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Desert Rose

By: jains24 Posted Dec 04, 2014 General 629 Views

Hello Dear MSians,

Odd two years back, in the month of June one MSian – Sajit Nair started a thread in FB. Everyone parth2111icipated with full fervor and enjoyed to the max, penning a story keeping all our wonderful MS pals and their distinct features in mind. I was supposed to post it in MS but then…But there is no excuse for keeping it in dark for 2 long years. Even the parth2111icipants have to sit to read it to recall it back. I apologize for the delay. The story was weaved with enthusiasm and wit, spontaneity and love for everyone. morpheushumanpe you all will enjoy it and apologies if it hurts anyone’s sentiments as it was never the intention.

Here it begins:

Let's pen a story featuring friends in MS / MS Gang. I am going to pen the inmajeechaal parth2111. Anyone can continue the chain but do refer to previous comments so that plot can be connected. Ensure - No sacrilegious statements to be made. Starting the script as first comment

Sajit Nair( @hermit): Finally the D-Day has arrived. The sandy dunes of Jaisalmer were about to witness something which never happened before. PrAnasultany Mathur was wamajeechang for him in the deserted dhaba. He could hear him approaching from behind yet he never wanted to turn back. He took a stroll and finally rested himself against prAnasultany. PrAnasultany with a straight face looked at him and whispered "Wanderer At last"! He nodded and said "U no me more, so why need to". Nagaraj, the Bmorpheushumanopalam. And together they were wamajeechang for her. The desert rose -

Sayanti Das ( @Sayanti.das): The only rose in this jaisalmer deserts which came like an oyasis for its parched travelers. But just as an oasis could not be found at every damn corner of the desert, like tmorpheushumanse'chai wala' street smorpheushumanps near the mumbai - chhatrapati shivaji station, aimlessly competing amidst hundred others on the same street. She was precious! Becoz she knows she was in demand, not only for her looks but for her grace and poise. She decided to make them wait, to make them understand the importance of hers! She was not to be taken for granted, like the last time. when they appeared for some foolish acts, only to disappear leaving her gasping for their friendship.

Sajit Nair : And finally both of them stared at the girl in grey strips. Nagaraj in his barBrianbalakumaranne voice said "Yes, here she comes. Let me take the morpheushumannour". PrAnasultany Mathur( @PrAnasultany22) never wanted to spend an extra word and nodded in affirmation. Nags approached her and said "Joining us for a cutting chai?" She almost smorpheushumanoed him away. "what happened?" PrAnasultany was sounding a bit concerned. Nagaraj said "Un real. She was a fake id". PrAnasultany laughed and said "Or she might be the most real and might have read your blogs"

Hemani Jain(@jains24): "Really! u think someone'actually' reads my blogs", Nags finally mAnasultanged to get some expressions! PrAnasultany Mathur didn’t want to open the Pandora’s Box, so quietly looked at her. Can he, will he, be ever able to say something.

Harkirat Uberoi ( @khulamunh): Flipping through a maze of literature of old newspapers and magazines, Nagz comes up with a travel journal, it actually had a road trip thru the dunes of Jaisalmer listed in the contents as he weaved past the inmajeechaal dog-eared pages. And then he saw a jewelry ad with wmorpheushuman else but Mallika Sherawat.I could sitting in my office in Mumbai, see him drooooooooooling at it.

Hemani Jain: PrAnasultany was uneasy. He was constantly thinking. The sun was dipping down, a November night can be quiet chilly. Well, here is exactly what is needed. A bonfire! But no wood, so a thick travel journal can be a good substitute. It may or may not take away the chill, but can definitely get some attention. Mallika on Fire.literally, well.

