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How to buy Induction Cooktop?

Updated on : Oct 17, 2023 12:56 PM
How to buy Induction Cooktop?


What are induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops work by creating an electromagnetic field between the pot and the cooking zone. Unlike the traditional electric cooktops, induction cooktop creates heat within the pot itself i.e. food is cooked by heat within the cookware and not from cooktop itself.

Types of Induction Cooktops


Built-in cooktops are plane and chiselled appliances made of ceramic glass, which can be easily installed into your kitchen countertop. They are prettily designed and available in black, white and black with stainless steel lining. Built-in cooktops can be installed in any convenient location in the kitchen. They are in multiple zone layouts ranging from single to five zones, making them easy to fit in any style kitchen.


Induction cooktops may come with freestanding and slide-in units that can be placed in the oven to accommodate counters. Full ranges come with a variety of zone options from multiple zone layouts, zone counts to zone sizes. They also offer a combination of induction and electric zones for greater cooking flexibility.


Portable Standalone Induction Cooktops are highly versatile and convenient. They are mostly available in black and white and allow you to cook anywhere & any time. They are portable and can be stored away when not in use. They are designed either with single or double unit and most commonly used as add-ons to the existing kitchen.


Below are some features that you should consider before buying induction cooktops.

1. Size of Cooktop – Different sizes of cooktops offer you different and variable features for ease-on-hands use. If you have ample of counter space, then we suggest a bigger body size because it helps with air circulation which in return increases the life of induction cooker.

2. Induction Top Plate – To have a good quality induction cooker with a long life, it is of utmost necessity to make sure you get GERMAN CRYSTAL PLATE. Do not opt for ceramic or tempered glass top plate.

3. Induction Coil – Different induction cooktops are installed with variable elements of the induction coil. Low-priced induction cooktops come with low wattage around 900~1350 wattage, aluminium induction coil, ceramic/tempered glass plate top and fewer controls on the panel. Induction with high wattage gets heated quickly and reaches high temperature compared to coil element used for low watt potential.

4. Induction Cooktop Body – Always purchase an induction cooktop that has good quality and high strength body to withstand more weight and offer good cooking and durability. Beware of low-quality induction body as they can develop cracks within a year’s time and also they cannot resist more weight for a normal family of 3-4 members.


Here are the basic features you must look out for while buying induction cooktop:

  1. Safety Sensor – This feature monitors the temperature of the bottom of the cookware. Incase you have left something on for a while and have forgotten about it, this sensor will indicate you.
  2. Auto Switch-off – If the hot plate is left on for an extended period or you have removed the pan or just in case of overheating, this features either automatically switches off the cooktop or turns the heating down.
  3. Auto Heat-up – It is highly useful when you want to cook something at a higher temperature and then simmer it down. This feature turns up the heat in the cooking zone up to a certain temperature and then brings it down after a certain amount of time elapsed.
  4. Power Management – This option distributes the power between two cooking zones present in a pair. The power function increases the heat in one of the cooking zones in the pair and automatically decreases in the other zone to a minimal power. If at all you want to use maximum powers in two pans, then they need to be set in opposite zones.
  5. Pan Detection – The induction cooktops are programmed not to work if there is no pan in the heating zone or pan is undesirable. When the pan is removed from the cooking zone the operation pauses and displays a symbol. This symbol vanishes once the pan is put back on and it resumes to the power level set before. In the case of unsuitable cookware, a symbol appears and after a little while the cooking zone switches off by itself.
  6. Timer – It is one of the necessary functions and most cooktops offer this feature. Timer function automatically activates the unit at present time and this allows you to program the cooktop according to your wish.
  7. Child Lock – This feature locks all the functions on the control panel, except for the Power Off option for operational reasons. This does not prevent cooktop from carrying out its operation. Child Lock prevents your kids from playing with functional keys or changing the settings.
  8. Installation Requirements – It is necessary to make sure that your domestic electrical wiring system can handle or take a load of an induction cooktop. Electrical specifications can play a major role influencing your buying decision, in case you have to rewire your electrical system just to install in an induction cooktop.
  9. Warranty – Thumb rule, always purchase an induction cooktop with manufacturer’s warranty. Check if the warranty covers the spare parts such as top plate. The warranty offered on induction cooktops is generally between 1-2 years, don’t settle for a brand that offers less than this.

Listed above are the important factors and features that need utmost consideration. Induction cooktops are here to stay so decide and purchase the one that fulfills your requirement and makes your kitchen look classy as well.