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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Reviews

Very interesting movie continues

1 day ago Read

The bahubali 2 is coming which are most awaited movie it is the conclusion of the bahubali part 1 which was a big hit in film industry Cast performance by all the actors in this movie is amazing and all junior artists does their work very well and the movie sound is very hilarious and very po...Read More

The biggest movie in the history

1 day ago Read

After The Record braking performance of the  Baahubali The beginning the most awaited trailer of Baahubali the conclusion is released. There is no issue of star cast. All the actors are made their work excellent. The main part of the movie is the Grafix desiging and editing. All the charac...Read More

Real indian cinema with international level

1 day ago Read

It is perhaps the most awaited movie in Indian cinema. For more than two years people kept on asking " Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali? It is not a simple question which they kept on asking, It is the MAGIC of BAHUBALI, It is the magic of S. S. RAJAMAULI. The way director presents the plot is sup...Read More

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5yrs Game @ End

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

One of the Top Director in the film industry made the Cinema a 5year project and showed the epics very neatly to the optimum in part1 and part 2 conclusion Public's questioning on Y did Katappa Killed Bahuballi? May be Normal reason that katappa is loyal to the Position of the Throne/ the ins...Read More

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

2 days ago Read

Baahubali 2: the conclusion much awaited trailer of the year most anticipated film, Baahubali 2:the conclusion released early Tuesday morning.needless to say, it took the entire nation by storm upon it's release. in quite an innovative move, the trailer was screened in 250 to 300 cinema halls...Read More

Baahubali 2 the conclusion

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

Most awaited movie of the 2017 because of every person need to know why kattappa killed baahubali? Baahubali is dircted by ss rajamouli and acted by prabas and anushka.the first part of this movie released10th kulay 2015.the movie made huge success.then people wait the 2nd part because of the...Read More

Empires time

2 days ago Read (via Android App)

This has to be the biggest news for all the Baahunali fans. Out there that have been desperately waiting for the coming of Baahunali 2. First part of Baahunali was really good. Everyone enjoy this movie. It was good collection the box-office. I like this movie because it was histo...Read More

Bahubali 2 the epic film ever made

4 days ago Read

Bahubali 2 is the conclusion part of Bahubali the begining.it had a record breaking performance in the first part.now the the secobd parts trailor is so epic and I think it is much fantastic and epic than first part. the cast like prabhas, rana, anuska are quite amazing actors and played beautif...Read More

Why kattappa killed bahubali..

4 days ago Read

One of the most awaited and thriller movie with its second part has began his count down as it is going to release on 28th of april 2017. The first part of the movie was from the biggest hits of Bollywood of all time and now lets see what will this second part will score as its trailer has becom...Read More

Wrongs in Trailer

5 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hi friends the bahubali 2 trailer was not in thus trailer the rajamouli shows the bahubali part1 in the trailer some scenes are not good there are not clairty in the trailer but the people was seeimg this trailer for something but the trsiler not satisfying the Audiens the trailer was not contai...Read More

Bahubali sequal review

6 days ago Read (via iOS App)

Hi guys Bahubali 2 the conclusion will be a big mega blockbuster because of its story visual star cast and direction its a cool movie the sequel of bahubali the begining ths story will represnt its hard work they have done and the sacrifises they gave for this movie and prabhas gained and lose h...Read More


6 days ago Read

HI FRIENDS, this movie was just a boring movie, only villain is nice in this movie.in part one hero acting was just boring, villain was very good in his acting than hero .only the climax part was nice in that movie except that nothing is nice.every thing was boring. the only thing why people wat...Read More

Bahubali 2

6 days ago Read

Baahubali 2 is being produced in Tollywood, The film will be released on 28 April 2017. The film series is most expensive in India till date. The costume designe is Rama Rajamouli. It is released in India 28 April 2017. Baahubali 2 film Director is S.S Rajamouli. this film Budgeti...Read More

Baahubali 2: The Conculsion woldclass breathtaking

6 days ago Read

After an long period of waiting BHAAHUBALI 2 official movie trailer has been released. The trailer start with an  dramatic movement with Prabhas as( Amarendra Baahubali) taking oath infornt of  (Ramya Krishnan) as  Rajmata Sivagami devi  as king of Mahishmati as he will protect kingdom and subje...Read More

Bala Bala ...Bahubali2

6 days ago Read (via Android App)

Most awaited trailer, overall world is out now.Prabhas sacrified his 4 years to the movie.This dedication let us know to watch movie.With Bahubali , Prabhas and Rana hitted the theaters in a big way .I hope that Bahubali 2 will hit more than Bahubali 1.Trailer is superb and the war scenes are sh...Read More

Bahubali 2 The Conclusion trailer review

7 days ago Read

The most expected trailer of 2017 is out. Wit h an ensemble cast of prabhas, Rana daggubati, anushaka Shetty, Tamanna, satyaraj, Ramaya krishnan and nasser, the first part of the movie created sensation and the secound part of the movie is all set to create an even bigger extravagana. The movie ...Read More

First Indian holly wood theme movie

7 days ago Read

Plot- from my point of view kattapa kiled bahubali in constraint of his son/daughter/wife/etc. Cast Performance- Amazing like a holly wood actors. Sound Track- it's going to be amazing which can give some goosebumps very deeply. Cinematography- Action is amazing, Camera angles are perfe...Read More


8 days ago Read (via Android App)

The trailer of the most awaited movie baahubali 2 is out.it will give u goosebumps and make u realize that SS RAJAMOULI has taken indian cinema to another level. The movie will break all possible records when released on 28 April 2017 Talking about the trailer what impresses us the most is...Read More

Baahubali the conclusion trailer review

8 days ago Read (via Android App)

Baahubali part 2 .This movie trailer lunched date 16 mar 2017.The indian most viewed trailer.Director s s Rajamouli a big hands for him . This movie is design with huge plot. All cast mainly pranhas as 'bahubali' and anushka as 'devashena' doing ther best performance in this trailer. Bo...Read More

Baahubali 2: The final chapter

9 days ago Read

First part of baahubali was really good. everyone enjoy this movie. it was good collection the box office.i like this movie because it was historical epic movie. in the 2nd part of baahubali we will get the conclusion of Baahubali. cast performance was very good in the first part of baahubali...Read More

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