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Consolation Prize winners in both categories

By: mbfarookh Verified Member MouthShut Verified Member Posted May 12, 2008 Competitions 480 Views
(Updated May 12, 2008 10:26 PM)

Friends, here’s the list of 12 photos that could have won a major prize on a different day. Unfortunately, I had too many good photos to contend with and so these didn’t make it to the top 5, but great shots nevertheless.

Photos that strike a chord:


Vishal’s ‘Sun surfing the clouds’ pic is a treat for the eyes. Had it been touching the horizon I am sure it would have got more votes. The snaking river below adds to the beauty of the picture. In my view, a great photo.


The evening Sun captured beautifully with light streaks in every direction. I call it ‘freak streaks’. The reason for the streaks could be because of the low resolution of the camera, but the picture does hold your attention.


A photo of rare brilliance. The dark overhanging clouds instead of marring the picture have enhanced it. Combined with the still dark landscape, it gives the impression of a glowing pearl in an oyster or clamshell.


A sunset that had the potential to be a great picture. If the Sun was allowed to reach the green cover before taking this picture, I think we would have witnessed a totally different Sunset. But sometimes, one doesn’t have the time to wait until the right moment especially if one is on the move.


A most unnatural Sunset. Looks like the Sun has downed the entire supply of OM, enough to make its head spin and the sky to look like amber. The Sun does look like it is contending with a major hangover. So much for the amber liquid.


Low resolution cameras don’t do too well under low light conditions. A great sunset hampered by the limitations of a cell phone. I can imagine how beautiful this picture would have been with a SLR or even a high-resolution digicam.


An event of great anticipation finally takes place. Someone was standing too close to the camera and the fact that it was taken from a low-resolution camera didn’t help either. Low-resolution cameras impart unnatural hues to the scene, otherwise a perfect Sunset.


Most unnatural Sunset. When the Sun’s disc appears to be a four-pointed star then something is wrong with the lens. Generally, at this time of the day, the glare will not be that much and the camera should have captured the whole disc of the Sun. Looks more like a Starset than a Sunset. Maybe, the lens was greasy.


Lack of a zoom lens probably hurt this photo more than anything else. Even the person in the frame is looking elsewhere and not interested in the distant Sunset. Once again, a potentially great scene ‘went down the sea.’


Sunrises and Sunsets appear better when taken with a zoom lens or in telephoto mode and not in wide-angle or landscape mode. This picture too suffers on that count. Though the landscape looks beautiful, the same cannot be said about the Sunset.


Neither a Sunset nor a Sunrise in the true sense of the term. But, there is something about this picture that conveys a message. The barren tree, devoid of leaves, seems to say… "This is our life under the hot tropical Sun, people uproot us in the name of development, and what little is left of us the harsh Sun sucks it away."


Another long shot of the Sunset. The Sun sets as if fusing the land and the sea, and people seem to be walking towards the setting Sun in the hope of seeing the Sun’s handiwork. A distant setting Sun doesn’t look awe-inspiring. A lovely pic nevertheless.


p.s. I was forced to delete the links due to space constraints.  You're advised to visit Paulsb02's photo gallery in case you wish to examine the pics.

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