves himself/ herself the most. What goes so wrong that at one moment of life they try to end the story with their own hands? How could one be so insensitive,or rather I say insensible?

Due to professional secrecy I can't discuss my cases in public. In India visiting a counsellor or mental health professional is still considered as a taboo.In my school days,I used to be referred as "Mental" by my friends and their family members because at one moment of life I needed professional help to overcome a grief process. During my practising days also I came across the situation, many time even in a harsh manner. My friends and few family members started avoiding me,in fear of being "judged"!!!!!!! Well,in a funny tone I enjoyed that avoiding part most of the time. It gave me enough time to think.

Suicide is the extreme step one takes when life looks entirely hopeless and meaningless. All of us need support to survive. Whatever way it comes,whatever strength one has.....without a strong supporting system not a single person can survive. But when the very core of that supportive base starts shaking or shows distrust,life becomes listless. This is the entry point of suicidal thoughts. The feeling of not being loved, withdrawal of a friendly of authoritative support also can create havoc sometimes. It's also possible when a long-cherished dream shatters. Especially when it got enough boost from the surrounding but falls flat at one time,the feelings are quite unbearable. Sudden loss or grief processes also sometimes lead to the extreme and drastic step. I knew a boy whose mother succumbed to a head injury, and immediately after getting the news he hanged himself in his room! At that point his life seemed so futile without the person whom he loved so dearly. Sometimes the drastic step is taken in haste or under influence of some strong emotions. When Dr. Rajashekhar Reddy passed away due to a plane crash,many of his followers committed suicide. Their life seemed so meaningless to them without their leader. Emotions,whenever it gets strong,yields some result....Sadly,most of the time it's not in a very positive manner.

To cope with grief,loss or whatever the downfall in life is to control the emotions. Emotions can turn one's arch-enemies if it's not yielding a positive result. Most unbelievable reasons among these,people like me (!) feel suicidal when things go extremely well or everything is in its place. Extreme happiness also results in melancholy and a sense of loss- I have already experienced that in my personal life. So my remedy for such feelings is,just CONTROL!! Control yourself in case of emotions. Nothing too much is good. Sometimes extreme success and wealth also can become a cause of such feelings because the fear of loosing them all, always remains in heart. So the best way is,maintaining perfect balance in life. No commitments should be done in extremely emotional situations. That also results downfall in many cases. Staying away from people with negative thoughts also can be a great help. I call them negative energy. They suck out the positive thoughts from one and inject vices like sense of despair,greed,doubts,jealousy.........the list is endless. So it's better to avoid such companies in emotionally unstable conditions. One should keep oneself happy by doing something that gives some positive outcome. People's company is not always desirable,some of the problems have a tendency to be solved while being alone. I know it sounds quite contrast to the general belief,but it's true.

Life is a beautiful gift from our creator,we really don't have any right to destroy's really something which is not in our hand. If it was so,God would have given us the power to write the final destination. Yes,death is the ultimate truth of life. But,it should not come as a punishment of failure. Especially when the punisher is the person himself! Whether it's long or short,successful or futile,doesn't really matter. The only thing that counts is the real sense of achievement and some positive contribution for others. If people start thinking selflessly,on a greater sense,for others' welfare...soon the selfishness of suicidal tendencies will be wiped out from people's heart. Life is so short,let's not spend it taking some drastic step which really doesn't solve any problem,but only increases. Who has gone,is gone.......but what about those who are remaining? Before such mindless act,one should think this at least for once.

Please share your opinions in comment section,they are priceless and is truly appreciated. Let's build a suicide free society.

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