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By: ArindamSain Posted Aug 03, 2010 General 1634 Views
(Updated Aug 03, 2010 05:35 PM)

Gurbachan:- When your father will give another 1 lakh rupees as dowry that he promised to pay at the time of our marriage?

Simran:- Is that 1 lakh rupees so important for you? Are you having sleepless nights for not having that money?

Gurbachan:- You have become a wife of our family, that’s a pity on you. I could have easily refrained myself from marrying you, the moment I heard on my marriage day that your father would be unable to pay another 1 lakh rupees as dowry. If your father fails to give the money within next month, then you can go and live with your dad only in his house thereafter.


Harbhajan:- What happened to you, Milkha ji? You are looking too much worried!

Milkha:- My son-in-law Gurbachan is always torturing my daughter Simran because I am yet to pay another 1 lakh rupees as dowry.

Harbhajan:- Why are you not giving it to him then?

Milkha:- Where from will I bring the money? I am a retired person. My wife is suffering from paralysis. We have only one daughter. My family runs on my pension money only. Whatever savings I made in my career as a clerk of a bank, I spent it on my daughter’s marriage. I have around 3 lakhs rupees in my Provident Fund. I applied for the withdrawal of that money 6 months ago, but, still I have not received my PF money. I am following up with the officers of the Provident Fund department of India for 5 months, but, it is of no use. They are not doing the final settlement of PF account.

Harbhajan:- What are you saying? The PF officers of India are delaying the final settlement process of PF account. I don’t believe it.

Arindam:- Milkha ji is telling the truth. This is the brutal fact. They unnecessarily delay the final settlement process of your PF account. Even if you apply for a PF transfer, they will not do it very easily. Take in my case only. After getting kicked out from Satyam Computers, I applied for a PF Withdrawal for my PF account: - AP/23034/72449 at the Barkatpura PF office of Hyderabad. The exit_Helpdesk team of Satyam Computers settled all my papers of Form 10C, 3A and 19 with the approval of Rajnish Jaiyam and Sambit Das. I sent all the documents to the Barkatpura PF office on March 2010. Now, it is August 2010, I am yet to get my PF money.

Milkha:- Hey, wait, wait, just hang on! Rajnish Jaiyam! I have heard his name somewhere. One of my friends is in CBI. He was mentioning about Rajnish Jaiyam. He was saying that maybe Rajnish Jaiyam knew about the Satyam scam and the roles played by the CFOs and CCFOs. Is Rajnish Jaiyam in corporate finance department of Satyam computers?

Arindam:- Well, I cannot totally rule out that Rajnish Jaiyam did not knew anything about the Satyam scam. But, he is not in corporate finance. But, it is also true that he monitors or sanctions the requests made by CCFOs. Basically, he is a sly fox. That much I can assure you. Now, whether he is a culprit or not, the CBI officers have to find out. Anyway, the Satyam scam case has been thrown into the back-burner. The CBI has become a puppet of Congress party. As Ramalinga Raju had good relationship with YSR, that’s why, Ramalinga Raju is yet to be interrogated by the CBI inspectors. I am damn sure that Ramalinga Raju will contest election from Hyderabad after 2-3 years and play his 2nd innings like Mohammad Azharuddin.

Harbhajan:- Ha ha ha…Boss, people of Hyderabad are eagerly waiting for Ramalinga Raju to come out of the jail. The moment he comes out, all the Hyderabadi people will assassin him on the street. By the way, Arindam, have you not lodged a complaint about your PF settlement to the Finance Ministry of India or the PF headquarter that you are yet to get back your PF money. Also there is Grievance website for PF.

Arindam:- Those are eye-washers. The ‘Submit’ button of the complaint form for PF grievance does not function. Only, I got some response from PF department after calling at 040-27567082. Really, the “PROVIDENT FUND SETTLEMENT MECHANISM IN INDIA IS VERY SLOW” like the UPA – II government.

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