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Kawasaki Caliber Reviews

Kawasaki Caliber The Unshakeable

May 22, 2015 12:31 PMRead

This is my first review on this site about my Kawasaki Caliber. My bike completed 15 years ans it is still in good condition, working well. This is the best bike for Indian road with low maintenance cost.My bike crossed 1, 00, 000 Kilometer but it's 111 cc engine is powerful enough. My bike ...Read More

Own it? you'll never complain abt it.....

Sep 09, 2013 12:43 AMRead (via Mobile)

I acquired this bike since my uncle was settling abroad. Keep the bike if you can.if not you could sell it away if it's trouble and probably when I come back and settle here I might take it back just in case is what he told my dad.My dad had given up riding 2 wheeler for abt 8 years then and...Read More

Excellent bike in that time

Oct 08, 2012 02:14 PMRead

I purchased a caliber on October 1998. For the last 14 years I'm continuously uses this bike without any problem or breakdown. I'm faithful in it at day time or at midnight because I'm returning to my home from part time course at night at 1.00 AM. I'm proud of it .Unfortunately the last wee...Read More

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My second love lasting soon...

Sep 26, 2012 02:02 PMRead

I bought this first stylish, sturdy and economical  bike launched by Bajaj in February 1999.Till date, I have faced no problem except spark plus issue on 3 occasions and it's flirtiness when washed.I'm feeling pretty sad as I have to exchange iit with new potentially attractive bikes like He...Read More

My Excalibur (The legendary Sword)

Jul 03, 2012 07:36 AMRead

If Excalibur is the famed sword of legendary king Arthur of England, Caliber is the unknown war horse of the Indian Roads.Caliber is my first two wheeler my transition from bicycle to motor, transition to adulthood.Caliber the sword that gave me my freedom. Freedom from the drudgery of t...Read More

In the present day, motorbikes are not a means of necessity but a luxury or just plain ol' way of convenience. The enthrallment of buying your first set of gears can definitely be head spinning. You may be one of them who wants to swing leg over, turn that accelerator and feel the breeze of freedom flowing through your hair locks. But just hold your metal horses, before you spend your money on machine, here are few critical issues that you need to resolve.
My Caliber

Apr 17, 2012 08:56 PMRead

I had dreamt if this ikle while it was launched and after 4 years I took it and probably one of the last piece sold in Maharashtra as the production of this bike was coz the market of the other products of the same company was affected.I am driving this almost 9.5 years with no problem and i...Read More


Feb 04, 2012 09:05 AMRead

I purchased my caliber maroon color in 1998 December. It is still going strong, no major repairs, sturdy and steady till date. very comfortable ride but now after almost 55000 kms of ride, mileage is taking a hit. I am getting a mileage of around 40 kms now.Otherwise a memorable bike, never ...Read More

My unforgettable bike

Nov 15, 2011 10:26 AMRead

As my first bike I bought a caliber on22/12/2001. it was wonderful. the first chain and sprocket lasted for 125000 km. isold it out in march 2011 after making nearly 200000 km and bought a splendor plus. I hate the new bike. caliber was like a rocket. I miss my a lot . I wish if I could see it o...Read More

The unshakable

Oct 27, 2010 08:10 AMRead

Ordered it in 2000 and my first bike I* own a Caliber 2000 Model.I was crazy for it then ..coz in its class only Splendour was available which is too light in weight. I wanted something really unshakable., I call it Wow, it is still with me and I like it very much, after Kawasaki Caliber I bough...Read More

The Unshakable!!...Truely!!...

Aug 07, 2009 10:43 PMRead

In the summer of 1998, when I was in class 7, my dad was talking about buying a new bike.After riding the faithful workhorse Suzuki Ax-100R for 12 years, my dad had decided to go for a 4-stroker.At that time there were not too many options available.4-stroker meant Hero Honda.we could have calle...Read More

My fIRST MIstake

May 13, 2009 10:40 PMRead

This was one of my first mistake of life when I bght this bike. I bought it in year 2002 wen I was in 10 class. in starting every one praises its looks, and even I liked it too. But after 2 weeks of my purchase pulsar launched and I felt regreted. This bike is used by my father myself and now my...Read More

Rugged City Commuter

Mar 11, 2009 06:07 PMRead

I own a Caliber bought in March 2001 and has been a faithful companion for the past 8 years and over 66, 000 kms. I went through bike comparisions in Auto India between HH Splendour, Caliber, LML Energy and Kinetic Challenger. Even though the Energy was considered by the magazine as the winner i...Read More

A real tough & lovely bike, unfortunately no more.

Nov 07, 2008 08:49 PMRead

I own this bike since last 8 years. Had purchased this in year 2000 after lots of research done on all the 100+cc bikes. This was the best available option then, it's a 112cc bike. Still I am proud to own this model as it has served me best since last 8 years. Very low maintenance cost has occur...Read More


Sep 07, 2008 03:03 AMRead

This is the First time I am writing request your guidance...It is a comfortable bike, I own it from 4 years and it still gives me the a competitive  mileage of 50- 55 Kilometers per liter.  I have done a small modification in it. I have changed the rear Tyre with a CBC(1009018), for a better...Read More


Aug 04, 2008 12:31 AMRead

I am using caliber since Dec1999. This is absolutely a fantastic bike. I hve already crossed 80000km. but with a montlhly maintaince and regular engine oil change will give you a better performance. My bike is still very shiny...i have only changed my chain and battery 3times.Recently I hve ...Read More

Rough of tuff Bike

Sep 25, 2007 05:15 PMRead

It’s a good bike, I own it from 2 years and it still gives me the same mileage of 65 - 70 Kilometers per liter. There is one issue in this bike and that is the same old Kawasaki Bajaj issue of Chains-packetgetting loose very quick. Other than that this is a very good bike and I recommend guy...Read More

It was a pleasure in metal, plastic and rubber!!!!

Feb 25, 2007 06:58 PMRead

This was my first major "asset" of my life. I drove into Sai Service at Camp Pune on 23rd December 1998 with my brother's 8 year old KB100 bike(which I inherited from him) and drove out on a jet black stylish piece of metal, plastic and rubber. incidentally the bike was just launched in the mark...Read More

Hopeless bike i have ever ride

Feb 23, 2007 10:22 AMRead

the day I bought this bike it gave me heel lot of problems. The first one was starting problem. When I tok it to service centre they said ince you are in routine there will be no proble. I got this bike 4 yrs back. But still I am not in routine as still the problem persist.Average is just 50...Read More

My Companion for life !

Sep 04, 2006 01:48 AMRead

It was way back, precisely on the 29th July 1999 at 4 pm that I had taken the delivery of my Bajaj Caliber and took it straight to the Saibaba Mandir at Vile Parleto seekthe lord's blessings. After all this was the first vehicle I owned. Though we had a family car, I never had even a bicycle for...Read More

Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber 111cc

Jul 07, 2006 02:14 AMRead

Hi all,I am using Bajaj Caliber from28th August 1999 when it was first introduced to market. I am pretty happy customer. Design is very good initially but not convinced with the other design that bajaj released later by modifying the dates like 115, wind...... etcGood things:1) Good ...Read More

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