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Sasi_Ammu's Timeline

Reviewed Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3

Nov 30, 2017 11:09 PM 12853 Views (posted via Android App)

My dad is using this product for heart problem. This omega is actually like a tube shaped one but it smells ugly. Yuck! The smell never allows us to eat and even think of it! Its very good for health but the smell sucks. It can be packed even more better by avoiding the smell of non vegetarian. ...Read more

Reviewed Aval

Nov 28, 2017 02:37 PM 1376 Views (posted via Android App)

This movie Aval is a horror story. First time they have tried a movie like this. The plot was good but the cinematography was really bad. It can br still more better. The scenes when the ghost appears can be still beautified as a frightful soul. The scens between sidhdharth and Andrea is bad. Yo...Read more

Reviewed Arjun Reddy

Nov 28, 2017 02:31 PM 1241 Views (posted via Android App)

This film Arjun Reddy is totally destroying the culture of our religion. The plot was good but the way they picturize the movie was totally bad. Young generation on seeing these kind of movies will surely get into it like their kissing scenes etc., they get motivated in a wrong way. Secondly, he...Read more

Reviewed Ola Cabs

Nov 28, 2017 02:24 PM 2962 Views (posted via Android App)

This is the worst cab service I have ever seen in my life. Everytime I book it, anything happens. First when I booked, at the last 10mins the driver called me and told still I need to wait for 30min where my train is 20mins from the time I booked for cab. Then urgently I took another cab from An...Read more

Reviewed VIM Dish Wash Liquid

Nov 24, 2017 10:51 PM 5037 Views (posted via Android App)

This vim liquid is totally worst. The package everything is good. When we use to wash the vessels it romoves dirt but after cleaning with water still it remains oily. When I use the plate to have my food and if that oily part gets in, it will lead to health issues. I have already experienced it ...Read more

Reviewed Mr. White Detergent Powder

Nov 24, 2017 10:44 PM 4047 Views (posted via Android App)

This Mr.White detergent powder is very bad. I used it a month. I found the clothes turning into bad condition. I washed using it once, then next time when I just soaked my clothes in water I found many soap bubbles in it. Atlast I came to know that its because of the ppwder which I used. Really ...Read more

Reviewed Prestige Manual 2 Burner Gas Stove

Nov 23, 2017 10:15 PM 1009 Views (posted via Android App)

I bought this product since a year ago. It was working really good but nowadays it gives a yellow flame which is high in rate. The vessels also turn black curry color which is very much awful. Really I hate it. My mother worries a lot for it. Right from vessels, clothes everything the black curr...Read more

Reviewed Unibic Choco Chip Cookies

Nov 23, 2017 10:08 PM 2316 Views (posted via Android App)

This cookie is really a bad one. I hate the smell it gives. its completely unbareable. It smells as medicine which is combined with natural things. If they change the smell of the flavour only then it will be good. The packing is really good and shape of cookie too. But not the taste. Even more ...Read more

Reviewed Green Trends Family Saloon and Spa - R.S. Puram - Coimbatore

Nov 23, 2017 10:04 PM 2151 Views (posted via Android App)

All people fall on green trends even for a single eyebrow which costs much. Now girls more actively fall on Smoothening and straightening. They spent hige amount for their hair. Actually green trend is only for a brand name and they don't value their customers much. I did smoothening 3 months ag...Read more

Reviewed Restolex Mattress

Nov 22, 2017 02:09 AM 5107 Views (posted via Android App)

I bought this mattress since a year ago. They told it has cotton as well as fung., But during winter season, as the cotton doesn't get covered up well it started coming out of the bed. The sides of the mattress started to get torn. It later started to give a bad smell ehere the fung., was very m...Read more

Reviewed Reliance Jio

Nov 21, 2017 11:50 PM 1424 Views (posted via Android App)

Actually this jio was an extraordinary plan for people who is always addicted to net. They provided free net at first. Later, they charges as prime and net pack separate. They offered 3 months 84days daily 1gb. But now they lowered it for 2 months for 399/-. Its really cheating us. We people get...Read more

Reviewed Detective

Nov 21, 2017 11:43 PM 880 Views (posted via Android App)

This is one of the best movie I have ever seen of Vishal nf prasanna. such a lovely act. They plot the story well and it was simply superb. The roles played in this movie is als too good. Good justice for the movie. Really I recommend many people to watch. Such a lovely cinematography. The sound...Read more

Reviewed Orient Fabri Joy DIFJ10BM Dry Iron

Nov 21, 2017 11:24 AM 992 Views (posted via Android App)

(Updated Nov 21, 2017 11:21 AM)

This product orient iron box is really a waste of money. My clothes got damaged because of using this. It gets stuck in the middle where imnnot able to remove it from the dress. It gets stick to my cloth. When I try to pull it over, my clothes get torn. And also many times it gives a black color...Read more

Reviewed Kaff K-D BIN GX 60 Intra Dishwasher

Nov 21, 2017 11:20 AM 3874 Views (posted via Android App)

I bought this kaff dish washer product few months ago. On seeing the specifications I was very much happy with it which made me to buy. But only its design and look is good. It doesn't work properly. After washing too the dirts remain same in the vessels. This made me to wash those vessels again...Read more


Nov 20, 2017 12:09 AM 1341 Views (posted via Android App)

(Updated Nov 20, 2017 12:19 AM)

The spec that I received from them was actually good to look. But when I wore, I din feel comfortable at all. Through the glass it looked clumsy. The screws on the sides also started to fall, so that complete one side broke down. This makes me hatred towards it. The quality of thr product is wor...Read more

Reviewed Motorola Moto G (2014)

Nov 19, 2017 12:14 PM 826 Views (posted via Android App)

I bought this Motorola moto g Mobile few years back. The design and structure was good to see. And the capacity pf the phone was also good. So I bought it, but, the sensitivity touch is really bad. It reacts after few seconds of completing touch. Hated it most. The sound also hits like a damn wh...Read more


Nov 17, 2017 08:08 PM 1215 Views (posted via Android App)

The app FirstCry is too bad. They sell all kids product but its really not good. They fool us by giving us free coupons. They tell they will offer 20-25% of a product. But atlast they include all the amount to the product and give the coupon discount. It really fools us well. The products that t...Read more


Nov 17, 2017 08:03 PM 1070 Views (posted via Android App)

Ebay is obe of the online shopping application. It really sells products for a very high cost. I think Flipkart and amazon is better than this one. Ebay sell it in dollars at a high cost. The product that ebay sell is not so good. The quality still need to get improved a lot. People blindly beli...Read more


Nov 17, 2017 07:59 PM 613 Views (posted via Android App)

Amazon is also like flipkart an online shopping app. Amazon too dont sell all original products. Even they sell a normal rated product fpr a high cost. For example, a set of good socks will range from 100-200rs. But they sell it for 250-500rs and even more. Why fo people buy such costly things w...Read more

Reviewed StarMaker

Nov 16, 2017 07:56 PM 3672 Views

This app is very worst. The name alone is StarMaker but its not value even for a single star. The concept was really good. But it doesn't have proper customer support related way. The functions of the starmaker is very bad. When we sing it doesn't get recorded well. Its not up to the mark. Many ...Read more