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Syrians wants to live

By: nagaraj127 Posted Sep 05, 2015 General 295 Views

Syrians are escaping with their whole family to other countries and all have valid documents,but they are not finding right country to be accepted. why they want to leave syria.

It is very difficult to understand the crisis that is in syria,it is not just sunni muslim versus shia followers,every country has history and no amount of sunnis and shias difference can be understood even the best political analysists hence I refrain to explain. Let us welcome syrians who are fleeing syria.

If you look at them they are really healthy and want to lead a decent life,and their destination is Germany and other prosperous european countries,but my question is will they like to live in india. Indians are in millions in usa .

It is ok if an indian love to become citizen of usa,England but we never think of others fate,we should be sympathetic to their plight,let us welcome them to india for transit stay till other european countires are ready including Australia,canada etc. Europe is now in zero population growth.

why they are leaving syria,it is because there is too much oppurtunity to live for ever in any other country of europe,but funny not one syrian will ever like to take refugee in india. We have millions of Bangladeshis who are not citizens of india.

Illegally more than a million Bangladeshis are staying in india,they compare india as better to stay and earn,this means syrians are not that bad in economic condition and they are very much capable to contribute to indian economy,if indians have value to go abroad,we should accept others be they from iraq,iran or syria,i think unless we become friendly to these people,pakisthan will never stop its agressive behaviour. INDIA NEED SKILLED PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WORK.

Entire europe will absorb syrians,they are playing hide and seek drama,italy,Germany,sweeden norway all of them urgently need them in millions,or else these countries economy will become bankkrupt.

I have written this post is to bring truth,the truth is these syrians are really welcome by each european country,they are not against them,actually syria will face later shortage of persons because if entire nation leaves,who has to govern syria. Even Russia is in trouble,they need people,tomorrow india may also find shortage of working people,as birth rate is becoming far less than before.

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