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Pathetic experience - international flight to AUS

By: | Mar 19, 2011 06:09 PM

Yatra.com Cares

Yatra.com is working closely with MouthShut.com to achieve customer satisfaction

I had to go all the way to the CEO Dhruv Shringi to get a international ticket booked for my mom 20 days after full payment was made !

Will never use them again !!!!

Here is the email I sent to every yatra.com email address I could find online.

Dear Sir,

Writing this email to all of you in the hope that someone can solve the problem of my booking with Yatra.com.  If you can please help me by forwarding this email to someone responsible @ yatra.com.

I have never dealt with a worse travel agent ever before. I have collected your email addresses from the internet and please consider this a humble request for help from a harassed Yatri.

Brief Timeline of case:

1) 23th April 2010 - I call up with an enquiry for flights to

Australia (as Yatra website advertised a 10% discount on the fare).  I

ask for specific flights as I already have one ticket and I am buying

an additional ticket on the same flight for another family member.

I am quoted what appeared to be a competitive fare of 39, 510 (All

inclusive, which includes 600 Rs of Yatra charges).  I ask for a

written confirmation of the same and give my email address.  The

executive promises to email me the itinerary in the next ten minutes.

Executive: soyam pramesh  extn 23105

The Executive is not aware of the 10 % Discount on Quantas flights

advertised on Yatra homepage. The ad has changed again today and hence

I attach a copy of the ad as it appeared when I made the booking.  I

remind him and he promises to look and come back.

Point 2  - 10 is a repeat performance of insensitive call center reps who didn't know what they were doing ? don't care and don't listen to what the customtakeouter is saying.

Countless phone calls and 14 days later I still don't have my ticket..........

11) Maninder calls me back saying the Airline has no tickets available

and she offers to make a full refund.   AFTER wasting my time for 14

days now she says she will offer me an alternative flight.   I point

out to her that I cannot accept any other flight as I am booking an

additional ticket for my mother to travel with my wife who already has

a ready ticket which cannot be changed.

She says she's sent a request to the Airline and will wait for a response,

12) Someone else calls me back the same evening and offers to change

flights , she says I would have to pay extra to travel on the same

flights, else they can divert me through Brisbane  on the same fare.

I point out that I was quoted a different itinerary and explain the

whole thing again.

13) I ask to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor Veena again

tries to sell me on a different itinerary; I explain again why it is

not acceptable.  I ask for an email address where I can send a

complaint in writing and am told the same address (which hasn’t

replied to my questions from 10 days ago)

I ask for a live person's email address, or email address of Dhruv

Shringhi she refuses saying it is confidential and after much haggling

gives me her own email veena.arora@yatraonline.com .

She promises again that she is talking to the airline for the ticket

and for the moment I can take a different itinerary or take a FULL


14)  Maninder calls me up @ 12:00 pm and promises that that she is

talking to the airline for the ticket and for the moment I can take a

different itinerary or take a FULL REFUND !!!  She says she has been

speaking to the airline every hour and will have her supervisor call

me back in 5 minutes.

It has been more than an hour since her call and not surprisingly no

one has called me back.  At 3:30 Pm today her shift will end and

Maninder will go back home leaving me struck, and I would be left to

deal with some insensitive person who would just as easily say that

Maninder will call me back tomorrow.

I am writing this email as a humble request to all of you, IF you know

anyone with any responsibility and sense of ownership about Yatra.com

could you please fwd my email to them.   I am struck now as I all the

low fare tickets available online are sold out and Yatra.com has left

me hanging in between.

There is nothing I can do if Yatra turn around and say they cannot

issue the ticket and can only do a refund.  I have wasted 14 days of

time , the mental tension of following up with Yatra and bear the

burden of all this additional cost when I could have comfortably done

the same with my traditional travel agent who would have also done the

visa application for me.

Can I please request fair treatment and expect to get what I paid for

in full in advance !  An Airticket on the promised itinerary at the

promised price ! is it too much to ask when I have made the payment

for the inflated price within 15 mins of receiving a written quote.

Thanks for your kind reading and any assistance,



i got a reply back for this email from the CEO Dhruv Shringi and the matter was resolved in the next day.  Lucky that I was able to send an email to him, he is the only one in the company who seemed to care about customtakeouters.

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Corporate Responses on this Review
By: Yatra Corporate Member | Jun 10, 2011  02:26 PM

Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us at yatra.com !! We sincerely regret the inconvenience you have faced in this regard. This is not the standard of service we strive to achieve at yatra.com. Our team would have contacted you in regards to the above post. We hope they have been able to reso

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