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Kal Kya Hoga, Kisko Pata . . .

By: jmathur Posted Dec 26, 2010 General 3234 Views
(Updated Sep 02, 2015 07:47 PM)

In my review of philosophical songs I could not include one song from the movie, Kasme Vaade(1978) -'Kal Kya Hoga Kisko Pata, Yaaro Zindagi Ka Le Lo Mazaa'(who knows what's in store for tomorrow, let's enjoy today to the full). Well, being a movie-buff and a music lover, I have found this lesson being given by several bollywood songs. However we forget it and start either worrying for the tomorrow(the coming Kal) or yesterday(the bygone Kal) and ignore today(Aaj).

All the same, an esteemed MS member(I am not revealing the name), told me yesterday during a personal meeting with him in the room NO. 201 of Hotel Balaji Palace at Hyderabad -'We always expect tomorrow to be better. Else it's very difficult to live.' What a great truth revealed by him!

Yes, despite all the worries and apprehensions for tomorrow, we expect it to be a better one than today. Else either we will lose our sleep or get willing to leave this mortal world. It doesn't happen because despite all the despair, frustration and melancholy, there is a hidden hope(howsoever slight it might be) in some corner of the heart that tomorrow will bring about something better. That's why it is said - Ummeed Pe Duniya Kaayam Hai(the world exists on hope).

Now the thing is that the memories of the past and the dreams of tomorrow are important on one hand and the today which is in our hands is also important on the other, how to decide between the two. The thing is, we can't decide in the absolute sense. We can only maintain a balance between the two.

That friend of myself(several readers know him very well) also reminded me of a very good song from the movie - Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayi(1993) - Aane Wala Kal Ek Sapna Hai, Guzra Hua Kal Bas Apna Hai, Hum Guzre Huye Kal Mein Rehte Hain, Yaadon Ke Sab Jugnu Jungle Mein Rehte Hain. And he only enlightened me regarding the significance of the last line - Yaadon Ke Sab Jugnu Jungle Mein Rehte Hain(all the glow-worms of memories live in forest). Yes, the glow-worms of our memories do not provide us any light but still they have a great importance in the darkness of the forest of hard life.

I am quoting some lines penned by that friend(who is a dear fellow of several MSians but who has prohibited me to reveal his name here):

Meri yaadon ke jugnu kaabiz hain mujh par, ye bujhte bhi nahin jalte bhi nahin.

(the glow-worms of my memories possess me, they neither light-up nor quench out)

I am busy thinking about me in my past and how will I be in my future……………will I be there because I was there!'

Yes, it happens with the thoughts of most of us. But let us get out of this approach and see the light of today because we don't know whether the sky will be clean or cloudy tomorrow and the past is already over which can't be revived. Memories have their enormous importance in life but they are like the glow-worms which can provide relief but not light-up the life. Hence they should be cherished but not allowed to supersede today.

In the popular novel of Gulshan Nanda - Shagun, there is a dialogue -'Jo Beet Gaya Usse Kya Yaad Karna, Aur Aane Wala Kal Kisne Dekha Hai'(what's the need to miss the time which is over and who has seen tomorrow). I adore these lines and for reading them only, I start turning the pages of this novel time and again.

Well, let us understand the importance of today because as a song says for tomorrow -'Jo Hai Sama, Kal Ho Na Ho'(what's there today, may not be tomorrow). It's something we know but omit to bear in mind time and again.

Finally, let's not ignore that yesterday has gone off our hands and tomorrow is yet to come. The thing available with us is today which is the most important day. And today only will lead to a better tomorrow if utilized properly.

I end my post with the lines from a famous English poem:

The dark today leads into light tomorrow

There is no endless joy, no endless sorrow

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