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Sunset... Winners announced!!!

By: mbfarookh Posted May 12, 2008 Competitions 618 Views
(Updated May 12, 2008 08:52 PM)

Friends, without boring you further, I straightaway announce the results of winners in the Sunset category:

Sudipto33 - First

This is what a Sunset ought to be. The setting Sun, the caressing waves, the wet sand, the fragmented clouds, the azure sky, the people enjoying the view, and even a little mountain jutting out into the sea. What more could you ask of a Sunset? Indeed, a scene frozen in time. Photography in late evening can be tricky making you miss out on the details. But Doc handled the scene as ‘clinically’ as he would a stunning patient;) My only grouse is there seems to be too much of unnatural diffusion. But then, even a perfect picture has its critics.

Patenik - Second

The beauty of this picture is in the optimum gamma balance. Neither too dark nor too bright to get the right colours of a perfect Sunset. The Sun is just above the horizon, as it should be, for a perfect Sunset. The waters reflect a lovely tinge of metallic grey, the orange blush, the tiny specks of clouds basking in reflected sunlight, the authentic natural colour of the sky before sunset, and the narrow strip of land projecting into the water as if to collect the dying embers of the Sun all go to make up one of the most satisfying and mind calming sunsets. The photo is well composed, sharp, and clear despite the failing light. This is another photo I’d love to hang on my wall. Patenik has many great photos in his gallery, and this is surely one of them.

Shriramsrinivasa - Third

Desert Sunsets by rule are good because of the rarefied atmosphere and lack of humidity. But still, you have to go out there and wait for the sun to set and click at the right time. People sometimes can be tempted to click too early which can spoil the picture, as the glare of the desert sun would be too much. Taken from an altitude the photo has captured the undulating sand dunes perfectly and, also, the setting, Sun which would not have been possible at, ground level. The sand dunes and the reddish hue almost give the impression of a Martian Sunset.

Sachien - Fourth

The vast shimmering sea, the setting Sun, and a great cloud formation make up this stunning picture. Apart from a few specks of blue, the entire picture is composed of shades of grey with just a hint of the lightest browns around the horizon. Obviously, this photo was taken from a ship or boat in the sea and so nothing much is out there in the form of life or objects to complement the lovely scene. I am surprised at the brightness of the setting Sun and the silvery reflection of the waters. Normally, at this time of the day the light would be more reddish orange. This is a little different from the other normal orange Sunsets.

Derebail2008 - Fifth

The caption is ‘lovers@sunset.’ I had my LCD monitor set at maximum brightness, but still, the picture failed to yield the details. I then put the pic through PhotoShop to brighten it up considerably and only then I was able to see all the detail that was masked in the original. This photo is different from others in the sense that this pic is taken with the intention of hiding the details where others are keen on showing the details. This picture focuses only on the sunset, the reflection on the water and from the clouds. Even the lovers, under normal viewing conditions, cannot be seen. I belong to the old school, and believe a photo should present as much detail as possible instead of masking it. Actually, when I brightened it the photo was looking a winner. But, I guess derebail2008 was looking to get a different effect by concealing rather than revealing. Come to think of it, this type of photography will surely ruin MS (I mean Mallika Sherawat).



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