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Kinetic Honda DX Reviews

My first crush

Sep 23, 2016 11:17 PMRead (via Android App)

Yes thats true. Kinetic is my first crush in bikes.my father buy this scooter in 1998 and still I have this.its belongs to my fathers memory.when I little my father takes ride with all my family.kinetic is my family member.because its my fathers first and last scooter.i teach to ride bike on kin...Read More

Uncomfortable ride

Feb 17, 2016 03:36 PMRead (via Android App)

We bought this scooty 5 years ago and the reason to buy it was dropped price due to the competition in the market and it looked like an ideal ride for me and my father as we don't have to ride much to get to work or to the market.But the scooty is not good at all and is very uncomfortable to...Read More

Kinetic honda dx is waste of money

Feb 18, 2017 05:51 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello friends if you thing to bye kinetic honda dx please dont bye it. It totally waste of money. It look like we made it . You can't took lon way this. The fuel consuption is good . The sound of this scooter is good. There would probably be no other scooter like this. Kinetic honda was a joint ...Read More

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Disadvantages of dx

Apr 25, 2011 02:57 AMRead

Yes it is right that kinetic dx does not gives a good millage. but there are many more problems like:(1) It gets very hot in a few minites.(2) the suspension is not good.(3) the handling is worse.It has a two stroke engine which will not give proper accel. speed. thats all. I just have to sa...Read More

Lack of paid service appointment

Jan 30, 2011 09:39 AMRead

JHAVERI HONDA Service MUMBAI, fisrt they ask if it is appointment for paid or free service, If for paid  the reply since Aug 10 till date has been no appointments available for the month even as early as second/third of the month.So my advice to all who want to purchase this vehicle please c...Read More

In the present day, motorbikes are not a means of necessity but a luxury or just plain ol' way of convenience. The enthrallment of buying your first set of gears can definitely be head spinning. You may be one of them who wants to swing leg over, turn that accelerator and feel the breeze of freedom flowing through your hair locks. But just hold your metal horses, before you spend your money on machine, here are few critical issues that you need to resolve.
Help Me Plzzzzzzzzz

Jan 25, 2011 02:53 PMRead

I am Ali. I used Kinetic Dx (man:in 1996). I love my vehicle very much but I am In big problem. I Purchased Kinetic DX Before Six Months. My question Is how to maintain it's Average? Does Anyone know This? As Per Fuel Price Goes High And High I want that my Vehicle Give 40 km/h Average. Can Aneo...Read More

Kinetic honda

Dec 26, 2009 07:19 PMRead

I am having this scooter from past 8 years and till today it works fine.it always used to carry 100 kg of packages every day .one day I had to take 10 meter auto wire to distance of 15 km.each wire weights around 10 kg.i took 20 wires.and middle stand was almost down touching the road.But I ...Read More

My dream scooter

Jun 19, 2005 12:52 AMRead

Kinetic has always been my favourite scooter. I like it's styling, the way it's engine sounds besides other things. you may think I might be crazy calling this scooter stylish but seriously could u expect a scooter of 80's to look like this? well I fell in love with this scooter when I was 6 yrs...Read More

Satisfied ... yet there are cons

May 26, 2005 11:43 PMRead

My kinetic is old. and i/family has done 22k on it.So it seems I can review this product well.1) Power: You cannot expect much from an automatic scooter... can u? But yet this one gives u 1% more than enuff.. and if u r female it gices u lotz of power . dont worry.2)Fuel efficieny: 6...Read More

Safe and comfortable

May 30, 2004 03:13 PMRead

Let us review this vehicle based on what one has to look for in a scooter. Safety, comfort, after sales service, and economy. I owned Kinetic Honda DX scooter for six years.Let us look at first safety, which should be the paramount factor for purchasing a two- wheeler. In my view, this scoot...Read More

The Best

Jan 25, 2004 12:55 AMRead

''You could join me for a ride''. I told my friend Kavitha one Sunday morning. ''I am going upto Besant Nagar''. She was fast to change and come along, when we noticed one more close pal coming up towards us. ''Where are u guys off to?'' ''There is only room for two'', Kavitha said. - ''Not, bef...Read More

Yes a good

Dec 05, 2002 01:54 PMRead

Vehicle no doubt about Kinetic Honda DX.After experiencing with this vehicle for a decade these are the following I've noticed :The original Kinetic Honda DX, half things collaborated from Honda, was a geniune good vehicle. Unfortunately Kinetic wasn't doing a good business at that time,...Read More

Good for city driving

Dec 05, 2002 12:37 PMRead

This one is for those who want comfort and hassle free driving.. I recently bought a second hand and quite satisfied with it.First who should be using it.1) guys who don't worry too much about style..(if u, better go for a bike)2) guys who would be mostly driving on crowded streets.....Read More

Kinetic Kinematics

Sep 18, 2002 01:25 PMRead

For a city big enough, extending in 5-6 km radius any two-wheeler is a one of the necessity. For example take Pune city. Certainly it is a big city than 5-6 km radiuses. There the Municipal Bus transport is not that efficient. Buses are in bad condition, frequency of commutes is low and to add t...Read More

Good for housewives

Sep 03, 2002 10:23 AMRead

Kinetic Honda DX was my second vehicle, which I still use for about 6-7 years now.I understand that Kinectic wanted to scrap this model when they launched Kinetic marvel, but they could not do it due to its immense popularity. It is still in production with many improvements in engine, suspe...Read More

It Takes a Man to ride this one!!!!

Sep 03, 2002 10:23 AMRead

Hi,congratulations! ''coz if you are reading this...then we both share the same passion...the Kintetic Honda DX!Well, Here's someone who's male, 24 and a much eligible bachelor living in Mumbai who loves his Kinetic and feels massive pride in calling it the bike of his life. Believe it o...Read More

Back to Earth.

Aug 07, 2002 09:22 PMRead

Title : Back to Earth.Review : I was having a kinetic Honda Scooter since 1996 in Jaipur.Then one fine morning in 1997 I thought it is not giving a good average so I shall sell it and buy another one.I gave an advertisement in newspaper for sale and I found many people right in the morning r...Read More

*the* kinetic honda

Aug 07, 2002 05:44 PMRead

Hmmm... interesting. in about 9 years, I have owned two kinetic honda vehicles, and the second vehicle is still with me.the first - it clocked around 47,500 km in just over 3 years, and I disposed of it as I was looking out for a manual transmission vehicle - bought the lml vespa select (but...Read More

Advantage Scooter

Aug 05, 2002 01:16 AMRead

How much is the expansion of a typical suburb? I am not asking population wise but area wise. Our city is a densely populated (over 0.6 millions) Mumbai suburb extending few kilometers in area. We have the concept of East City and West City. The local railway line bisects a city in to two sub ci...Read More

Comfortable,But .....

Jul 15, 2002 06:09 PMRead

This vehicle is much comfortable than any.Can carry as much luggage.Dont need to relay on Auto rikshaws for carrying household luggage.Pick up and suspension is much better.But...The silencer is BULKY.Touches the speed breakers.If not aligned properly,it causes the suspen...Read More

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