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Redbridge international academy cheating parents

By: kanagil Posted Dec 13, 2013 General 5850 Views

On 30th November, I visited Redbridge for admission of my child, this was my second visit and all fine till, now. The whole team following the principle “Customer is the KING”. I was given a warm response.

I meet Sonal, the marketing person, who explains the goodie-goodies of Redbridge. I was very impressed with the infrastructure and the idea & the concept.

Then comes the fee structure, I am promised a fee structure as mentioned below:

Nursery – Kindergarden – INR 93,000(Annual)

Grade 1-4 – INR 140,000(Annual)

grade 5-8 – INR 170,000(Annual)

And then comes the decider statement, Sonal, confirms since you are the second batch the management has fixed the fee structure and above fee structure will not change till your child goes to grade 8.


After a week I am convinced to go ahead and I come back on December 7th, 2013 to take admission for my child. Sonal is on leave, so I meet Ms. Gauri, & Mr. Ajay and this time when asked Mr. Ajay confirms the fee structure being fixed till grade 8 once again. I asked him how can I believe word of mouth, I need something in written. He confirms, the principal will sign on it and they will take care of this.

My luck, the principal is not in office, to confirm this. So I fix up an appointment with principal on 9th December, 2013, however, I still go ahead with admission and make the payment.

Tanuja, from the accounts helps me with the application form and then guides me to Kavita, the head admin for other issues like transport etc. This is when, during discussion, I ask the fees being fixed as above till grade 8. She said this is not possible all. After all discussion, she says, marketing team is based on incentives, they will not be there later, they would have given me false promises, all this happens in front of Tanuja,

Later she calculates approximate increments which may be applicable for 2014-15 batch and concludes, that if Redbridge has promised this to you, no matter what, we will give you the benefits, and she states the following ”You will always go to everyone you know and say, no matter what, redbridge kept its promise” and assures me to take this matter to the principal & management and get me what I have been promised. In the mean time, I request her to call Mr. Ajay. He comes to the admin office and in front of myself and Tanuja informs Kavitha that they have the necessary approval from Management for the above fee structure till grade 8.

Now, on 9th December, I come to meet the PRINCIPAL, Mr Browne, after all discussions on the education and child’s future in Redbridge, we discuss the fee structure issue. He bluntly refuses and abuses me, Ms. Tanuja, was in the room when all this happened.

Let me explain the conversation:

Me(parent): Sir, I have 2 queries, one is the fixed fee and second, as my child will join the belandur branch for the first term, the marketing team(sonal) has said that they will waive of transport fees which is embedded in the above fee structure. And also I pay everything here and no payment / or very minimal payment to be done in belandur.

And 2nd query, the fee structure will remain the same as promised.

Mr. Browne(PRINCIPAL): How is this possible, how can the marketing team authorise discount on term fee without asking me. And how can the fee structure(above) be fixed how can you be such a fool to accept it.?

Me: I have been promised by your marketing team.

Mr. Browne: No way, My team will never promise such a thing?

Me: it’s redbridge marketing team,

Mr. Browne: They are not my team, I am from Academics

Me: For me Redbridge is one entity and not redbridge marketing, redbridge academics etc, why don’t you call the marketing guy

(Ajay . marketing head is called, and he comes in)

Mr. Browne:(Abuses me again – the above highlighted statement), then speaks to Ajay. this gentleman has been promised fixed fees, who gave you the permission, we are running business here, can the salary and costs remain the same? Then how is it possible

Me:(For the humiliation by abusing me, I want to give back to him, but considering his age and considering my admission fees are stuck with them, I keep calm) and tell him, I am not demanding discount, but only asking you to confirm what the marketing team has promised me.

Mr. Browne: You are not in a position to demand anyway(how rude was that by the way, for a school who has just started, and the principal throwing attitude with such ill mannerism)

Mr. Ajay to Mr. Browne: Sir, we have not committed anything,(may be Sonal has promised, I will speak to her).

(Wow Sonal is being made the scape goat, just because she is not available). And Mr. Ajay abruptly leaves the room as if he has got some call or work.

Mr. Browne: You can take a call, if you want to withdraw, we will refund it to you.

( Ajay comes back)

Me: I tell them to give me couple of days to think and will come back and leave the room, and ask Ajay to “stop my cheque”

(I understand Ajay was mum and back tracked in front of principal, I understand that he couldn’t speak a word, but atleast he could do was to be apologetic for the humiliation that I suffered. But NO. shameless. Mr. Ajay, still holds his head high, as if I m the culprit)

10th December: I call Ajay, and tell him I do not intend to go ahead with Redbridge any more as I don’t trust them anymore.

Instead him being apologetic. now that I no more their customer. starts talking rubbish continuously and doesn’t allow me to talk at all.

I had to push him hard to put across my word, and told him I don’t need explanation but at least be apologetic for the false promises and back tracking in front of Mr. Browne. Also now I call Ms. Kavitha, to ask her, where is the promise?, I call her 3 times but doesn’t pickup the call. And don’t even bother to return the call.

Wow great values, that this school will impart on children – Run away from criticism.


To conclude: “Everything happens for good“

I am glad that I had this experience with Redbridge so early on and I could amend that. I hope other parents realize their mistake of being in Redbridge and stay away from such a tainted place.

If the principal can be so rude in the first meeting, how will a parent be able to go to him with their concerns in the future. Mind you its not a product that Redbridge is selling. The school – parent/child relation goes on for 12-15 years, And I am glad that I have not been FOOLED by Redbridge. I would never want an association with a school whose principal ill treats people and misbehaves with parents. What culture is he going to impart on children.

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