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By: hermit Posted Mar 17, 2011 General 1218 Views
(Updated Mar 17, 2011 05:01 PM)

It was a dreary day as usual! All of us (As we term as Corporate Bonded Labours), decided to do away with the cozy comfort of 23 degrees inside office and decided to burn a few calories via promenade (in our local language “KALTI MAARNA” )

Our first station for docking was Sharma’s Blue Diamond (Sobriquet of wayside tea shop – Courtesy to Taj Blue Diamond, which is 1 KM away from our office). Atmosphere was becoming more cheerful with toll full of gossips, deep and thought provoking discussion on anything and everything except our work etc. Who knows ---- everything is going to be changed within a few moments!!

“Udhaonaaaaa-----“ - What was that? A girl moaning with a meaningful intonation! Well - that was his new ring tone! As everyone was trying to figure out, what went wrong, someone started laughing. But I have noticed him becoming pale, trembling----- Obviously, he got a bad news!

I have parked my wicked sense of humour and tried to be empathetic. In a mellowed tone I asked “Something wrong?”

“Mom collapsed. Need to rush to home.”

That’s it. Next moment, we were in his car. I have volunteered to drive and asked others to follow. In next ten minutes I could manage to get into his residence. It was a society having around six towers and I did not bother to even answer the security guard. My friend was in a state of fright and remained silent. I told him to rest in the car and rushed to his flat. That was shocking ----- Lift under maintenance. Somehow I managed to rush to the third floor and found the old lady struggling to breath.

No time to think ---- I carried her on my shoulder and in next five minutes, she was inside the car. My friend who saw the action from a distance asked “How could you manage to lift her?”.

Only then I noticed her ---- She might be close to 90 KG. While driving, I feel like throwing up. Somehow I managed to breathe fast and try to regain composure.

How come I never felt the weight of the lady while I carry her all the way from third floor? Next fifteen minutes, we were in the hospital. She was brought back to life. In a few minutes, I feel like falling from an abyss. I have not lost my consciousness but yet I feel like lying down. I have rested on the shoulder of my friend. In ten minutes time, I could feel terrible pain on my shoulder! I felt like carrying a heavy weight on my shoulder. What’s happening? Was it like during emergency, I managed to develop some special power to make things happen?

Next day when I reach office, my friend handed over some homemade sweets to me. It was a gift from his mother. Everyone started discussing about the way in which I could carry his mother on my shoulder and rush towards the car. My friend who was silent during the discussion told me “I want to spent some time with you. All alone”

I said “Why not, let us take a walk”

What he told me during the stroll was a shocker for rest of my life. Till date, I never feel like sharing it with anyone, but after three years I feel like opening it up to the universe. He asked a simple question “You have never been to my home before. I have never navigated you. How could you manage to drive to my home without any help?”

This question puzzled me for several months. Finally, I stopped thinking about it. Yes, I have never been to his flat before. But, is it crazy to assume that, there was a God and he choose me to act on his behalf? That’s how I manage to drive all the way and could lift her like a baby? A more plausible explanation could be, during our long association, he might have mentioned me about his residence address, that might have got buried in my subconscious. At time of emergency, when my mind was focused to render help, the entire mental and physical system was supporting me.

Human mind is having a tendency to create fantasy out of trivial things. But, this is my truth free of any element of fiction. Any other views?

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