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Top 5 Live Local Podcasting Ideas!

By: MappStream | Posted Jul 11, 2014 | General | 1832 Views | (Updated Jul 11, 2014 02:49 PM)

One of the challenges that come into play when you put an idea/product out there that is completely new is that the folks who read about it, or even try it may still have no idea how this could ever play a role in their daily lives.

And that in all frankness is where new ideas can either blossom or die on the vine.

The greatest challenge and at the same time the greatest strength that MappStream offers is that it can be used in so many ways.

In fact we firmly believe that when that best use is finally uncovered it will end up being something we never would have dreamed up!

Until that day comes however, we thought we’d throw some ideas out there just to get the ball rolling and to hopefully inspire some of you to download our free app and give it a spin.

So here it is! Our Top 5 Live Local Podcasting Ideas for MappStream.

1) Sports Commentary:

You know we’ve all done it! Either while watching the game on TV(alone or with friends) or even live at the event. They’re winning. They’re losing. They just missed that shot. You remember a stat that somehow applies to what’s going on at that moment. Everyone has an opinion on the team, the game and how the season is shaping up. So why leave it to the announcers? Be the announcer!

2) Political Talk:

Much like sports most of us have an opinion on the current political climate both in our Country and in the World. You might have something to share with your friends(or the World). Or, you may be sitting at dinner and Uncle Mitch just kicked off an entertaining political discussion that will likely go on for hours. Broadcast it so others can listen in. It takes less than 10 seconds to do on your iPhone!

3) Open Mic:

Got a live music gig coming up? Perhaps you’re trying your hand at stand-up comedy? Send an invite to your Facebook and Twitter followers ahead of time! MappStream’s social media invitation feature allows you to include all the details including your username so when it’s time for them to tune in to your live show all your listners need to do is search by your user ID!

4) Live News Event:

It’s a crazy world out there and you never know when you might find yourself in the middle of the craziness. So why not give a live report on it? You might come upon a protest or someone giving an interesting speech or street performance. The weather might be acting up in your area and you can warn others to grab an umbrella or to even take cover if necessary. Anything newsworthy or that might be of interest to others is worth broadcasting to your listeners.

5) Lifestyle:

Whether you are shopping or on vacation or trying to stick to that diet, why not share your discoveries and experiences with a short live audio podcast? You might have found a terrific deal on shoes while strolling around in the City. Or you just rented this amazing bungalow on the beach. You’ve made it past the first month without cheating on your diet plan.

Sure you can share all this stuff with text by posting to your favorite social media. Nothing wrong with that. But there is something special about putting your words in your own voice for all to hear at the moment you’re feeling that experience! Also with MappStream, much like traditional radio, nothing is saved. Once you put your voice out there it’s heard and then it’s gone which we think in the age of the Web(where everything is stored forever) is a good thing!

Mappstream is a Map-based Live Audio App for iPhone and iPad allowing you to Broadcast or Listen in on Live Audio Streaming in your Local Community and across the Globe!

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