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Top 10 Electric Bike Brands in India

Updated on : Jul 01, 2024 5:46 PM
Top 10 Electric Bike Brands in India

The ultimate goal of most countries, including India, is to achieve freedom from dependency of diesel and gas powered engines. EV's, on the other hand are cleaner, greener and carry a lighter weight on owner's pocket for maintenance. Since the rather rudimentary items we had on the market only a few short years ago, battery technology for two-wheelers has advanced significantly. It is predicted that the growth rate of electric bikes in India will be 12 % during 2023-2028.

Today's electric two-wheelers provide ICE (internal combustion engine) alternatives, a secure and practical alternative. The top 10 electric bikes and scooters with the greatest claimed range that you can buy right now are presented to you in honor of World EV Day. Also, according to recent estimates from a research agency, the Indian e-bike market would be worth $2.08 million by 2026, a slight increase from the $1.02 million it was in 2021.

While the market for electric four-wheelers taken off, buyers of two-wheelers have a wide range of choices. You can ride without looking for a petrol station if you have an electric bike. 

1) Ather

With its rapid charging Ather Grids, Ather presents a novel charging protocol with a "80 percent cut-off." In India, Ather now has more than a thousand fast charging stations. It does this alone among 2-wheeler brands in India. The improved seven-inch touchscreen display on the Ather runs an Android Open-Source operating system and is powered by a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor. It has inbuilt 4G LTE SIM connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone controls. Even more helpful is Auto Hold (hill hold control), which enables you to keep your Ather stationary on steep slopes without applying the brakes.

Features in an Ather electric bike
  • 146 Km range on full charge
  • Battery Capacity 3.7 kWh
  • 6020 Motor Power
  • Charging Time - 4 Hours
2) TVS

TVS electric bikes come equipped with a TFT instrument cluster, an all-LED lighting system, and smartphone connectivity. Access to features like navigation, geo-fencing, range, charge status, ride statistics, and over speed alert is made possible through this. 3 kW and 33 Nm are the rated power and torque, respectively.

Features in a TVS electric bike
  • 145-150 Km driving range on full charge.
  • 4400 Motor power.
  • 4.56 kWh battery capacity.

3) Revolt

Revolt is a fresh new bike on the Indian market which is a flagship of Revolt Motors. According to Revolt, the RV has a 150km range. One of the first electric bikes on the market, the Revolt has over time become a reasonably familiar sight. Additionally, it has onboard diagnostics and receives updates wirelessly. The Revolt app allows riders to pair their cell phones, giving them access to information such as their journey history, battery life, range, and the closest exchange station. Another intriguing feature of it is that the speakers in the back of the vehicle can play a variety of two-wheeler sounds.

Features in Revolt electric bike

  • 150 Km Range on full charge
  • Battery Capacity - 3.24 kWh
  • 3000 - Motor Power
  • Mid Drive Motor
  • 3 Hours Charging Time

4) Hero Electric

In India, Hero Electric has introduced new motorcycles with some incredibly alluring upgraded features. There are two models of the new Hero Electric, which has attracted the interest of many Indian bike enthusiasts. The Hero Electric includes features such as a USB charging outlet, an LED headlight, a remote lock with an anti-theft alarm, walk assist functionality, reverse mode, and regenerative braking.

Features in a Hero electric bike
  • 140-150 Km range on full charge
  • 51.2 V Battery Capacity
  • 1200 Motor Power
  • 4 Hours Charging Time
5) Ampere

    A sleek and stylish new electric bike, Ampere is here to give you a comfortable riding experience. This electric bike is packed with advanced features which are currently missing in many of the other electric bikes out in the market. It is available in 4 color variants which look absolutely great and is designed as per your choice and comfort level. A telescopic front fork and two shock absorbers at the back support the Ampere Magnus's weight.

    Features in Ampere electric bike

    • 120 Km range on full charge
    • Battery Capacity - 38.25 Ah
    • Motor Power - 2100
    • Charging Time - 6 hours

    6) Ultraviolette

    One of the most anticipated electric bikes on the Indian market, Ultraviolette is surely going to make heads turn when on the streets. It is said to be one of India's most powerful electric bikes and it gets a very premium sporty look to it. This electric bike is available in two standard variants and a limited-edition version as well. Additionally, it has geo-fencing, navigation, all-LED lighting, ride analytics, crash detection, a 9-axis IMU, and three riding modes: glide, combat, and ballistic.

      Features in a Ultraviolette electric bike

      • 307 Km range on full charge
      • 8 Years battery warranty
      • Motor Power - 32000
      • Battery Capacity - 10.3 kWh

      7) Okinawa

      A very promising electric bike, Okinawa comes with a 3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery. It also gets advanced and upgraded features such as side-stand cut-off, a USB charger and an adjustable brake lever. This electric bike has disc brakes on both ends, a telescopic front fork, and two gas-charged shock absorbers in back.

      Features in Okinawa electric bike

      • 3 years battery warranty
      • 2500 Motor Power
      • BLDC enabled motor
      • 90-100 Km range on full charge

      8) Bajaj

      As we all know, Bajaj has been one of the most trusted two-wheeler brands in India. It has been attracting many bike lovers over the years and has recently set foot in the electric segment as well. This new promising electric bike by Bajaj is packed with advanced features. It is a pretty appealing scooter in electric form, and it appears to be a well-built, well-finished scooter with all the bells and gadgets typical of a modern electric scooter.

        Features of Bajaj electric bike

        • Disc/Drum Brakes
        • 90-100 Km/full charge
        • Reverse gear enabled
        • Fuel Warning Indicator
        • Motor Power - 4200

        9) Yamaha

        One of the most attractive two-wheeler brands in India, Yamaha is all set to set foot in the EV automobile industry. It has always been known for its promising and excellent two-wheelers and powerful engines. It will showcase a great bike on the streets of India with a KYB telescopic fork at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. Super excited to check this one out as Yamaha has been one of my all time favorite bikes. 

        Features in Yamaha electric bike
        • 90 Km/Full charge
        • 2000 - Motor Power
        • Charging Time - 4 Hours
        • Battery Capacity - 30.10 Ah

        10) Tork

        This new electric bike, Tork has a nice appearance, a smooth ride, and excellent handling that is always sure-footed. This bike appears to be pretty promising on paper and in terms of design, with a top speed of 105 kmph, an actual claimed range of over 120 km, and a charging time of up to 80% in just 60 minutes. It most definitely has the ability and promise to appeal to the Indian market.

        Features in Tork electric bike
        • Vacation Mode
        • 120 Km/Full charge
        • Max Torque - 38.00Nm
        • Motor Walk Assist

        Final Words :-

        As a developing and progressing nation, India is keen on adopting electric bikes and other vehicles. It surely will turn out to be the keystone of a global deal in meeting the goals and vision of achieving zero carbon emission. This will also prove to be a bigger boom when it comes to saving up on fuel prices that have been increasing drastically.