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King of cheaters!!!!!

1 day ago 50+ Views

This is a genuine and professional review from me to mouthshut. I have made my time and effort and wrote such genuine reviews with the help of my knowledge to earn some money which is in need for my expenses by believing that mouthshut is a genuine website they will pay for what we do but thi...Read More


Bhandup, Maharashtra, India, India

4 Reviews

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Faltu cheater bloody evils

2 days ago 83 Views (via Mobile)

Aabe kider mill gaye na tumlog itna maarega na ki kabhi site hi nahi bana pyenge now I m complaining about your site to crime branch and I will make sure the hack your site and abolish the terms and site just wait and watch your tracking is done by crime branch and mark my words u fraud cheaters...Read More

Worst! Worst!worst!

2 days ago 115 Views

Mouthshut is the worst website because I had written 40 reviews in which 6 are disapproved so I should get the remaining M.S points but they dont give the M.S points. they say that after 48 hrs they will give but now it had happened 72 hrs. and now also they Didnt gave my M.S points. and when I ...Read More

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Keep the flow!!

5 days ago 153 Views (via Android App)

I never thought earning from this site will be that easy.all you have to tell about your experince about your products that you used and get paid for that. in seriously I was thought that will be scam and was not sure whether they give us MS points or not. but I was wrong. they sent me ms poi...Read More

A Pleasant Experience!

5 days ago 152 Views

Earning money online by sharing your reviews is something, which I never trusted. In fact, I was quite skeptical about Mouthshut.com when I first got to know about it. Few of my friends had dabbled with the idea of earning online and most of them got disappointment. However, my experiences with ...Read More

A review mirror,brilliant idea

7 days ago 238 Views

Mouthshut.com is a brilliant idea to extract genuine reviews without any fear, i.e., freedom of expression. Their service is very good and they are vast and the support team responds quick and handles the traffic well too. Their information depth is massive and they have almost all compani...Read More

Mouthshut.com - A genuine site

18 days ago 505 Views

When I was new to the Mouthshut.com I thought it would be the waste website which cheat people without giving money but my assumptions were as I started few reviews and waited for a few days and I have started getting ms points gradually. Do not judge anything immediately without experience. ...Read More

Awesome experience I had, Thank you MouthShut !

20 days ago 486 Views

I am a trekker and needless to say love traveling and it is one of the things that pulled me to mouthshut.com Mouthshut has some seriously good reviews on tourist sports and various destinations and the best thing is that these reviews are written by real people about their real experience no...Read More

Wow, team MouthShut !!!

20 days ago 529 Views

Wow, team MouthShut! The new redesign looks really neat. I saw some reviews about Mouthshut about new redesign and thought I should check it out myself. The main page looked the same so couldn't understand what the fuss was about. After reading other reviews I understood. Like other websites ...Read More

WAY TO GO MouthShut.com !

20 days ago 503 Views

So, over the week some major things happened, esp in India The demonetization of 500 & 1000 notes Rumored increase of the price of salt Mouthshut redesign! I have been writing for mouthshut for long now. I was okay with old interface but honestly I am loving the new one. If yo...Read More

Thank You MouthShut Team.

20 days ago 515 Views

I am so glad that mouthshut took our suggestions and redesigned the website. I am absolutely loving the new look and feel of the site. It looks much more up-to-date with our times now. They have also added so many new features! The other day I was just checking out some reviews on bikes and w...Read More

Review for mouthshut.com

22 days ago 564 Views

Sir, I can user for the your web site. sir my problem is the not hard but I can write and share daily two review but you can not approved any review . I can write my ideas and experience. I can buy the infocus mobile and write review.i can buy splendor bike, dell laptop, and many other but you c...Read More


25 days ago 639 Views (via Mobile)

The Mouthshut.com site is the best site for online earnings. It is very easy to earn from mouthshut.com, all you have to do is just posting a review. Anybody can give their reviews in many options provided by the site. I also earn money from this site. Mouthshut.com gives 40 ms points for postin...Read More

A good site to get user reviews

27 days ago 675 Views (via Android App)

Mouthshut.com is a great website wherein you can look for real and legitimate reviews by the consumers of the products themselves. Here you can get real reviews of all the things you can think of ranging from companies to healthcare products to electronics and travel destinations, restaurants...Read More

MouthShut.com still needs a lot of improvement.

27 days ago 677 Views

Hello Friends I have been following MouthShut.com for almost an year now. But, I have just recently started writing my reviews. Mouthshut.com is a trustworthy website to provide/share an honest and personal experience. What I have noticed from my past experience that Mouthshut.com ha...Read More

Best Site

29 days ago 638 Views

A very good and innovative thinking from the founder of the site, Mouth shut is really very unique and the best way to write about any products or any things.best part is that we can write our heart full here.we can give our honest reviews so that others can be benefited by that.and getting Poin...Read More

Country holidays world Jaipur experience

Nov 03, 2016 08:21 PM 691 Views (via Mobile)

Really of u have not seen this place just book at that country holidays world I have never seen the resort before we all know about the per day price of a resort are to expensive tht the middle class family can't bear it but the country holidays world had fullfield my expectations. Jaipur tree h...Read More

Improving in its services...

Nov 03, 2016 06:58 PM 731 Views

The reason of choosing this site was to find out most of the pros and cons of any product before buying it from those who have actually bought them and experienced it. And this was the first site that came every time I searched for the reviews so it looked pretty convincing and most used site. ...Read More

Most trusted site

Nov 03, 2016 12:21 PM 718 Views

Mouthshut.com is a online website where we can write, read and share the reviews of every products. Moreover we can't say directly a product but we can give reviews of anything we want. From a Baby product to a Real state builders, from a toy to huge Vehicle and everything. Everyone share their ...Read More

Loved it

Nov 02, 2016 01:34 PM 732 Views (via Android App)

I really loved this site and it's application too because it is the best site where people can share their opinion based on there real experiences with any product out of over 3lakhs productd.It also helps people to earn some cool cash by reviewing any item which is another plus point of this ge...Read More

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