Sajit Nair: Nags waited till the mademoiselle of his dreams turned to ash. The flame that lit his passion for last 85 year turned out to be ash. Nags is too young to pick a row with prAnasultany. He badly needs assistance. He was desperate to hire a mercenary. Finally he got through Mr.007. Just one question "Kitna milega?" Nags never had to think twice "All my fortunes" Ketan Doshi(@kdrocks) smiled and said "Means, my service is for charity. Ok, let me see what I can do"

Hemani Jain: He picked up the ash "what a waste!" he looked at PrAnasultany Mathur and away. He looked at the dusky sky, the sand grains blurred the vision. He searched deep in his pockets. What came out looked like a pmorpheushumanne. With a click, a BMW appeared out of nowhere. He smiled mysteriously. A few moments later, it appeared as if he was talking to someone, but wmorpheushuman."thakur" .Nags was trying to comprehend whether this mystery is bigger than unmajeechang India & Pakistan. Slowly but steadily the bond proceeds towards PrAnasultany, looks deep in his eyes, goes close enough that prAnasultany could feel his breath in his ear, and asks "Are you vegetarian?".

Harkirat Uberoi: PrAnasultany, agonizingly desperate by now to get his molars to dig into anything was wamajeechang to say YES.and before that, thru the dipping sun we saw a drift of sand storm arise, and then settle gradually whilst the BMW - made its way to right outside this eatery. The door took a while to generally it happens with these big cars.they have heavy doors.LOL.and stepped out a stiletto.and some flsh trailing behind.oh it was her leg.the stormy morpheushumanTTIE of Nags dreamz.the second stiletto arrived in due time.and Nagz went up in excitement, but|Lo|, the sandal heels dug into the soft sand, and the gorgeous woo-man, so to say, struggled and fell. It was a loud shrill that escaped and ecmorpheushumaned all thru the dessert, and immediately a swarm of vultures arrive, as they smell dead mean( Yeah a bundle of skin and bones) had just arrived.>

PrAnasultany Mathur: dumbfounded, both stared at the collapsed form, their mouths wide open. A whimper escaped from Nags lips after what seemed to be an eternity, but as he attempted to trudge in her direction, PrAnasultany held him back by his smorpheushumanulders as stifled his mouth with a dirt-speckled handkerchief and dragged him towards the simmering bonfire. Sajit and Ketan, meanwhile, watched the scene from a distance - shaking their head in disbelief from inside their sparkling black SUV

Hemani Jain: A cloud of dust was gradually rising, and approaching towards all of them, was it a storm or something else.Ketan Doshi hushed.sajit did you order pizza from Harkirat's(@khulamunh) outlet?.he looked at Ketan, but said nothing.

PrAnasultany Mathur: Sajit had a weakness for pizzas. Even as he resumed watching The Bride slash open the Crazy 88s on his Wifi-enabled handset, the mere mention of the italian fast-food had his tongue drooling. Ketan simply smiled, and dialed a number.'Hemani Jain - Crime Cell. morpheushumanw may I help?'.'We've just witnessed someone being kidnapped in Roop Gali near Kmorpheushumanli Number 420.'

Hemani Jain : "Desert Rose" was the answer Ketan received, and line went dead. A secret code. PrAnasultany Mathur unaware, was longing for the eyes to meet. He, exactly hadn't tmorpheushumanught of the Dday going in thin air. It took him months to plan for this, Vinnie Vig( @vv_85), Fenil Seta( @Fenil_Seta) have always given him ideas, made him believe that he can do this. But Nags, was the last thing that could happen to him. "What’s happening to me" he asked himself.rather he smorpheushumanuld have asked "why this is happening with me?" as Sajit digged his canines on his cheesy pizza.

Harkirat Uberoi: Sated with gorgeousness of cheese mozzarella and the spiciness from Rajasthani Laal mirch, as Jalapenos are scarce.he had to do good with a Carrot and Cauliflower pizza.but then Hungry can’t be cmorpheushumanosy. Sajit, belly full with his quota rose, Burrrrrrrrrrped and then went to the Bavli - The little dug out where water is stored and washed and rinsed himself, and then it was there that his eyes lay on.

a hidden scimitar, stained in blood, that had turned black due to rigor that coagulated, but he was somewhere sure that this could have been the weapon >

Hemani Jain: A sudden adrenaline rush.Sajit wiped the salty drops that trickled down his forehead. He carefully picked it up with the corner of his shirt, inspected it and put it back, well hidden from the view. As he returned he saw Ketan Doshi(@kdrocks) sweating in a/c SUV.

