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About Yoga and Baba Ramdev....

By: | May 28, 2006 09:30 AM
(Updated Aug 29, 2006 04:00 PM)

This man, Baba Ramdev, lived a half-paralysis life in his early days of childhood, doctors said that there is no particular remedy for it, and he might well live his whole life that way. But this man refused to surrender, he found out his own ways, read hellotof books, learnt yogic exercises , and cured himself on his own. Something worth an appreciation for sure. Once, he came out of paralysis, he became so confident that he made it a mission to make this world free of ailment….

Yoga - The Concept :

The fundamental of yogic exercise is the concept that body is made of millions and billions of cell. Each and every part has got numerous no. of cells. Body naturally keeps on building new cells and replacing dead cells with it. So when there is some ‘vyavadhan’ or interruption or any malfunctioning of the body part, its due to the fact that the amount of dead cells in that part have not been replaced by new ones. This is attributed to the ‘pranvayu’ (oxygen), which plays the curtail role in make new cells. So, if oxygen is not reaching in a particular part of body, it will start malfunctioning. What does this yogic exercise and pranayaam do, is that it that they slowly removes the clot which is preventing pranvayu to reach to that particular area of body. Once oxygen reaches there, slowly body cells starts regenerating and thus one recovers slowly.

Some Tips :

· Don’t force anyone to follow yoga , if he is not interested in it (especially children). If someone doesn’t believes or is not interested in something, he is hardly expected to be befitted from it.

· Yogic exercise have some slow and steady results, so if u really want to start with them, have patience, as the result might not be seen from the day one. Sometimes, u can observe the ‘shawaas’ (breadth) movement from day one, sometimes in gud 10 days, it all depends on the way you do it, and ur present body receptiveness.

· Generally, these exercises are done with empty stomach, and at dawn, as the air freshness level is maximum and pollution level minimum. You can get books if u r looking for instructions. and u find hard to get from them, then better find someone who know those exercises.

And some out of topic comments as well :

· This man Baba Ramdev is just like any other specialist, nothing more nothing less. He has done a lot of yogic experiments with his body , and so, he knows lot of things about it, which a normal man cant. Like u specializes in Maths, so u can solve a lot of questions which goes my ‘uper se’, same way this man know a lot of things about yoga, much more than u n me.

· Just because he is preaching yoga , which is considered (kind of) scared and holy, courtesy , our classic ‘shastras’, doesn’t mean that we place him as someone above human per se (a ‘mahapurush’ and types). He should be treated as a good doctor and should not be expected to do all those things free.

U can visit the official website of Baba Ramdev divyayog.com , if u want to get details of yoga, prarnayaam and related things.

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