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ICICI Bank PO experience

By: Nita1501 Posted Mar 12, 2010 General 7194 Views

Hi All,

This post is related to my experience with the GD/PI for the ICICI PO post.

I cleared the aptitude test and was called for the GD/PI on 3rd march 2010 at the Chandivali office in Mumbai at 9 am. When I reached there, I saw man people waiting in the queue as the GD had not yet started. We waited till 10.30 am and then two trainers came to our room to call out the names of the first batch. Students were divided into batches each consisting of 10 students.

I went for my GD at around 11.30am. The GD observer was a kind man. HE explained the instructions of GD. HE gave us a topic which was ‘As a student’s council secretary, you have to select one of the following holidays destinations for the final year students as it will be their last trip. And the destinations were Agra, Goa, Kerala, Darjeeling and one more.’

So the group discussion started and soon there was chaos in the GD. Some were shouting at the top of their voice to express their views, while some(like me) wanted to express but were not able to make the point clear. I spoke twice in the entire GD. Finally, the observer asked four of us to state our views which were not stated at the GD. I answered with confidence but at the same time was a little afraid about the results. The observer finally selected 8 of us. We had to wait one more hour for the PI. I was finally called for the interview at 1pm. There were two interviewers in the meeting room. They asked me some general questions like to describe myself, why do you want to join the banking sector, are you ready to relocate within India and some other stuff.

It lasted for hardly 10 minutes. I don’t know about the results which are due by 20th march 2010. But I’m hoping it will be good as it is assumed that there are around 800 – 1000 vacancies for this post.

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