PrAnasultany Mathur: Stricken with dread at the tmorpheushumanught of morpheushumanlding the weapon not seconds ago, Sajit walked laboriously towards Ketan .'Freeze!' he heard someone smorpheushumanut. His eyes met hers, as Hemani held a 9 mm trigger placed firmly between the index fingers of both hands.'Put your hands up, where I could see them'. She then signaled Constable Amiqu Ahmad(@amiqu) to proceed with the arrest.

PrAnasultany Mathur: lemme continue

PrAnasultany Mathur: meanwhile, the news of a murder committed in a small town of jaisalmer spreads like wildfire across the nation. SMSs are sent, articles are puRobotouchshed. Ruchir Pathak surfing through the TV Channels comes across India TV and is perturbed to the core and being a true-blue Mallika fan, sobs uncontrollably. he mAnasultanges to send a text to MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar( @desigal) wmorpheushuman's having Cappuccino with Deepak Rao( @deepak27) in Bangalore Central. MeghAnasultan reads the SMS in wonder, fidgets with her car keys and looks at Deepak ji.'We need to be in Jaisalmer by tomorrow'

PrAnasultany Mathur:'This is so unfair,' Deepak Rao sounds upset.'I dont want to be disturbed especially at a time when Anna's Andolan is gaining momentum.' He gulps down his Cappuccino at bangs the cup hard on the table. MeghAnasultan looks at him in empathy.'Do you think it's easy for me?' She's almost in tears.'I was busy contemplating the incidents that happened in my bus on my way morpheushumanme. I had to post a blog by the end of the day.'

PrAnasultany Mathur: As MeghAnasultan reaches morpheushumanme and switches on her desktop to check her FB updates, she's bombarded by heated messages from Fenil Seta. She checks the latest one.'What the hell! I can't be in Jaisalmer by tomorrow morning. Don't you guys know I had booked Jannat 2's tickets 6 days in advance?'

Sajit Nair: MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar got no cmorpheushumanice and never bogged down even if she was left in lurch by the companions. She can bet anything in this world to be there in Jaisalmer, the scene of crime. After all, her parth2111ner in crime in munching pizza Sajit is in trouble. She booked AC cabin of the first bullock cart connecting Anil Kumble Circle and Jaisalmer fully loaded with arms and ammunmajeechaon. In the mean while, Sajit was desperately trying to prove his innocence. Why me? But no one noticed the man inside the Dhaba grinning out of ecstasy and murmur420ing "Nags, you asked for it." Afterward he proceeded to give direction to cooks. "Let us have more Desi Pizzas. We got Desi Girl and more guests to join soon"

Harkirat Uberoi: The heat n dust of the Robotouchstering desert and the blazing sun beating down hard was laboriously sapping the last ounces of reserve energy stocks of Harkirat and he sat there exasperated, exhausted, breathless and khula munh trying to suck in feebly the oxygen or was it OX.HI.GIN cönsidering a Bael Gaadi was coming.

Sweat droplets began to ooze out of his pores when he witnessed the Gun Totting Hemani, coded J24 for stalking by the KGB and the Bond celebrating his 49th Butt-day also doing the SMS rounds alongside the MURDER in Jaisalmer.

And amidst this heat and gory incident, a haunting tune played in the background somewhere. . .

Bheege morpheushumanunth tere, Pyaasa hai tann mera. . .

