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LiFe is a journey, not a destination!!!

By: vinod_1512 Posted Jan 18, 2011 General 1291 Views
(Updated Jan 18, 2011 03:14 PM)

Well I am no philosopher & no priest, & millions of people have already written too much on life so there's no point adding a drop of water to the ocean...but would just like to write a few lines that I have experienced in life.

24 years is too short a span for experience, in fact it's just the beginning of my journey in the real world. There is too much to come in life. I have to cross the ocean & I am just at the shore as of now. However there is this 1 thing I have learned ( till now). No matter how difficult a situation is or no matter how worst of the situations we are in; at the end, we overcome it triumphantly.

I heard this somewhere - ' Good times give us a lot of happiness, but there is this one bad thing about good times, it ends. Similarly, bad times give us a lot of pains but one good thing about the bad times is that even it ends.' This is so true. All we need to have is a little patience, confidence, hope, courage, strength & the most important thing 'FAITH'.

'Have Faith in your Faith'----> One of the best lines I have ever come across. If you believe you can do something or you can't do something; in either case you are right.

God has already planned our life & HE has already written a beautiful future for us, all we need to do is, Trust him today. I know I have miles to go but till now even I have been in situations which seemed so impossible that I thought life would never be the same again. But after every dark night there's a beautiful morning. And same was the case with me.

In fact there is no such thing as problems in our life. It's our view about the situation that is the problem. Some people just keep cribbing through out life- Exam tensions, getting a job tension, tensions at job, Family problems, friends & love problems & what not. And in this process we lose the joys of life. Why not look at the brighter side of it??? It might be easier said than done, but we need to do that.

I was jobless for about a year after my engineering. Many of my friends were also in the same state & every time we used to meet they used to keep crying for job & all. However I just had 1 thing in mind, when the right time comes, I will get one. I enjoyed that year by doing all things I love. Playing Sports, Learning music, freaking out, going to new places ( btw I did attend a lot of interview too). In fact after some time, my parents were like don't go for any more interviews & join dad's business. But I wanted a job & I had faith that I would. Eventually I got one after many tries.

Problems of life are like a snake crossing our legs. If one gets worried, impatient & try to fiddle with it, it might bite us; but if we just stand still & let it pass by, it will cross without harming.

So the bottom line is that life might "APPEAR" difficult ( coz life is not difficult, it just appears to be), we need to face each phase of it with a smile.


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