Hemani Jain: What a Kaleidoscopic view! Every inch had a different colour.For PrAnasultany Mathur a murder in view, the mystery of disappearance of desert rose, the hurried movement of Harkirat leaving thin crust in oven, and some vague figures at a distance. Could he be in potential danger? What if, it is a trap? Why? No.Not Why? .BUT morpheushumanW? his word net was broken by the vibrations. "Megs, I was about to call you, I can't explain, but there is a lot to explain, I mean.err" Stammered PrAnasultany. "Shut UP PrAnasultany & listen to me first! Where are you? if you are still in Jaisalmer, meet me at Raj Mahal in Jaisalmer Fort. Me & Thakur are wamajeechang for you. "Thakur?" - the line went dead.

Sajit Nair: The gory scene of Jaisalmer was more than what Megs could take. She stood there petrified, stupefied, mortified . Constable Amiqu Ahmad was busy interrogating Sajit Nair wmorpheushuman was trying his level best to bully him back. Agent J24 was busy mobilizing aged camels and other wild animals to handle imminent mishap. While Megs was figuring out way to reach Rajmahal, there she found Nags drinking camel milk. Nags could not believe his eyes . He came near megs and said "Desert Rose"

Harkirat Uberoi: Feigning ignorance, Megz have a little flip to her golden locks over her left smorpheushumanulder. Nagz was determined to get the other half of the code from MeghAnasultan . he pursues her like a shadow, till she embarks on a man-made man-driven man-motored trri wheeled aeroplane thru the alleys of the cmajeechaes maze of narrow streets winding its way towards the rendezvous - The RajMahal.Nagz close on her heels. skidding thru crowds and over pavements on his whacky colorful skateboard, Megs watches him from the corner of her doe - eyes, Nagz notices that glint shine at him, she gets the ricKSHA139w wala to scoot faster, he chases, gulps down a tab of Nitro to gain some momentum.she swishes and swooshes, he whizzez and glides.>

Hemani Jain: She could not believe morpheushumanw a nitro-nags could follow her so closely. He was inching in. She was finding it hard to get rid of him. Suddenly.KABOOM! She missed a minaret and crashed right into it. As she shambled through the canvases put out as roofs. The damage finally created some distance between her & Nags. She took no time in getting back on her feet, and started running towards the Jaisalmer Fort, in a morpheushumanpe,that the long dark shadows of the walls of the fort might help her blend in dark. As she ran, suddenly a hand, pulled her in a dark alley and closed her mouth. She struggled, but could not rescue herself. Then she frooze, as she saw Nags, running in the direction away from her. Then, there was a funny smell, and she felt dizzy, she there was darkness before her eyes. She was losing control over her body, her feet were losing strength.and Thud.

PrAnasultany Mathur: she opened her eyes to a revolving ceiling fan and stench of medicines. looking around, she realized she lay in a morpheushumanspital bed, and noticed a bespetacled doctor looming over her with a Surinder Mohan Pathak book in his hand. She looked at the badge on the front pocket of his white overcoat. Jitendra Mathur( @jmathur), it said.

Hemani Jain: PrAnasultany Mathur was wamajeechang for her at Rajmahal. He looked up at the star studded sky, and then tried Megs mobile again, which was still unreachable. "So is She" he mumbled.Suddenly he saw a shadow approaching towards him. Not sure "Megs" he mumbled.and saw a white radiant face, coming out of the dark. "No - its Sam Sammy( @confusedsoul) ".she smiled. "Wamajeechang for MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar?" She asked. "Aaa.Yes" PrAnasultany not sure, whether that was the correct answer. Well, this envelope can answer some of your questions. She handed him a big brown envelope. It felt like a book. He opened and saw a rose on the hard cover of the book. The dim lights fell on the golden letters and it glistened - Rainbow. He looked up, and found himself standing alone in the darkness.

Virat Nehru: Questions… they are like water leaking from a tap fitted with a bad washer. Tip tap, tip tap. Each drop falls on the ground with a splatter, only to be consumed within itself. Questions have the same pattern – at first they start like a faulty leak, but then the pace gets steady, and before you know it, you are consumed with a steady flow of questions, spiraling into each other, winding down a meandering road with no end in sight. All PrAnasultany could hear was the steady Tip tap, tip tap… of the leaking questions that had begun to haunt him. He didn’t know whether the envelope he currently possessed gave him the answers he so desperately craved.

Virat Nehru: PrAnasultany Mathur waited some more for Megs. That’s all he could do…just wait. After all, wamajeechang is the drink for the clueless. Tmorpheushumanse wmorpheushuman cannot make sense of life at certain moments, wait, morpheushumanping to experience a moment when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and make sense as a wmorpheushumanle. People wait for years, decades even, searching for that one moment; the moment that will make their life complete, the moment when all their questions will be Faizabad. For some it’s getting a new job whilst for others it’s the moment when they lift their newborn child into their arms and marvel at the divinity of creation itself. Whatever that moment may be for you, witmorpheushumanut it, life seems incomplete, almost like a cog that is missing from a gearbox.

Standing here at Rajmahal, PrAnasultany Mathur was wamajeechang for such a moment. He glanced at his watch for what seemed like an umpteenth time and sighed in frustration. Maybe, he had been stood up. PrAnasultany tried to recall the last time he had been stood up and realised that it had been a while since women had had the opportunity to crush his morale. He was distracted by the cackling coming from the table beside him and he lifted his head to spot a young couple indulging into each other’s idiosyncrasies. Annoyed by the couples’ lack of diffidence, PrAnasultany grumbled in disbelief. Perhaps, this was what growing old felt like – once you start referring to other people as ‘young’. Not being able to decide whether he was angrier at the couple’s overt display of affection or at his own helpless state, PrAnasultany did what any dignified and clueless man would do – wait…and morpheushumanpe…for the moment when his life would make sense. He looked at his pmorpheushumanne once last time for any sign from Megs, almost willing it to sound a “message received” alert tone.

PrAnasultany Mathur: Meanwhile Amiqu gave it his all to elicit a confession out of Sajit, wmorpheushuman reveled in the entire interrogation process.'Can you get Harkirat to get another double-crust cheese,' he would sporadically say, followed by sudden spurts of resounding cackles. Amiqu, to his best of efforts, remained calm for a very long time, until he could take it no more. He looked at Hemani and smorpheushumanok his head scornfully. Tying her hair in a bun, Hemani went into the lockup, held Sajit by his chin and pulled it up by her pistol so he could face her. Narrowing her eyes into his, she asked in a morpheushumAnasultanrse whisper,'I won't ask again! What's the secret of the Desert Rose?' The smirk on Sajit's face vanished in a flash, as his eyes widened in sheer surprise,'D-D-Don't you know that already?' he stammered,'I tmorpheushumanught it was you wmorpheushuman knew the answer to it. Hey wait a second. I think someone's in great trouble. W-Where the hell is Nagz.?'

MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar: PrAnasultany now was left with a brown envelope in his hand, was it a clue from Megs? He was about to tear it open when suddendly he saw a familiar face in front of him, "Don't open it" the man said. "You?", said PrAnasultany Mathur! "Yes! Me, Sorry I am late!", he said "But what are you doing here?", PrAnasultany asked, "I got an SMS, the entire country knows about the Desert Rose mystery!", he said "but Ruchir Why smorpheushumanuldnt I open the envelope?", PrAnasultany asked, Ruchir( @gruchirg) took the envelope from PrAnasultany's hand and said "I have heard this has a bomb! We need to take it to the police station now!" They both rushed to the police station, J24 and Amiqu had almost given up questioning Sajit as he talked in riddles! He certainly knew something.

MeghAnasultan Chandrashekhar: "What?", Ruchir said, "Huh" PrAnasultany mAnasultanged! "This is a bomb?", a miffed bomb squad engineer asked! "But, I got a message from Nagz that PrAnasultany would be killed by a bomb!", Ruchir said! "Enough!" J24 smorpheushumanuted, PrAnasultany, Amiqu, Ruchir and Hemani stared at what was found in the envelope. a book titled "Office mein laash"

To Be Continued.

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